CHB Investment Group LLC

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Helping Engineer Financial Success for Oil Industry Professionals

Working 15 years for a company and serving its employees as a financial advisor for another two decades provide a personalized perspective on how to help the organization’s people. That’s the type of valuable insight Christopher Brashier, Managing Director of CHB Investment Group, LLC, offers Exxon Mobil employees and retirees.


“We have been advising Exxon Mobil employees for 20 years, and over half of our client base is Exxon Mobil employees,” says Brashier, who was a researcher and executive at Mobil for 15 years prior to becoming a financial advisor. “We know its various benefits, compensation and retirement plans inside and out. That in-depth knowledge positions us to advise our clients on how best to take advantage of these plans.”

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Team Freiman at Morgan Stanley

Intergenerational Team Ensures Clients
Will Never Outlive Their Financial Advice

From the moment you enter its offices, you realize that Team Freiman could field its own football team. There are currently seven financial advisors who span several generations. Advisors in their 50s, 60s and 70s offer deep experience and wide-ranging perspective. Those in their 20s, 30s and 40s provide fresh ideas and youthful energy. Then, there are four client service representatives and an investment analyst who take great pride in delivering assurance that all paperwork, phone calls, emergencies and ordinary tasks get addressed promptly and thoroughly.

Tripp Financial Consultants, Inc.

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Financial Planning: Telling Client Families,
‘Let Us Worry for You’ 

Tricia Tripp, CFP®, CPA’s practice takes the long view in financial planning, helping her clients today, their children for tomorrow, and the community into the distant future.

Tripp is president of a family business: Tripp Financial Consultants, Inc. Her father founded the company in 1983 and now serves as a consultant, and her mother and sister handle key roles in the company. This family orientation is foundational in understanding the needs of their clients, many of whom also own small businesses.

The SMK Group at Morgan Stanley

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Serious Advisors Prefer a Lighthearted Approach

Most financial advisors are serious about caring for their clients’ assets. Few advisors, however, are equally serious about putting clients at ease and lightening their mood.

Joel Spangler, CFP®, CRPS® and Mark Mucciacciaro, CFP®, CDFA, CRPS® are seasoned financial advisors, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM,  business partners, educators and friends with more than 40 years’ (Joel 25 years, Mark 18 years) industry experience between them. Although each takes his role as investment professional seriously, Spangler and Mucciacciaro enjoy showing clients the lighter side of an otherwise dry subject.

UBS Meridian Wealth Management

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Valuing Client Relationships Above All

Sometimes, the values we hold make the status quo intolerable.

That’s what happened in 2012 to longtime portfolio managers Michael B. Kemp and N. Edward Link, Jr. Having been in the investment arena for decades (Link, 27 years; Kemp, 21 years) and in business together since 2002, the two were deeply committed to serving clients’ interests. But their former firm underwent a drastic change in culture and policy. Afterward, the firm’s values—which seemed centered on its own interests—were no longer compatible with theirs.

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Strategic Wealth Advisory, LLC

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‘Plan First, Invest Second’

Earl Schultz of Strategic Wealth Advisory, LLC believes preparing for retirement is a lot like mountain climbing.

“Most novice climbers focus so much of their planning and preparation on how to get to the top of the mountain that they are completely unprepared for the unique challenges they run into on the way down,” Schultz says. “Yet 80 percent of accidents occur on the descent, after you’ve already reached the top. Successful climbers have a plan for getting to the top and a completely separate plan for coming down the mountain.”

CHB Investment Group, LLC

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Serious Advisors Prefer a Lighthearted Approach

Christopher Brashier, Managing Director of CHB Investment Group, LLC, likes to describe his firm’s approach to investing as a “financial refinery.” It’s reflective of his past career as an executive in the oil industry, as well as CHB’s emphasis on a precise, quantitative investment process.

“We spend a lot of time on the analytics relative to our competition. Everything we do is by a quantitatively driven process,” says Brashier. Many of CHB’s clients, explains Brashier, are engineers and other technical professionals who appreciate its process-like approach to investing.

Mainsail Wealth Advisors LLC

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Making a Positive Impact on Lives
One Question at a Time

Not many wealth advisors are asked by their clients which health insurance plan might work best for their family or whether they should buy or lease an automobile. But the team at Mainsail Wealth Advisors gets questions like that all the time. “It’s humbling to be asked those types of questions,” says Scott Haley, managing partner and branch manager, “but it’s a pleasure to be so engaged in our clients’ lives that they rely on us to help them make those decisions.”

The Lynch Team of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

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Today’s Investors Seek Trustworthy Advisors and Less Volatility

One of the most significant effects of the Great Recession that began in late 2007 was a sobering change in the attitudes of individual investors. “We see two major trends. First, investors are looking for trustworthy advisors who will work on their behalf. Second, they want portfolios that are less dependent on the whims of the markets, which can be volatile at times,” says Tim Lynch who directs The Lynch Team of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Momentum Solutionz

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Made-to-Measure Service and Professionalism in IT

In the usual IT consultant experience, a client calls for help, a provider says, “Sure, we can do that,” and maybe immediate problems get fixed.

Momentum Solutionz is not the usual IT consultant experience. Clients in a wide range of business categories turn here for consultation, only to realize what they’ve actually found is partnership.

Lorne Kaufman and Jeff Servidio are 20-plus-year software support veterans, each having worked for industry giants. They met while bringing their separate talents to a project and saw a synergy that suggested an advantage in working together, so they formed Momentum Solutionz. The company remedies symptoms by curing the problems that cause them.