Sage Partners, Private Wealth Management at UBS


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Competence and Caring Define Dynamic Trio’s Practice

In 2008, veteran financial advisor Allison Smoot, CFP®, CIMA®, CDFA™ had a revelation. To serve clients at the highest possible level, she reasoned, she needed to partner with people she trusted—people with integrity, a strong work ethic, complementary specialties and industry credentials on a par with her own.

Allison turned to Terri E. Yeckley, a fellow financial advisor and personal friend of 20 years, whose Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA™) certification made her an industry rarity. …Read More

Family Staffing Solutions


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001A Joyful Approach to Caregiving

When Becci Bookner sought professional assistance to help care for her two aging aunts in 1993, she quickly discovered there was nowhere to turn for help.

“They needed help with their day-to-day needs, and there was no company to call,” the former kindergarten teacher explains.

When she realized she was not alone in her search, Bookner saw an opportunity to not just improve the lives of “growing older” Americans and their families, but also to create a thriving business …Read More

Walker, Tipps & Malone PLC


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Business Litigators Par Excellence


More than six years have passed since the brief merger between The Finish Line and Genesco came to its contentious end. But there are still lessons to be learned from the legal battle between the two footwear retailers.

In fact, the lawsuit and subsequent settlement were the focus of a seminar conducted by the trial judge and attorneys involved in the case, says attorney Bob Walker, whose firm, Walker, Tipps & Malone PLC, represented The Finish Line in the …Read More

Investment Management Consultants


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Giving Clients Peace of Mind Through Stable, Consistent Results During Market Volatility

David Russon, president of Investment Management Consultants (IMC), believes an important service his firm can provide is answering the question “Will I be okay” in relation to retirement planning, market volatility and other financial concerns.

“That’s a question investors ask themselves every day, and it can be complicated by the economy, market conditions and current events,” says Russon, who founded IMC with partner Rhett …Read More

The Cottonwood Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Tactical Asset Management Seeks Both Growth and Downside Protection

Naysayers can say what they will, but Thomas J. Pappas has never been more optimistic about the markets, the U.S. economy and the country in general. He even sees signs of improvement globally.

“It’s a great time to be invested in the market,” says Pappas, Managing Director-Investments at The Cottonwood Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and a 30+ year veteran of the financial services industry. “There really is a lot of opportunity out there.”

Still, Pappas knows firsthand that markets can change at any time. That’s why he believes strategies like buy-and-hold and “locking into a simple rebalancing program forever and not revisiting it until you hit retirement” are not appropriate in today’s marketplace.

Instead, Pappas and his team, which includes his son, Associate Vice President-Investment Officer Matthew D. Pappas, and mother-daughter financial advisors Lori Rogerson and Cydnie Callaway, follow a tactical approach to asset management, utilizing the firm’s own portfolios.
“We’re always looking for pockets of value and opportunity for our clients, both for growth and for downside protection, based on the latest research and analysis,” says Matthew Pappas. “This is an ongoing process that we believe better positions our clients to reach their financial goals; it’s a constantly evolving process. We don’t just put people on autopilot and move on to the next client.”

Forward-Looking. Entrepreneurial.
As an advisory practice of Wells Fargo Advisors, The Cottonwood Group has access to a wide range of financial products and services, with no proprietary products to sell and “greatly reducing potential conflicts of interest,” Matthew Pappas says. “We chose Wells Fargo Advisors because they’re forward-looking, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and are always bringing new financial products and services to the table,” Thomas Pappas adds.
More than an investment practice, The Cottonwood Group provides holistic wealth management services that encompass all aspects of clients’ financial lives, from retirement planning to life and estate investment planning to insurance and more. The firm becomes “a center of influence” for many clients, Matthew Pappas says, “a reliable point of contact,” developing many close, long-term client relationships along the way.  “Our clients call us with all sorts of questions and concerns, and we’re always happy to help.”

Pessimists are free to disagree, but The Cottonwood Group has great confidence in the future. “This is not just our opinion,” says Thomas Pappas. “We buy a lot of independent research, and the numbers bear us out.”

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TB Financial Group, Inc.


EdTBFinancial063014FBFL_TBFINNC00001ucation-Focused Approach Builds Trust, Yields Smart Retirement Planning Decisions

Elizabeth Cornell and Nicholas Lizzio are on a mission to educate Central Floridians about retirement planning strategies related to annuities and life insurance. The co-founders of TB Financial Group believe that once people become knowledgeable about these retirement income instruments, many of them will naturally come to realize they are their best option to preserve principal and provide income for the rest of their lives.

“Annuities offer some of the strongest income benefits available and for a retiree or someone planning for retirement, they just make sense,” says Cornell, CEO of TB Financial, which deals strictly in fixed annuities, index annuities and life insurance. “However, given the varied benefits, restrictions and tax implications these products and carriers have, it’s extremely important to work with someone who specializes in these products and truly knows how to plan with them. There are advisors and agents who sell good products in the wrong situation which ultimately makes them bad products.” …Read More

Carter Asset Management, Inc.


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Navigating to and Through a Successful Retirement With Endowment-Style Financial Planning

When the dust settled from the financial downturn in mid-2009, David Carter, CPA/PFS, CFP® enjoyed meeting with his clients to share the good news that they were just fine. Carter’s lifelong investment philosophy had paid off.

“I told my clients, ‘Look what good shape you are in because we did not try to time the market or run away from it at the first sign of a bad cycle.’ ”
Carter’s impressive resume as a Naval officer, university professor, Certified Public Accountant, …Read More

The Blair Group, LLC


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Protecting Clients in the Financial Storm
 Curtis D. Blair, CEO

If you like uncertainty 
and (occasionally 
stomach-churning) surprises, you probably like today’s stock market.

However, if you prefer stability and reliability and want to preserve the money you are using or will use for retirement, you’ll probably love The Blair Group. “Our firm assists clients in planning for their financial futures, with an emphasis on protecting their assets and guaranteeing a retirement income stream,” says its CEO, Curtis D. Blair. …Read More

ProVise Management Group, LLC


ProVise063014FBFL_PROVILC00001Financial Planning for Your Life and Your Lifestyle SM

It’s easy to find a financial advisor. After all, there are more than 11,000 in Florida, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But finding one who is qualified and certified to meet your unique needs can be challenging.

“Anybody can be an investment advisor. It’s the financial planning and the credentials that separate us from others,” says Ray Ferrara, CFP®, president and CEO of Clearwater-based ProVise Management Group, LLC. …Read More

Sycamore Group Inc.


Sycamore063014FBFL_SYCAMNC00001Wally Mackey’s Success Story
President, Sycamore Group Inc.

When Wally Mackey became a financial planner, he immediately discovered a problem. He had been trained to sell products he wouldn’t buy himself: mutual funds and variable annuities.

Realizing that clients often rode an investment gains-and-losses roller-coaster – and driven by the need to put his own financial house in order – Mackey created a way to climb out of debt, avoid fees, protect against losing money and amass millions for retirement. That’s what he and his wife did. …Read More