Faust Oppenheim LLP

Providing Prompt, Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Problems

The lawyers of Faust Oppenheim LLP are old-fashioned generalists as well as sophisticated specialists. Each lawyer offers a broad range of legal services in a world of specialization and compartmentalization, with the ability to help clients with the majority of legal matters that affect their business and personal lives.

“Client-oriented, not transaction-based,” Faust Oppenheim enjoys long-term, ongoing relationships with most of its clients and many word-of-mouth referrals, says partner Steven D. Oppenheim. The Manhattan-based practice, with a significant international orientation, caters primarily to entrepreneurs and other first-generation wealth creators including a number who have been clients for three or even four decades. Partner David I. Faust says, “We are seven experienced lawyers who cover the waterfront in terms of our clients’ legal needs, whether they involve taxes, regulatory, real estate, personal trust and estate matters, litigation, intellectual property or many other areas of law.” In this day and age, specialized expertise is essential but needs to be seamlessly integrated in the advice given to clients and tempered by years of practical experience. The product is informed judgment.

Judgment Born of Experience
In practice since the mid-1960s – and partners for more than 20 years – David I. Faust and Steven D. Oppenheim have the legal training, judgment and experience to guide clients through the most complex legal challenges, especially in light of the myriad and complex overlapping rules and regulations affecting the financial services industry, and both domestic and international business and personal taxation and estate planning.
“Our clients, who are some of the smartest, most knowledgeable and most information-driven people anywhere, don’t need us to write routine contracts or handle normal, everyday disputes,” Faust says. “They call us when a particularly difficult issue arises, often about something that is new, novel or where the answer isn’t obvious.”

“Our clients value our ability to clarify what we think they should do now – and why – and to offer informed judgments taking into consideration the direction in which the law is evolving when advising on currently unclear issues,” Oppenheim adds.

Clients count on Faust Oppenheim to provide expert, practical guidance under the most challenging circumstances. “They know we’ll tell them what we really think, not what they want to hear,” Oppenheim says. “And they may not like it, but they do appreciate it.”

The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience negotiating and drafting complex documents – which require in-depth understanding of several areas of law – for high-value transactions and for estate and tax planning purposes, both domestically and internationally. However, as many clients have said, they come to the firm not just for documents and its ability to respond within their timeframe, but for the firm’s ability to deal seamlessly with multiple disciplines and jurisdictions.


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