Creative Financial Group of New Jersey

Separately, They Were Formidable. Together, They Are Unbeatable.
Merger of Two New England Financial Firms Creates Powerhouse Financial Services Firm Under Creative Financial Group of New Jersey Name

It’s finally official. The wait is over. After months of talking, planning, strategizing and negotiating, Creative Financial Group of New Jersey (CFGNJ) and New England Financial Group of North Jersey are one.

The merger of the two New England Financial Firms marries the strengths and resources of two of New Jersey’s most respected financial services practices under the Creative Financial Group of New Jersey name. With offices in Fort Lee, Fairfield, Wall Township, Princeton and Barnegat, the expanded CFGNJ is one of the largest and most diverse financial services firms in New Jersey, serving clients throughout the Garden State. In addition to its many individual and family clients, CFGNJ serves the needs of small- to midsize-business owners, who value the firm’s strong local expertise and commitment to face-to-face interaction. …Read More

Toomey Investment Management, Inc.

A Generation of Experience to Invest in Your Family

Spend five minutes with Brendan Toomey, and you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years.

“People often tell me I’m very easy to talk to, and I try to be a good listener,” says the president and CEO of Toomey Investment Management, Inc., an independent wealth management and financial planning firm in Wallingford, Conn.

But behind Toomey’s easygoing manner is an astute financial mind. Not only is he a Certified Financial Planner™ professional with more than two decades of investment experience, he’s a seasoned tax professional, respected financial author and captivating seminar speaker. …Read More

Family Wealth Management

Specializing in Retirement Income Strategies

Marty Higgins likes to tell clients that over 80 percent of Mount Everest deaths happen on the descent. What does this have to do with retirement income planning, the focus of his wealth management practice? A lot, actually.

Like climbing the mountain, accumulating assets can be comparatively easy, says Higgins, CEO of Family Wealth Management, in Marlton, N.J. “In many cases, volatile markets can actually help you during this stage because of dollar cost averaging; a key point not to be missed is that although dollar cost averaging does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market, when prices go down you’re able to buy more shares.” Where many people get into trouble is when they have to live off the assets they’ve amassed over the years, a time he calls “Distribution Land.” …Read More

Peak Mountain Advisors

Seamless Planning Process Tames Financial Complexity 

In a world where individual investors are largely responsible for building and managing their own retirement assets, the need for a seasoned financial advisor has never been greater. Even more important is finding one who is deeply invested in perfecting the client experience; this is where an advisor’s true value lies.

No wonder Hartford-based Peak Mountain Advisors has fared so well. At its helm are President Paul W. Holjes and Christopher Ziogas, J.D., CFP, financial advisors with nearly 45 years’ combined industry experience. Catering to business owners, executives and other high-net-worth individuals and families with complex needs and varying concerns, Holjes, Ziogas and their team have made service excellence their ultimate mission. …Read More

Ameriprise Financial Andrew James Leicht

Helping Clients Deal With the Complexities of Wealth by Offering Outstanding Personal Service

It was October 2008, and investors everywhere were in a panic. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had just plummeted nearly 2,400 points over eight days, including an 18 percent drop in a single week. But where most saw disaster, Andrew James Leicht, CFP®, ChFC® saw opportunity. “With us selling our business, which was our largest financial asset, we were nervous, particularly in light of what was transpiring within the financial markets. While a lot of people were pulling their money out of the market, he advised us to go in a little further due to our long time horizon and risk tolerance,” recalls longtime client John Dodge. “The strategy worked out very well for us. We recovered and grew from there.” …Read More

Ventura Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Ventura Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Announces Willis North America Diversity Partnership

Responding to the growing demand by public entities and corporate businesses for supplier diversity solutions, New York City-based Ventura Insurance Brokerage, Inc. recently welcomed the opportunity to partner with global insurance provider Willis North America. Owned by Christine Sadofsky, CPCU, Ventura was selected to become a part of Willis Open, a new practice group that offers world-class resources and industry-leading expertise to premier women- and minority-owned enterprises.

The partnership with Willis Open adds new capabilities to Ventura’s wide-ranging customized and cost-effective insurance products and services. “Our clients will now enjoy enhanced access to the resources of a global risk advisor, insurance and reinsurance broker. The partnership positions us well to serve large enterprises with interests on every continent and in every time zone,” says Sadofsky, a 23-year veteran insurance broker who purchased Ventura in 2004. “Given the increasing importance of supplier diversity to firms across all sectors, this is a winning platform for our clients.”

“Today, more organizations are seeking quality solutions that include women- and minority-owned partners as part of their overall diversity and corporate social responsibility strategy,” explains Willis Executive Vice President Phillip Styles. “The Willis Open initiative allows companies that work with us to identify the very best such enterprises in their marketplace, like Ventura Insurance Brokerage, that have technically superior client service capabilities.”

We Speak the Language of Business
Competing successfully in the city’s super-charged market, Sadofsky and her team built the privately owned and independent company on the premise that Ventura would serve as much more than a source of risk management solutions for personal and general commercial insurance. It has become a trusted advisor to its clients on a wide range of issues.

“We are more than just brokers. We are risk management professionals who know how to speak the language of business. Our staff is probably the most stable in the nation, allowing us the luxury of building strong, long-term relationships. Because we know our clients and their respective industries so well, we can be proactive and dynamic. Clients are confident we’ll provide meaningful advice about decisions they are considering regarding expansion, hiring, relocating and more,” says Sadofsky. “They trust us to evaluate all of their options objectively, implement a sensible and customized insurance program that’s best for them, monitor it and adjust it to meet changing needs.”


475 Park Ave South | New York, NY 10016 | 212-702-3300

Mohanty Gargiulo LLC

Advice for Informed Decisions
Mohanty Gargiulo LLC Is a Comprehensive Derivatives and Structured Products Advisor to Sophisticated Clients

A large municipal issuer had been asked by one of its dealers to partially terminate a transaction for profit but was uncertain whether the proposed transaction was in its best interest.

Unsure how to proceed, the issuer turned to Mohanty Gargiulo LLC for expert guidance. The independent advisory firm is a comprehensive derivatives and capital-markets advisor to some of the most sophisticated issuers in the country, known for insightful and detailed analysis of derivatives transactions, razor sharp market execution and sophisticated risk-management advice. …Read More

Theodore Williams Construction Company, LLC

Uncompromising Quality Spurs Triple-Digit Growth for Interior Construction Company

Maintaining an untarnished reputation for integrity in New York City’s “buyer beware” interior alterations market, Shelby Johnson has positioned Theodore Williams Construction Company, LLC as one of the city’s fastest growing construction firms.

Johnson’s company weathered the economic downturn that began in 2008 by operating leanly without cutting corners. And, as one competitor after another left the market, Williams traded on its 41-year heritage of client-focused service. Between 2008 and 2011, it tripled its business, earning Johnson an Enterprising Women of the Year Award from Enterprising Women magazine. …Read More

Field Lomenzo, P.C.

Aggressive Representation in High-Asset Divorce Cases

Divorce proceedings, particularly those involving substantial assets and/or child custody, create great stress. The right legal representation is critical to understanding complex issues relating to both finances and custody.

Field Lomenzo, P.C., one of the leading boutique matrimonial law firms in New York, represents many prominent individuals who require the highest level of experience and attention. Its clients have included a Pulitzer Prize winner, professional athletes, music celebrities, business leaders, financial consultants, …Read More

Connors & Sullivan Attorneys at Law PLLC

Preserve Your Assets. Protect Your Family.
Connors & Sullivan Attorneys at Law PLLC, Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm

Preserving your assets for transfer to the next generation according to your wishes should be a fairly straightforward matter, but taxes, medical bills and probate fees can all chip away at your estate, leaving little or nothing for your heirs. The right team of attorneys, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of estate planning, elder law and related matters, can make a world of difference. Connors & Sullivan, which focuses almost exclusively on this very personal area of law, is such a team. …Read More