The Coiro-Glickstein Group at Morgan Stanley

Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001Comprehensive Wealth Strategies for Individuals and Families

A surgeon saves patients’ lives every day but does not have a long-range plan for his family’s finances. The New York-based Coiro-Glickstein Group at Morgan Stanley can help.

Senior partners at a prestigious law firm are so busy helping clients win complex cases that they tend to ignore their own investment portfolios, leaving millions of dollars at risk. The Coiro-Glickstein Group can help create a strategy.
The Coiro-Glickstein Group is a full-service …Read More

Legacy Financial Planning

Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001Navigating Change With a Steady Hand


In the eyes of many working adults, retirement is a dream destination where the investments they make now will naturally lead to a carefree life.
In reality, retirement isn’t a destination. It’s a
transition — one that demands comprehensive planning beforehand and myriad adjustments along the way. Retirees’ greatest reward isn’t necessarily the end of work; it’s the financial confidence they enjoy knowing their planning will last for a lifetime. …Read More

Kings Capital Construction Group


Kings of New York



Kings Capital Construction Group has built a solid reputation from the ground up. It hasn’t taken long.

J.D. Summa and his business partner, Mike Casarella, launched the company in 2009, in the depths of recession, when people said it was a crazy idea. But that timing worked out, allowing the company to begin slowly, bidding and building, developing relationships, earning the attention of local industry leaders. Today the firm serves clients throughout Greater New York. Not so crazy, as it turns out. …Read More



In the Golden Age of PR, Makovsky Wins
With Specialized Thinking



Ken Makovsky thinks the public relations industry is in a new golden age, thanks to the digitally driven Internet era. He cautions that it is also a time when the risk of getting public relations wrong is greater than ever before.

“What’s inside is outside. Everything a company says – including its partners, employees, shareholders – gets added to a wide-open book. If managed carelessly, the dam will break and the cost is steep,” says Makovsky, CEO. “Our clients understand they need all the techniques and channels at their disposal – social media, mainstream, direct marketing, conferences, websites, blogging, sponsored content, mobile media and branding.”  …Read More

Envisage Information Systems, LLC


Retirement Industry Software:
The Revolution Begins Here



Updating Web-based retirement record-keeping systems—those that serve participants, plan sponsors, financial advisors, administrators and auditors—can be a messy, costly task. Until recently, 401(k) plan providers had two options: 1) discard existing record-keeping systems in favor of entirely new ones; or 2) rely on work-for-hire IT professionals to develop software components from scratch.  …Read More

Alliant Employee Benefits


Leading the Way to Innovative Employee Benefit Management



You’re sitting in the doctor’s office, listening to him describe some minor procedure you need. But instead of focusing on those important details, all you can think about is “How much is this going to cost me?” Turns out, there’s an app for that!

Alliant Employee Benefits offers its clients the Ben-IQ smartphone app. It’s more than just a digital version of your employee benefits handbook.  According to Executive VP Bob Bennetsen, it’s also a price transparency tool.
Log in, enter the type of procedure and your ZIP code. The app will give you a breakdown of every facility in the area that performs the procedure and what the cost is at each of them. In a matter of seconds, you not only know what your out-of-pocket expenses will be, but you also have all the information you need to work with your doctor to choose the best site of service for your budget.

“The Ben-IQ app also aggregates all your benefits information in one location. Even if you have one company for health insurance, another for dental, another for vision and yet another for disability, everything you need to know is available in this one spot,” says Bennetsen. “We created this app with the goal to empower our clients with state-of-the-art access to everything they need.”

Big-Time Benefits for Medium-Sized Employers
Alliant Employee Benefits is a big player in its field. Established in 1925, it has offices nationwide. But its typical client is a middle-market company with 100 to 5,000 employees. “This market is largely ignored when it comes to innovative benefits strategies,” says Bennetsen. “Our size and resources allow us to offer mid-size companies comprehensive benefits strategies that are on par with what you’d find at large corporations.”

Alliant also offers a best-of-both-worlds approach. While it is a large firm with a deep understanding of the benefits market as a whole, it also operates through a network of smaller, local offices. “This gives us the ability to understand the factors unique to each local market,” says Bennetsen, “and the knowledge and resources to know how to best work around them.”




320 West 57th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019



Challenge Everything®


What could be more nerve-racking than starting a business at the height of a recession? For Scott Cullather, the thought of staying put was even more disturbing.

“It became increasingly clear to me that there was an unmet need in the global marketplace for strategic, creative solutions that are compelling, disruptive and cut through the clutter,” he says.

So in the summer of 2008, determined to do everything “better, smarter, stronger,” Cullather left the creative agency that had been his professional home for 18 years to start a new global brand communications agency. …Read More



Redefining Collections with ConServe


Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, the Right Way has enabled ConServe to set the industry standard for ethics and compliance. Understandably,

financial editors were compelled to consult Mark E. Davitt, a nationally recognized leader in the debt collection industry, to get a sense of how new rules and regulations might impact the business in light of the increased scrutiny on debt collection practices. Davitt is a 35-year veteran in the field and President/CEO of Continental Service Group, Inc., d/b/a ConServe, in Western New York, a top-performing collection agency on the federal government’s collection contracts. A former President of
ACA International, he served on that organization’s Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee. 

Q: What sets ConServe apart in the
Accounts Receivable Management industry?   

Davitt: “Fostering Financial Freedom®” through ethics, compliance and Client service distinguishes us from our competition. ConServe has earned both the Best Places to Work in Collections and Business Ethics Award honors. Repeatedly included on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies providing exceptional Client value, earning the Greater Rochester Quality Council (GRQC) Customer Excellence Award and ranked as a
top performer by the U.S. Federal Government has catapulted ConServe’s progress.

ConServe has an outstanding record for recovering debt while simultaneously protecting the reputation of our Clients—we become an extension of our Client’s brand. The heightened focus on regulation won’t change our business model because we have always committed ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Q: Will the anticipated impact of the CFPB result in ConServe changing any of its current business practices with regard to compliance?

Davitt: We anticipate greater accountability and documentation requirements on debt collection activities. This will significantly increasethe cost of compliance in all collection efforts and undeniably expose areas that are not in full compliance with regulatory standards. Increased accountability, both personally and with regard to business records, reinforces ConServe’s mission to mutually benefit our Clients and consumers alike and will lead to positive changes in the collection industry.  At ConServe, our Compliance Management System (CMS) upholds multiple compliance accreditations: FISMA Compliance and the ACA International Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification as well as  accreditation by the BBB. Overall, ConServe supports the CFPB’s increased emphasis oncompliance and regulatory scrutiny as a positive initiative in the industry: one that aligns itself with the fundamental infrastructure and operating principles supported by ConServe.

Q: What markets does ConServe
target for its receivables solutions?

Davitt: We made our mark in the higher education field and have now positioned ourselves to be a preferred choice for Fortune 500 enterprises, commercial banks, retailers and the U.S. Government. ConServe expects continued growth as more Clients turn to us as a trusted industry advisor to help them navigate changes, reduce their own risks and outsource their receivables management needs to our company.


(866) 761-0700

Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.


Planning Is Critical to Retirement Success

Jason Anderson
Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.


It’s been said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Jason Anderson couldn’t agree more. Indeed, planning is the cornerstone of his Pasadena-based financial practice and a key reason he has been able to help his diverse clientele meet their financial goals in all types of market conditions.

In Anderson’s experience, having a solid financial plan that addresses both wealth accumulation and distribution is critical to retirement success. Yet, he says, most advisors and their clients focus largely on the accumulation phase while paying little attention to the distribution phase. …Read More

Managed Asset Companies

Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001 New Strategies Provide Financial Peace of Mind for Retirement

Since the start of the prolonged economic downturn that began in 2007-08, savvy investors, especially retirees and those nearing retirement, have been abandoning the traditional “buy and hold” philosophy. Instead, they and other conservative investors are looking for strategies that focus on wealth preservation.

“While the last recession was historic in its duration, they have always been a part of the business cycle. We’ve had 22 recessions since 1900. On average, that’s one every 5 years,” …Read More