FinOps Solutions, Inc.

Next-Level Finance and Operations 
for All Stages of Business

When FinOps Solutions, Inc. Founder and President Paul Boyer moved from Boston to Raleigh in 2008, he brought with him over 25 years’ experience fomenting and facilitating business success. He had served as CFO and/or COO of both public and private companies—from startup through IPO and beyond—with up to $700 million in revenues. He had engineered buy- and sell-side M&A transactions, leveraged debt and equity markets to raise hundreds of millions of dollars of funding, executed international expansion strategies, and helped struggling businesses reposition for growth.

It was this wide-ranging expertise and Boyer’s winning proposition—contract CFO/ COO, M&A, capital raise and turnaround management services delivering value at every business stage—that made FinOps Solutions a welcome addition to the Raleigh market. Since its North Carolina debut four years ago, FinOps Solutions has grown from 35 to 65 percent annually.

“We saw a tremendous need here for our unique expertise and skills,” Boyer says. “We bring practical, proven experience in scaling companies at the various stages of growth, all the way through liquidity events. This is what truly separates us.”

Critical Support From Startup to IPO
FinOps Solutions’ signature strengths are its long-range, wide-angle view of the unique challenges and opportunities a business will face at each stage of its growth cycle—inception, early development, expansion, M&A and IPO exit—and its ability to help companies in a broad array of industries (tech, life sciences, manufacturing, etc.) navigate these transitions.

“The way you must think about each new stage of your company, build a strategy around it and deploy your resources is completely different,” Boyer says. “Helping our clients solve these problems is the core of what we do.”

Embedded and Engaged to 
Ensure Success
According to Boyer, FinOps Solutions’ reputation for superior execution and results also stems from the quality and depth of the firm’s client engagements.
“We defy the classic perception of contract consultants as mere hired guns that come in, do some work and exit,” Boyer explains. “Our team spends a lot of time embedding ourselves with the companies we engage, becoming part of the management team. We put that much more effort, time and focus into ensuring we’re driving success in whatever we’ve been called to do.”

218 Waterville St.
Raleigh, NC 27603