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Holistic Retirement Planning
Starts With the End in Mind


They’re one of the largest and most influential generations in history, pacesetters and tastemakers in everything from music to politics, fashion to fitness. Now, as millions of baby boomers retire, or prepare to retire, they need someone to show them the way. For many Virginians, that someone is Harbor Wealth Advisors.

The Richmond-based firm focuses on helping baby boomers make the most of their retirement years. “We take a holistic approach to retirement planning,” says Jeremy D. Shipp, CLU®, RICP®, president and founder.

According to Shipp, there’s a lot more to retiring successfully than saving and investing money. How you “de-cumulate” your money – how you draw down your assets to create a retirement income – can mean the difference between enjoying a comfortable retirement for the rest of your life and running out of money.

Real-World Knowledge and Experience
“A lot of people get hung up on chasing a high rate of return to get to a certain net-worth number without addressing the various risks that could derail their retirement plans,” Shipp says. “For example, longevity risk: People are living longer, so your money needs to last longer. Another example is tax risk: What would happen to your income or your portfolio if Congress decided to raise income taxes by 20 percent and all of your money was in IRAs and 401(k)s?”

Other potential risks include inflation, catastrophic illness and estate succession: “What’s going to happen to our money if my spouse or I need long-term care? What’s going to happen to all my assets when I pass away?”

Then there’s investment risk: Market volatility can wreak havoc on retirement income if it’s not planned for in advance. “You need to factor in sequence of returns risk when you start drawing from a portfolio,” Shipp says, “because the order in which your returns occur can have a huge impact on whether or not there’s any money left over.”

“At Harbor Wealth Advisors, we start with the end in mind. Our real-world knowledge and experience guide every plan we create and every recommendation we make.”


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Jeremy Shipp also provides estate services through Harbor Estate Services, harborestate.com.





Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business


Harry081814FBCR_HARRYSS00001Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business Develops Savvy Leaders
Dual MBA Degree Programs Give Students an Edge

Providing health care is more than a profession or a calling. It’s also a business. As health care delivery becomes more complex, costly and regulated, a keen business mind is an asset for any caregiver.

The Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business at Shenandoah University created its dual MBA degrees in nursing and in pharmacy to prepare students for this real world. Through these programs, the Winchester, Virginia, university trains a generation of caregivers who will meet the challenges of a 21st century health care system. …Read More

Liberty University – School of Business


Liberty081814FBCR_LIBERMS00001Confident Leadership and Integrity in the Global Marketplace

For the Liberty University School of Business, producing tomorrow’s business leaders is actually a shortsighted goal.

“Our vision extends beyond tomorrow. We are looking decades ahead,” explains the school’s dean, Scott Hicks, Ph.D. “Our approach encourages lifelong learning and fosters personal skills that propel men and women to become more than mere professionals. They become their organization’s valued leaders for the future.” …Read More

Salisbury University


A Maryland University of National Distinction

This economical investment leads to very successful outcomes.

Academic Excellence
Offering 57 distinct programs within four endowed schools, SU is on of those rare universities that celebrates individual talents and encourages big ideas. Students gain real-world experiences, researching Amazon deforestation and interning for Italian media. The student-to-faculty ration is 17:1.


…Read More

James Madison University College of Business


James081814FBCR_JAMESSS00001Prepared to Make the Difference

An energy producer seeks new ways to market supplemental solar power. Students at James Madison University are full of bright ideas.

A nonprofit organization wants help increasing its social media presence. Mission accomplished, thanks to business students at JMU.

The business world is more competitive than ever. At James Madison University, students learn early in their academic career how to work together and why that matters.

“We believe student learning is about collaboration and engagement in and out of the classroom,” says Mary Gowan, Ph.D., dean of the College of Business and Kenneth R. Bartee Endowed Professor. “Because of our approach, we have excellent relationships with major companies. These relationships are often because of the success of our alumni.” …Read More

Eagle Ray, Inc.

It’s All About the Mission

With a client list that includes the U.S. intelligence community, state agencies, and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, Eagle Ray, Inc. understands the importance of a clear and focused mission as well as anyone charged with protecting our national security.

Founded in 2002, Eagle Ray, Inc. has been providing government agencies with strategic IT consulting services for over a decade. “Each member of our senior team has a specific expertise,” says Babs Doherty, president and CEO. “No one here is a generalist. We’re an incredible and powerful team that provides the right solutions because we leverage our strengths, do our homework and ensure our clients weigh in before moving forward.” …Read More

FCi Federal

CEO Sharon D. Virts Transforms Company From IT Consultant to Process Innovator
FCi Federal Helps Government Agencies Get to Work

Innovation drives FCi Federal CEO Sharon D. Virts. It permeates her business, from the services it provides to the employees who carry them out.

FCi Federal works with government agencies to get important back-office functions finished more quickly and more efficiently. Its employees handle work that would take longer and cost more if done in-house.

This unique company works with large agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Citizenship and Immigration Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, the State Department and federal policing agencies. Employees work behind the scenes to gather documentation and resources that decision makers need to do their jobs, including visa approval and immigration status verification. …Read More

The Linn Group at RBC Wealth Management


Financial Consulting for Life


Chess grandmasters often think 10 steps ahead, or more. Anticipating the consequences of each possible move and countermove is critical to success. That is equally true when it comes to managing wealth.

“Anyone can get unlimited information but may not know what decisions to make,” says financial advisor Bob Linn, senior vice president, The Linn Group at RBC Wealth Management in Rockville, Maryland. “Tax rules are complicated and changing. Or, you can look at a mutual fund report, but if you don’t know anything about the manager, you won’t understand how the numbers are achieved.” …Read More

Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc.


Financial and Business Advice, One Family to Another


Financial advisor Jerry Rex’s clients inspire him.
“Many are business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs – risk takers who are energizing our economy,” he says. “It’s our job to make sure they’re not taking unnecessary risks with their personal assets and business financial plans.”

As owners of a family business,  Jerry and sons Bryan and Adam, who have joined him at Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc., understand the line between personal and business finances is often blurred. …Read More

The Jordan Insurance Group, LLC


Insurance Consultants Bring Outstanding 
Resources to Businesses and Individuals

Did you know you have the ability to access world-class insurance services? “Effective strategies to lower costs and build and preserve assets can dramatically impact clients’ growth and success,” says William J. Jordan Sr., founder of The Jordan Insurance Group, LLC in the Baltimore-Washington Metro.

Jordan is determined to bring clients the highest level of services possible. Companies with as few as 25 employees can benefit from the team of knowledgeable thought leaders he has assembled. Specializing in the fields of life insurance and employee benefits, these creative individuals are equipped with exceptional resources. …Read More