Schneider Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley

Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001Investing With Purpose 


We recognize that it may be impossible to be all things to our clients, but we’re certainly going to try,” says Financial Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager Robert P. “Bob” Schneider, “and what will continually motivate us is knowing that we’ve tried to go far beyond simply making a difference in our clients’ lives.”

Decorating the walls of Schneider’s office are cards and notes from people thanking him for the impact of his work and the care with which it was delivered. “Some were so touching or inspirational that I’ve had them framed to serve as reminders of what it means to do our job well,” says Schneider.  …Read More

NYU Langone Hip Center


Hip Pain Threatens Quality of Life for Adults of All Ages


An increasing number of young adults find their lives sidetracked by debilitating hip pain. Many
of these individuals are former youth athletes, whose active lifestyle is now hampered by discomfort in the joint
and groin, limited range of motion, and symptoms like joint locking and catching. Trauma, developmental abnormalities and early stages of degenerative diseases like arthritis can also be the cause.

“Left untreated, hip pain not only causes suffering in the present, it will eventually require hip replacement surgery as the protective cartilage in the load-bearing joint wears down over time. And since artificial hips typically last about 20 years, young patients may need a revision replacement surgery,” explains Roy I. Davidovitch, M.D., di- rector of the NYU Langone Hip Center, and a proponent of hip preservation techniques to help avoid hip replace- ment surgery.
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Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center


Pushing the Frontiers of
Cardiovascular Care for 75 Years


In cardiovascular care, the more you do, the better you become. Studies show heart patients at high-volume hospitals experience fewer preventable adverse events, enjoy greater patient safety and have better chances of surviving.

Fifty thousand times a year, physicians and surgeons affiliated with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Medical School perform advanced procedures, many of which were pioneered where they call home – Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center. Its transcatheter aortic valve program, which allows valves to be replaced without open surgery, is among the three busiest in the U.S.
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Texas Back Institute


Where the World Turns for Spine Research and Treatment


What brings the most comfort to patients with back and neck pain? That depends on what’s plaguing their spine. Surgery isn’t always the answer; doctors who understand the spine better than most, and who are dedicated to its care, know patients have a wide range of options.

That’s what makes the Texas Back Institute both a patient favorite and world leader in the treatment and study of the spine. Home to 19 fellowship-trained spine surgeons and an array of spine care specialists, the Texas Back Institute is one of the largest freestanding multidisciplinary academic spine centers in the world. Its medical team has the insight, expertise and leading-edge technology to provide every patient with the most advanced and appropriate care—both surgical and nonsurgical.
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The Catholic Health Heart Center at Mercy Hospital


A Clear Alternative for Healthy Vision


When it comes to healing hearts in Western New York, one Buffalo area hospital is playing a leading role.

According to Jason Jankowiak, vice president-Cardiac and Vascular Services, the Catholic Health Heart Center at Mercy Hospital meshes trailblazing technologies with the talents of accomplished physicians. Among the advancements are robotic cardiac surgery and a new angioplasty technique for treating totally blocked coronary arteries. The hospital is also participating in a clinical trial for a device that warns patients of an impending heart attack. “Innovation is a strength at the Mercy Heart Center,” Jankowiak says.
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Cunningham Financial Group at UBS


Financial Advice – It Should Be Personal


Despite recent market volatility, John F. Cunningham of UBS Financial Services reminds his longtime clients to remain confident.

Their loyalty shouldn’t surprise him. Many of them have been with the financial advisor for three decades and more. Barron’s has placed him among the Top 1000 Advisors in the nation from 2010-2012, and Cunningham ranks among UBS’ top performers, achieving Chairman’s Club or President’s Club levels 2008-14. But, unassuming and humble by nature, the native Louisvillian and fifth generation Kentuckian is extremely gratified. …Read More

Physician Affiliate Group of New York


2,000 Physicians. Six Hospitals.
One Vision. One Voice.


It started with a simple vision: improve efficiency, flexibility and accountability at six of New York City’s public hospitals and four affiliated diagnostic and treatment centers.  Four years later, the Physician Affiliate Group of New York, or PAGNY, formed by the integration of five of New York City’s most respected physician practice groups, is the largest multi-specialty group in the state.

“Our mission is to provide excellent care to the communities we serve, with the highest degree of sensitivity to the needs and challenges of our diverse, multicultural, multilingual patient population.” says Luis R. Marcos MD, Chief Executive Officer.
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DFW Vascular Group


Saving Lives and Limbs With
Cutting-Edge Technology 


The risk of having a foot or leg amputated due to circulatory problems is common among diabetics, especially as they grow older. When doctors told an 80-year-old Texas man nothing could be done to save his leg, his son brought him to DFW Vascular Group in Da
llas for a second opinion.

“An artery in the patient’s groin was completely Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001blocked. Other doctors had said a bypass was impossible, but we have developed techniques to treat difficult blockages, even in older patients,” explains Kenneth Kollmeyer, M.D., Ph.D., FACS, cofounder of DFW Vascular Group. “We were able to connect the healthy sections of the artery, using minimally invasive surgery. In one hour, we repaired the problem and saved the man’s leg.” …Read More

Williams, Ogden, Meredith, Roof Wealth Management Group


Financial Complexity Is Advisors’ Specialty


Suppose you’re an indi- vidual or business owner with a tangled web of assets and financial concerns. Few advisory groups have the expertise and resources to effectively manage it all.

Williams, Ogden, Meredith, Roof Wealth
Management Group, a team of seasoned financial professionals serving clients in their home town of Paducah and across the region, is among those select few. Thanks to its complementary special- ties and concentration of experience and credentials, this group is one of the most comprehensive and capable advisory groups in Kentucky.

“We do everything from offering a retail-level approach to managing highly sophisticated, accounts,” says Managing Director–Investments John Williams Jr., CFP®, CIMATM. “The way we get there is the breadth, depth and collaborative nature of this group.”

“There is no financial concern someone could bring to us that we do not have the expertise to address.” — John Williams Jr.

Expertise in Every Facet of Wealth
This group originated as four financial experts—Williams; J. Russell Ogden III, CFATM; David R. Meredith; and Amy M. Roof, CFP®, CRPC®—who were drawn together because of their different areas of expertise.

“Russ has over 35 years of trust management, options trading and strategy under his belt,” Williams says. “David’s background is in retirement, investments and commodities. Amy and I are the financial planners, putting it all together to help accomplish wealth, retirement and estate goals. We all benefit from a tremendous support staff devoted to our clients’ satisfaction and financial well-being.” The support staff members are highly credentialed as well, offering AAMS®, CRPC® and licensed profes- sionals to service client needs.

According to Williams, the group’s experience and training are unrivaled in the area. “Our team includes two CFP®s, a CFATM and a host of other industry credentials,” he says. “Our clients come to us because a team like ours, with our wealth of knowledge, is hard to find.”

Deeply Invested in Clients, Community
To work toward a financial solution that fits each client’s unique circumstance, these advisors delve deep to learn all they can.

“Whether it’s planning for retirement income or tax efficien- cies, estate planning or insurance planning, everything comes together depending on how each case presents,” Williams says. “We’re invested in our clients and in help- ing them achieve their financial goals.”

“The loyalty and trust we share with clients is remarkable. It’s what enables us to serve them at the highest level.” — Amy M. Roof

Clients also appreciate the ongoing investment Williams, Ogden, Meredith, Roof makes in the local community. The group’s outreach efforts, Williams says, extend to a long and distinguished list of area causes.

“Our clients have told us how important it is to them that we care and give back as much as we do,” Williams says. “That’s why we include the word ‘con- nected’ in our tagline—we’re connected to our community.”



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The ‘Modern Finance’ Movement
Marches on With BlackLine


For far too long, the fields of accounting and finance have been trapped in the dark ages. Overworked professionals who rely on manual processes and disconnected systems—spending untold hours researching and rectifying errors—have little time to investigate, let alone pursue, a better way.

But thanks to cloud technology, freedom is finally at hand.
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