Fassforward Consulting Group

Turning Vision into Reality

A century-old advertising agency merges with a younger direct marketer, forcing employees to adapt to a radical new corporate structure. Management turns to New York-based fassforward, a leading business transformation consulting firm, to help implement the new business model. Adweek later calls this project “the only agency merger that ever worked.”

An international beauty care company acquires a competitor whose employees are accustomed to a different culture and management style. The company reaches out to fassforward to redesign and implement a faster, more collaborative, innovative product development process.

A global credit card company wants to broaden its business to include financial consulting. The company turns to fassforward to develop a market strategy and build a new professional services business.

A telecommunications company looks to deepen its leadership bench and turns to fassforward for an effective nontraditional approach.

From interoffice politics to international mergers, companies face issues that impact employee morale, creativity and productivity. More than just a consulting firm, fassforward (the lower-case spelling is intentional) draws from a wide range of creative and technical disciplines to help the world’s largest companies solve the most vexing challenges, putting them on track for greater growth.

“We work with companies that want to transform and need to communicate strategy throughout the organization and develop better client relationships,” says co-founder and CEO Rose Fass.

In her book, The Chocolate Conversation: How to Lead Bittersweet Change and Transform Your Business (Bibliomotion: Spring 2013), Fass writes, “A common mistake many companies make in the rush to grow market share is the breakdown
in conversations with customers and employees.”

A former chief transformation officer at Xerox and later at Gartner, Inc., a leading information technology research and consulting firm, Fass understands what works and what doesn’t.

“Most companies focus on growth, scale and profitability, often without regard to relevance,” she says. “If you want to grow, you first have to consider whether what you are doing is relevant to your customers and to your base market.”

Fass’ broad sales and marketing experience is complemented by fassforward co-founder Gavin McMahon’s technology and engineering background.

“Our mantra is It Can Be Done,” McMahon says. “We help struggling visionaries and their companies find clarity and identify ways to achieve their goals.”

Small and agile, fassforward is able to respond quickly, immersing itself into a client’s culture, understanding the client’s needs at all levels, to meet any challenge.

“I love bringing new and innovative ideas to people who are really interested in making a difference,” Fass says.


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