Flaming Phoenix MD, Inc.

Never Say Impossible Flaming Phoenix MD Thrives on the Toughest Logistics Challenges

Nothing is impossible to Deb Disney. The former owner of a travel agency and a day spa stepped way outside of her comfort zone to get started in an entirely different field. In doing so, she has achieved far more than she ever imagined.

Disney took over her brother’s global logistics company, Flaming Phoenix MD, named after the mythical bird that rises up from its ashes to become stronger than before. Raising up a 100 percent woman-owned business in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry was no easy task. “We have literally grown from the ground up, to the point where we’re highly regarded as an outstanding value in the market,” says Disney, the company’s president. “We’re always looking forward to what we can accomplish and how we can grow from the new challenges coming our way.”

Flaming Phoenix MD always welcomes those new challenges. It takes on projects other third-party logistics providers have dismissed as impossible. “When the others say no, we say yes,” says Disney. “We are the go-to people when things supposedly can’t be done. When no one can get anything moving overseas, or there are problems with customs clearance, we find a way. We have super-competent people working with us. Efficient and precise movement is what we do best.”

Third-Party Logistics – It’s a People Business

Third-party logistics is about the planes, the ships and the loading equipment – but it’s really about the people. Disney’s team of creative and knowledgeable professionals, including on-site project managers, always put together a safe and effective plan.

Disney is quick to admit she wouldn’t be anywhere without her team. “We believe our hard work can affect the economy globally,” she says. “So we work together to make a positive impact every day. We go out and get the project done. We leave no room for error. Failure is not part of the plan for this Phoenix.”

Even with projects and personnel spread all over the world, the Flaming Phoenix MD work ethic never wavers. It is no surprise the company’s unofficial slogan is “We got this.” As in, “That project no one else wants to touch? We got this.”

Some have estimated this industry may grow to $159 billion by the end of 2012. “No matter how big or how small the project, our goal is to succeed by meeting or exceeding our clients’ highest expectations,” says Disney. “The impossible is always possible with us. We like to keep our competitors wondering how we do it.”


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