Marra Financial Group


Safety, Security and Low Volatility Are Key
Marra Financial Group Sets Gold Standard for Retirement Income Planning

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money, because each individual and couple has unique requirements and different tolerances for risk. Yet far too many people have all their retirement money in the market, according to Diane Marra, president and founder of Marra Financial Group. “That places them at high risk, especially in today’s exceedingly volatile economic and political climate.”

The Long Island- and Connecticut-based firm (it recently opened a New Jersey office as well) operates from the standpoint that in order to make sure a client’s money is in “the best place,” individual circumstances must be taken into consideration. This individualization is where Marra Financial Group excels. …Read More

The Romano-Catalano Wealth Management Group


Historical Perspective Informs Investment Strategies

The history of Wall Street from the ’80s to today is rife with chaos (consider the crashes, bubble bursts and recessions of 1980, 1987, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2001 and 2008). This history is also replete with lessons for financial advisors who want to help investors capitalize on market growth and protect their gains in times of crisis.

Financial advisors Roxann Romano and Anthony Catalano, principal partners of the Romano-Catalano Wealth Management Group, have 25 and 30 years’ experience, respectively, in this arena. They’ve witnessed significant market turmoil and internalized its lessons. And they understand how deeply it affects investors. …Read More

Williams Jones Investment Management


Williams Jones Preserves 
and Grows Client Assets

It was the summer of 2007, and the partners of Williams Jones Investment Management were picking up signs of trouble in the equity markets. “We had been hearing from our research network about serious credit risk issues, particularly in the financial sector, so we began to move client money out of stocks and into bonds and hedge funds,” says Chairman William P. Jones Jr. “By the end of the year, we had reduced our clients’ exposure in equities by over 35 percent.”

Although stocks ended the year up 5½ percent, the Firm’s defensive strategy was ultimately borne out. “By the end of 2008, clients who had been doubtful about what we were doing a year ago couldn’t have been happier with us,” Jones says. “In fact, we added new clients at a time when many financial advisors were being fired by their clients.” …Read More

Flushing Bank

Community-Centered Bank Is
New York Metro’s Business Partner

A fixture in the New York Metro area since 1929, Flushing Bank has utilized a community-centered approach to help its customers and communities. It has been a reliable partner to the families and businesses that call the Tri-State area home and has helped them through the ups and downs of the last 84 years, which included the Great Depression, the Great Recession and Super Storm Sandy. Now a New York State chartered stock commercial bank, it is focused on building relationships with businesses to facilitate much-needed economic growth in the New York metro market. …Read More

Popular Community Bank

Serving Commercial Real Estate Developers and Property Owners in 
Good Times and Bad

Commercial real estate developers and property owners in the New York metro area may not have been hit as hard by the recent downturn as those in many other markets, but things were tough enough.

“When the recession hit, property values here didn’t plummet the way they did in many other parts of the country,” says Brian Doran, New York Region Executive of Popular Community Bank. Still, with many people reluctant or unable to spend, sales of condominiums and other types of commercial properties all lagged behind projections. …Read More

The First National Bank of Long Island

Steady Growth, Stellar Service

Over the past 10 years, The First National Bank of Long Island (NASDAQ: FLIC) has created great value for its shareholders. Based on the appreciation of its stock and assumed reinvestment of dividends, returns have been greater than 100 percent. During this same period, market capitalization has increased over $100 million, or 68 percent.  That’s wealth creation for investors.

During the four-year period ending December 31, 2012, perhaps the worst recession in our nation’s history, book value per share on a CAGR …Read More

Financial Network Limited

Financial Network Limited Fosters a Culture of Trust
Family Owned and Operated for Nearly 30 Years

For many investors today, the biggest challenge is to know who they can trust to help them make smart financial decisions and to manage their money with integrity. For a growing number of individuals and business owners throughout Connecticut, the answer is Financial Network Limited (FNL). FNL provides personalized investment strategies for individuals and families, as well as a full range of employee benefit programs for businesses, with an emphasis on the design and management of employer-sponsored retirement plans. …Read More

Creative Financial Group of New Jersey

Separately, They Were Formidable. Together, They Are Unbeatable.
Merger of Two New England Financial Firms Creates Powerhouse Financial Services Firm Under Creative Financial Group of New Jersey Name

It’s finally official. The wait is over. After months of talking, planning, strategizing and negotiating, Creative Financial Group of New Jersey (CFGNJ) and New England Financial Group of North Jersey are one.

The merger of the two New England Financial Firms marries the strengths and resources of two of New Jersey’s most respected financial services practices under the Creative Financial Group of New Jersey name. With offices in Fort Lee, Fairfield, Wall Township, Princeton and Barnegat, the expanded CFGNJ is one of the largest and most diverse financial services firms in New Jersey, serving clients throughout the Garden State. In addition to its many individual and family clients, CFGNJ serves the needs of small- to midsize-business owners, who value the firm’s strong local expertise and commitment to face-to-face interaction. …Read More

Toomey Investment Management, Inc.

A Generation of Experience to Invest in Your Family

Spend five minutes with Brendan Toomey, and you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years.

“People often tell me I’m very easy to talk to, and I try to be a good listener,” says the president and CEO of Toomey Investment Management, Inc., an independent wealth management and financial planning firm in Wallingford, Conn.

But behind Toomey’s easygoing manner is an astute financial mind. Not only is he a Certified Financial Planner™ professional with more than two decades of investment experience, he’s a seasoned tax professional, respected financial author and captivating seminar speaker. …Read More

Family Wealth Management

Specializing in Retirement Income Strategies

Marty Higgins likes to tell clients that over 80 percent of Mount Everest deaths happen on the descent. What does this have to do with retirement income planning, the focus of his wealth management practice? A lot, actually.

Like climbing the mountain, accumulating assets can be comparatively easy, says Higgins, CEO of Family Wealth Management, in Marlton, N.J. “In many cases, volatile markets can actually help you during this stage because of dollar cost averaging; a key point not to be missed is that although dollar cost averaging does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market, when prices go down you’re able to buy more shares.” Where many people get into trouble is when they have to live off the assets they’ve amassed over the years, a time he calls “Distribution Land.” …Read More