Amsterdam & Partners LLP

Helping Multinational Corporations Navigate Faraway Markets

For corporations looking to do business in frontier markets around the globe, the prospect can be intimidating. The risks, potentially dire. The outcome, as uncertain as it gets. Apart from having firsthand, on-the-ground experience in these parts of the world, how do companies pursue overseas opportunities in a way that truly protects and advances their long-term interests?

First and foremost, they would do well to partner with attorney Robert R. Amsterdam, founding partner of Amsterdam & Partners LLP. …Read More

Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank, PLC

Larger-Firm Talent in a Smaller Practice

For years, attorneys at Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank, PLC practiced their skills at larger law firms, serving the needs of Fortune 500 clients.
Big law firms may work fine for Fortune 500 clients, but what about smaller companies? What about companies that are not Fortune 500-size but still need sophisticated legal help in crucial business areas? Don’t they merit high-caliber counsel, too? …Read More

Cameron/McEvoy PLLC

Small Firm Makes a Big Impact

You’ve got to be crazy to start a law firm in the middle of a recession. Or maybe you know something nobody else knows. In any event, when Edward “Sunny” Cameron and Timothy McEvoy opened their litigation boutique in 2009, most people thought they were making a big mistake. But the attorneys – and their clients – knew better.

“We felt there was a place in the market for a small, cost-efficient firm with the experience and ability to defend and prosecute claims that are traditionally handled by large, national firms,” says Cameron. …Read More

Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP

Advocates for People and Business

In the waning days of World War II, a Nazi train rumbled into Austria. It was laden with valuables taken from Hungarian Jews. The United States Army took possession of the train and its cargo, which the U.S. government never returned. Decades later, Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca was co-lead counsel in a case against the federal government. After four years of litigation, the firm won a settlement of $25.5 million to be primarily distributed to survivors worldwide through existing Holocaust relief programs. …Read More

Gray Plant Mooty

Providing Franchise Law and Litigation Excellence in the Nation’s Capital

Gray Plant Mooty’s team of lawyers works in the famed Watergate Complex.  Visible from the offices are the Kennedy Center, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. It’s a good place to practice law.

Here, in the figurative shadows of three great presidents, in the nation’s center of power, Gray Plant Mooty provides top-notch legal services. The firm is well known for its franchise, white-collar criminal defense, general civil and commercial litigation, and intellectual property practices. …Read More

Martin & Gitner, PLLC

William ‘Billy’ Martin and Geoff Gitner Open New Law Firm
Partners Specialize in High-Profile, High-Stakes Cases

The stars aligned in 2012 when two legal luminaries, William R. “Billy” Martin and Geoff Gitner, joined their formidable talents and founded Martin & Gitner PLLC. Among the nation’s most sought-after litigators, the partners opened their K Street practice and immediately became the go-to firm for high-profile, high-stakes civil and white-collar-crime litigation.

The new firm is a marriage of Martin’s masterful trial skills in criminal and civil cases and Gitner’s remarkable prowess in business and civil litigation. Collectively they have tried and arbitrated more than 300 cases in state and federal courts around the nation. …Read More

Campbell Financial Services


A man on the verge of retiring came to see financial advisor Ron Campbell, CFP®/RFC®, of Maryland-based Campbell Financial Services (CFS). One look at his portfolio, and Campbell identified problems that needed to be addressed immediately.

“He had made incorrect assumptions about taxes on his 401(k), how much risk was appropriate for him, and how much income his wife could expect if he were to pass away,” Campbell says. “We showed him how his income could drop substantially if the stock market experienced another crisis, as in 2008. …Read More

The Callens Group at Morgan Stanley


Bonnabel Bisso Callens is direct about it, and investors appreciate that: The financial advisory team she founded offers strength and stamina, along with commitment to service.

“We have experience in portfolio management as well as financial and estate planning,” she says.

If that sounds “down-to-business,” it is. But there’s another element, also key, in the way her team works for clients, and you can hear it in the warmth of her voice. “We have a huge commitment to really knowing our client,” she says. “We have a very involved discovery …Read More

Burt Wealth Advisors


Lately it seems political and financial commentators in the media are more intent on frightening than on enlightening their audiences. Certainly, there are reasons to be cautious about investing, but opportunities exist, if one knows where to look. Maryland-based Burt Wealth Advisors (BWA) cuts through the clutter to help affluent individuals and families preserve and grow their assets for future generations.

“One thing that sets us apart is our independence,” says Vice President Todd Growney, CFP®. “We don’t have proprietary …Read More

Plotkin Financial Advisors, LLC


A running argument about the budget for a new fence brought a couple to the offices of Plotkin Financial Advisors. She wanted to spend $7,000 while he said $5,000 was as much as they could afford. It was an odd conflict seeing that they had a net worth in the millions of dollars.

“Like many people, this couple was educated, sophisticated, and had done an excellent job of accumulating assets for retirement. But they weren’t confident about their ability to maintain them. She was working at a job she didn’t care for because she thought she had to, and he had taken a part-time job to help make ends …Read More