Barney School of Business


Career Ready:
Competent, Confident and Connected


Rarely does one find a business school so devoted to helping its students define and carry out their career aspirations.

“We call it our ‘Career Ready’ focus,” says Martin Roth, dean of the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business. “We make a determined commitment that when students graduate, they are going to be competent, confident and connected.” …Read More

The Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University


Transforming Students
Into Successful Business Leaders


Whether they want to contribute to an existing company or launch their own business, graduates of the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University know they are equipped with the understanding and skills to realize their full potential and drive their own success.

With a focus on understanding business opportunities and making a difference in organizations, the Sawyer Business School …Read More

Net Atlantic


Bringing Enterprise-Level Email Marketing to the Mid-Market

When it comes to the Internet, there are few things as annoying as junk email. ISPs and spam filters are increasingly helping consumers and businesses filter out unwanted messages from deceptive marketers and scam artists. Unfortunately, that makes it harder for legitimate businesses to communicate with their customers. Net Atlantic has the solution for mid-level companies that want their emails to get through and get read.

Net Atlantic, recently included on the 2013 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, is a leading email marketing company helping businesses deliver interesting, engaging and relevant email to customers and prospective customers who desire it. A value-added reseller (VAR), this Massachusetts-based firm offers a range of solutions including dynamic integration, full-service sending, email campaign intelligence and superior pricing. As an example, campaigns can be designed around single or multiple sendings, split tests or time-released emails. …Read More

ClearBridge Technology Group


Quality Without Compromise

When a major cloud-computing company needs people with certain types of technical skills, it knows just who to call. It knows it can rely on ClearBridge Technology Group for a variety of consulting and staffing needs.

“They always bring us great candidates – fast,” says the company’s vice president of professional services. “And they usually have the best rates.” He estimates that ClearBridge has provided his company with hundreds of people, the majority of them IT professionals with EMC, VMware or Cisco networking skills and the rest, project managers. …Read More

Rubin, Hay & Gould, P.C.

Affluent Families Need Sophisticated
Representation for Complex Estate Planning

Continually changing estate tax laws combined with the threat of “creditors and predators” place a target on the backs of high-net-worth families. “The affluent are rightly concerned about safeguarding their wealth and legacy planning for themselves and their children from taxes, lawsuits, and creditors,” explains tax attorney Merek S. Rubin, a nationally recognized attorney and author in the area of estate planning law. Rubin is the founder of the Framingham-based law firm Rubin, Hay & Gould, P.C. and heads its Estate Planning Group.

High-net-worth individuals and families, highly compensated executives, entrepreneurs and owners of closely-held businesses have options that can help them protect assets for themselves and transfer assets and business interests to the next generation without interruption. These options are designed to minimize transfer tax burdens and protect assets from potential creditors.

Advanced estate planning requires a high level of sophistication and careful coordination with the client’s other trusted advisors. A variety of strategies, such as the use of dynasty trusts, family partnerships and limited liability companies, personal residence trusts, spousal access trusts, domestic asset protection trusts, sales to grantor trusts, and other sophisticated estate planning techniques are utilized by the Estate Planning Group at Rubin, Hay & Gould to meet a client’s objectives. “Each plan must be tailored to meet a family’s unique situation and flexible enough to respond to unforeseen circumstances,” says Christopher J. Mahoney, a principal in the Estate Planning Group.

A tailored approach is especially important when dealing with business assets. Rubin, Hay & Gould, P.C. has significant experience servicing the legal needs of business owners, from advising as to appropriate business structure (S-corp, LLC, etc.) and business planning, to handling litigation matters for clients, to implementing a business succession plan. Discounting strategies are often employed to reduce taxable values when transferring business interests to the next generation.

Super Trusts Can Protect 
Family Wealth
Rubin, Hay & Gould, P.C. emphasizes the use of creditor-protected, multigenerational trusts to hold assets that are being transferred to succeeding generations. “Establishing what we call a ‘Super Trust’ to which business and non-business assets can be transferred is often an underused strategy because the generation-skipping transfer laws involved with such planning are complex,” says Rubin, the lead author of the five-volume Generation-Skipping Planning Compendium. “But without this level of protection, property transferred to children and grandchildren is unnecessarily exposed to significant transfer taxes and to the claims of creditors and ex-spouses.”


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Cervizzi & Associates

Nobody wants a divorce. But everybody needs experienced legal representation in the face of family crisis.

Divorce shifts and fragments the patterns of family life. The right legal representation is critical, in light of the complexity and high stakes involved in cases surrounding the family.  Cervizzi & Associates is one of the leading law firms in the Boston area focusing exclusively on divorce and family law.

A skilled negotiator, attorney Laura J. Cervizzi, P.C., is adept at resolving complex conflicts out of court, but is equally prepared to challenge the toughest adversaries …Read More

International Planning Group

International Planning Group Serves Life Insurance Needs of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Marketplace

Some companies thrive in their areas of operation. Others shape and even redefine entire professions. International Planning Group is in the second category.

With a sales staff of only 26, IPG is a world leader in life insurance-based wealth planning. The company creates customized solutions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and large, closely held or multinational corporations the world over.

This is not the usual insurance sales and distribution company; far from it. The firm has a solutions …Read More


Business-Savvy, Concierge Service in
IT Consulting

It’s 6:18 p.m. the day before the holiday. Everyone has gone. You’re about to run the last report, log off and leave. The network freezes.

You sigh. You dial IT service. You settle in for the wait. A few minutes later the phone rings. Coretelligent calling back: We’re on it.

Chances are, Coretelligent was on it even before your call connected. This information technology services firm proactively monitors clients’ systems to keep them running smoothly and to respond quickly if something needs attention. “We have established …Read More

Constellation Financial & 
Wealth Management Services

You’re Never a Number at Constellation Financial & 
Wealth Management Services

Only yesterday, or so it seemed, the young woman was a newborn, her parents’ newest tax dependent. But here she was, 22 years old, with financial concerns of her own.

“I remember clearly her dad coming into my office and dropping her Social Security card on my desk and saying, ‘I have another tax deduction this year,’” says Stephen P. Piotte, E.A., CEO of Constellation Financial & Wealth Management Services. “In fact, the plan I worked out with him helped her get through college, while allowing him to continue to save for his and his wife’s retirement. …Read More

Welch & Forbes LLC

Private Wealth Management Since 1838

Managing investments is a lot like steering a ship. It is easy to stay on course in good weather, but when the sea is rough, there is nothing so reassuring as having an experienced captain at the wheel.

For nearly 175 years, Welch & Forbes has been at the helm, helping New Englanders protect their assets through all types of market conditions. Founded in 1838—before the stock market existed—this revered Boston firm originally oversaw the personal business affairs for the families of sea captains and ship owners while they traveled the world. Much …Read More