Transportation Impact


Business Intelligence for Intelligent Businesses


The way high-volume shippers audit their parcel invoices is about to change.

That’s because Transportation Impact, a back-to-back Inc. 5000 company, is ushering in what it says is the most comprehensive small-package optimization, reporting and refund recovery platform in the world. TI’s solution is nonintrusive, invoice-based and secures refunds on behalf of customers automatically.

“Since we opened our doors in 2008, we’ve been listening intently to the needs of our customers,” says Keith Byrd, co-founder. “Shippers want an audit that will do more than simply secure credits for packages that didn’t meet service guarantees. They want an easy way to analyze and report on the aggregate data that makes up their package DNA, so they can make more intelligent business decisions and thus further reduce costs.”
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The Baker Group, Financial Services

Financial and Business Advice, One Family to Another

As owners of their own family business, Don Baker and his son Greg Baker are inspired by their clients. Most are business owners, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, many of whom
have relied on the Bakers for decades for their corporate benefits plans. “Our clients are the risk takers who are energizing our economy. It’s our job to make sure they’re not taking unnecessary risks with their personal assets and business financial plans,” says Don, who founded the financial services firm The Baker Group, in Southfield, Michigan, in 1972.

3A Worldwide

Double Strength: A Global Media Content and Public Relations Leader

What was true in business still is: Marketing matters. Public relations counts. They are legitimate and important investments in any industry.

Still, many companies have walked away from these vital business tools in recent years, perhaps not seeing or not trusting their value in building brand- ing or driving sales. That, says Edward De Valle II, CEO and public relations officer at 3A Worldwide, is a mistake.

De Valle would know. His company serves high-profile clients all over the world, creating their content, making their media buys, developing and running their public relations programs.

Flagship Solutions Group

Infrastructure Plus Analytics Equals Infralytics, for a World of Businesses

Flagship Solutions Group is an IBM Premier Business Partner. There are good reasons why.
This Florida firm is an IT infra- structure specialist delivering IBM solutions worldwide. Flagship provides assessments, recommends improvements and manages system transitions. “The servers that run clients’ businesses, the storage where they run, and the analytics software to understand it all – these are our principal focus areas,” says Mark Wyllie, CEO.


Customized Cloud-Based Technology Solutions Are the Future of Business

Cloud-based technology is revolutionizing the way businesses op- erate, and CoastalCloud is at the front of this wave, providing clients with cost-effective solutions that make them more agile and competitive in
the marketplace.


A Powerful Suite of Cloud and Software Services for Technology Companies

Arnie Bellini and his team at ConnectWise know all about the challenges that technology companies face. They’re in this business, too.

But ConnectWise has added a dimension. Today, this Tampa-based technology leader’s greater focus is on helping other technology services providers perform at their best for their clients. To improve its own processes, ConnectWise created powerful business software tools to make the work easier, smoother and more profitable. Now it offers this end-to-end management platform to small and mid-size technology companies.

Syntegrity Networks Inc

Syntegrity Unifies Identity Protection and
Digital Security to Defend Global 2000 Enterprises

The history of digital business will doubtless include thought leaders Daniel Coffing, Nathanael Coffing and Lukasz Radosz, founders of Syntegrity, among the digital security pioneers.

Before online merchant eBay became a household word or Amazon realized its first annual profit, the Coffings had already predicted the evolution of high- scale online business and were helping their clients deploy security measures to protect sellers and purchasers. Their early warnings proved prescient. They founded Syntegrity in 2003, and their innovative solutions made it the preferred identity and security partner for major players in the Web-based economy. The company’s 605 percent growth over three years placed it on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list as the 12th fastest-growing privately owned security company in North America.

C2S Technologies

Launches Naviz Software – Innovative BI & Analytics Solution

Analytics is the key that unlocks data’s promise for businesses. Properly performed, analytics turns data into insights that can be used to create highly customized prod- ucts, services and experiences, increase revenue and profitability, and at the same time generate stronger customer engagement and loyalty. Enterprises that have struggled to derive value from similar promising technologies trends in the past have become very weary of investing in expensive and complex BI and analytical solutions.

Financial Independence Planning, LLC

Changing of the Guard: Planning for Smooth Business Succession

For many, the offices of Financial Independence Planning have been a gateway to a new world of possibilities – a retirement enriched with fun.
That’s clear in the photos Harry Keller’s clients send him – the exciting travels, family time, the snazzy wheels, the cool hobbies and the pets. For many of them, good planning has been the key, and Financial Independence Planning, LLC is the firm behind the strategy.

Keller, CPA, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, MBA, is CEO of Financial Independence Planning. He’s been a Top 10 advisor – out of more than 2,500 – with Voya Financial Advisors for 10 consecutive years, based on Voya’s Leader’s bulletins. In 2015, the firm he founded is celebrating its 20th year of helping clients make well-informed choices that will help work toward enabling them to enjoy what’s important to them and not worry about money.

The Executive Planning Group

Changing of the Guard: Planning for Smooth Business Succession

The day you opened your business’s doors, you weren’t thinking about the day you’d hand someone else the keys. Plan to make that day just as good.

The Executive Planning Group is here to help family- and small- business owners realize that goal. EPG is a comprehensive services firm, and more. It’s a highly skilled performer in an essential niche: making sure clients’ companies transition to their next stage smoothly, efficiently and with as little tax impact as possible.