FM Facility Maintenance

Transforming Facility Management Into a Competitive Advantage

FM Facility Maintenance Offers a Convenient, Single-Source Solution

One of the largest convenience store chains in the world was searching for a comprehensive solution to address the massive task of maintaining its entire portfolio of stores in North America. The challenge was to identify a third-party facility management company capable of implementing a fully integrated plan that produced the strategic results desired by “corporate” and also met the day-to-day tactical needs of the company’s entrepreneurial franchisees that represent the lifeblood of the worldwide brand. The company turned to FM Facility Maintenance, an industry leader in integrated facility solutions that provides intelligent facility, construction, and energy management solutions for leading retail, convenience store and restaurant chains and other businesses across North America.

Despite a global trend that shows convenience store maintenance costs rising by as much as 18 percent over the last three years, FM Facility Maintenance has been able to drive down its client’s overall maintenance cost by an impressive 11 percent during that same time span. FM Facility Maintenance has been able to achieve these results by introducing efficiencies and new techniques that are much more predictive, proactive and responsive. More important, FM has partnered with the company’s franchisees to develop new tools and techniques that speak to their everyday business concerns and have given them complete visibility into the utilization and performance of their revenue-generating assets.

“We were able to reduce the chain’s operating costs per store by over 14 percent adjusted for inflation, while maintaining 99.5 percent uptime for key revenue-producing equipment,” says Jim Reavey, CEO of FM Facility Maintenance. “We also helped our client manage their store growth more effectively, enhancing their relationships with their national stores, and offered solid guidance in prioritizing capital requirements to effectively address the aging of store equipment.”

Fast-Growing Provider of Integrated Facilities Solutions

Based in Hartford, Conn., FM Facility Maintenance manages over 30,000 customer locations, representing more than $500 million in spending. The company helps customers manage and maintain everything from high-tech broilers and freezers to advanced POS systems to plumbing, lighting, flooring, landscaping, signage, fire protection equipment and beyond, through its network of over 7,500 pre-qualified service providers, who handle over 2 million client work orders annually. The success of FM Facility Maintenance’s comprehensive, proactive approach to serving customers has earned the company recognition as one of the “Top Fastest Growing Private Businesses in America” by Inc. Magazine in its Inc. 500|5000 list for the last three years.

Reavey credits an innovative, fully integrated technology platform and field-proven delivery model, along with knowledgeable industry experts and a network of elite service providers, for making FM Facility Maintenance the partner of choice for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies with geographically dispersed portfolios.

“What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to identify operational improvements that drive down cost, and provide the proactive analyses our clients need to make more informed decisions,” notes Reavey. “Further, our scale, density and strong network of valued service providers allow us to deliver exceptional service in the industry at competitive rates.

“By aligning our clients’ facilities management with their financial and operational strategies and objectives, we help them reduce costs, increase productivity, grow revenues and protect their brand image. They are also able to allocate capital more effectively, budget more accurately and prepare more realistic financial forecasts. Their success becomes our success.”

With companies everywhere looking for new and better ways to reduce cost and stay competitive, FM Facility Maintenance is showing how more efficient and economical facility maintenance can become a competitive advantage. “We helped one of the world’s most popular convenience store retailers become even more popular among customers and investors alike,” Reavey says. “Imagine how we can help your company.”
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