CSG Capital Partners of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC


Guiding Investors To and Through a Successful Retirement

Ensuring a secure retirement was easier for previous generations. Many were able to do it on their own, without the guidance of a professional. Invest in a CD, a bond fund and other low-risk products, sit back and enjoy the ride – month after month, year after year.

Today’s historically low interest rates have raised a new set of questions for those facing retirement. Will my retirement income retain its purchasing power? Will it be sufficient to cover any emergencies? And most important, will my retirement plan last my lifetime? The answers to these questions require creativity, flexibility and a systematic, analytical process – and the guidance of seasoned financial professionals like those at CSG Capital Partners of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. …Read More

Hilt Financial Group LLC

A Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life

Everybody knows the longer you wait to take Social Security, the larger your monthly benefit check will be. Waiting until your full retirement age (66 for those retiring today) will significantly increase the amount that is deposited into your checking account each month. Holding off until age 70 will increase it even more – by 8 percent a year – once you have reached full retirement age.

But few people realize there are many other ways to increase their Social Security benefits, including the File and Suspend and Restricted Application strategies, says Dwayne Hiltner, president of Hilt Financial Group LLC. The Baltimore-based financial services firm specializes in 401(k), 403(b), TSP, IRA and CD rollovers and in creating guaranteed lifetime retirement incomes, with particular expertise in maximizing Social Security benefits. …Read More

DKW Communications, Inc.


Keeping the Nation’s Technological Infrastructure Running Smoothly

Today’s world runs on information, which moves via systems, infrastructure and applications, often involving a high level of sensitivity and security.

That’s true in government and it’s true in business. Its importance is why so many decision makers in federal departments from defense to intelligence to space exploration to diplomacy, along with state and local governments, civilian agencies and commercial industries, trust DKW Communications for their information technology needs. …Read More



Returning D.C.’s Waterfront
to the People
The Yards

While this baseball season had the Washington Nationals often “going yard” in hitting home runs, just over their home ballpark’s right-field wall is where The Yards truly begins. Washington, D.C.’s premier urban mixed-use waterfront development project, The Yards, is now hitting its stride. This 42-acre waterfront site, formerly part of the historic Washington Navy Yard, is being reborn through the efforts of Forest City, a $10.6 billion residential and commercial real estate owner, developer and manager that won the rights to redevelop the site in 2004. …Read More

VetsAmerica Business Consulting, Inc.


Transforming Operations,
 Customer Service and Data Security

When it comes to customer relationship management, having the right technology in place makes all the difference. Consider the Veteran who calls a Veterans Affairs (VA) help desk in need of a medical evaluation. The nurse on the other end would be hard-pressed to serve the patient if she couldn’t access real-time information about his or her case history.

Developing infrastructure that powers, enhances and safeguards customer service programs—this is the primary …Read More



Tier10 uses a data-driven strategy to generate highly effective Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Loving what you do for a living is a goal not everyone achieves. There’s a reason they call it “work.” Let’s face it. Most people trudge through the day exhausted, counting down the hours, and leaving their place of employment uninspired.

That is not the case for Justin Byrd and Tier10. In early 2013, Justin became president and a partner of Tier10, after a long, successful career as an executive at one of the Big 3 Auto manufacturers. Tier10 is a full-service advertising and marketing agency specializing …Read More

ROSS Companies

Washington D.C.’s Apartment Experts

More than 25 years ago, Beth and Scott Ross decided to add another facet to their marriage – business. To better manage Scott’s first multifamily asset, Beth Ross formed ROSS Management Services in their basement. She started with three employees and 128 apartments.

Fast-forward to 2013, and the ROSS Companies’ offices consume a floor of a Bethesda office building and the ROSS team is 300-strong.
The ROSS executive team possesses more than 100 years of combined multifamily experience from many national firms. Its portfolio is purposefully based in the Washington, D.C. metro area and is comprised of 28 communities, totaling more than 10,000 apartments. Ross is very proud of her company – and how she grew it. …Read More

TechVision 21

Innovation Policy Powerhouse

They say it’s not what you know. It’s who 
you know. And nowhere is that truer than in Washington, D.C. But what if you could combine the who with the what and add the how? The result would be TechVision21, a technology and policy consulting firm that helps clients develop and execute strategies to advance their policies, programs and funding interests in Washington.

As a former White House staffer and Senate-confirmed assistant secretary of technology policy 
at the U.S. Department of Commerce, TechVision21 President Kelly Carnes and her team are well-connected across government and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. “But we do so much more than just whip out a list of contacts and make introductions,” she says. …Read More

Chevy Chase Trust

Wealthy Families Find Uncommon Solutions

Chevy Chase Trust Managing Director Deborah (“Deb”) Gandy is redefining what it means to provide the highest caliber of comprehensive investment and financial management to wealthy individuals and their families. Working closely with some of the Washington area’s most elite families, Gandy emphasizes a very personal approach which has become all too uncommon in a world of institutionalized wealth management.

“The key is customization. Why should anyone choose to be shoehorned into a preconceived …Read More

Amsterdam & Partners LLP

Helping Multinational Corporations Navigate Faraway Markets

For corporations looking to do business in frontier markets around the globe, the prospect can be intimidating. The risks, potentially dire. The outcome, as uncertain as it gets. Apart from having firsthand, on-the-ground experience in these parts of the world, how do companies pursue overseas opportunities in a way that truly protects and advances their long-term interests?

First and foremost, they would do well to partner with attorney Robert R. Amsterdam, founding partner of Amsterdam & Partners LLP. …Read More