Weinstock Manion


Expert Solutions to Complex Estate Planning Challenges

Weinstock Manion


The attorneys of the Los Angeles law firm Weinstock Manion have been leading authorities in the estate planning field for more than 55 years, devoting themselves to the complex task of ensuring that each plan reflects the client’s unique concerns, goals and values. The firm is …Read More

Law Offices of Robert Wheatley


Fighting to Protect California Companies
from Workers’ Comp Abuse

Law Offices of Robert Wheatley


The challenges of running a company in California are more daunting than ever, thanks largely to high fees and taxes and a myriad of unfriendly business regulations. The magazine Chief Executive ranked California as the “Worst State for Business” in 2014, for a 10th consecutive year. …Read More

The Lovell Firm


Business Litigation Firm Tackles
Blockbuster Cases

The Lovell Firm


The scene read like something you’d see in a movie. Thousands of innocent people, including vulnerable retirees, had been bilked out of an estimated $200 million in a Ponzi scheme. The fraud had been committed by an array of unscrupulous corporations located throughout …Read More

Burch, Coulston & Shepard, LLP


Exclusive Expertise in Family Law Yields
Successful Outcomes for Clients

Burch, Coulston & Shepard, LLP


Speak with Robert Burch and you’ll soon discover why his law firm, Burch, Coulston & Shepard, LLP, practices exclusively in the area of divorce and other family law issues. As he explains, family law is a challenging legal arena that requires complete dedication and a laser focus to obtain the results clients desire. …Read More

Girardi | Keese


Girardi | Keese 

Firm’s Financial Successes Tell Only Part of the Story

It was the evening of March 31, 2011, and San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow had gone to Dodger Stadium to root for his favorite team. By the time the night was over, Stow had been catastrophically and irreversibly brain damaged, the victim of a vicious beating by two Dodgers fans. …Read More

Figliulo & Silverman, P.C.


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001When Everything’s On the Line,
This Chicago Trial Firm Is the Smart Choice

When Best Lawyers in America listed trial lawyers for “Bet-The-Company Litigation,” no one was surprised to find Jim Figliulo of Chicago’s Figliulo & Silverman in this prestigious group. In one big case after another, the 15-lawyer trial firm has established itself as a “go to” firm for high-stakes business or real estate litigation.

The National Law Journal recognized Figliulo & Silverman for having obtained two of the top 100 jury verdicts in the country in 2009. In one of those cases, Figliulo & Silverman represented a …Read More

Berger Schatz


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Protecting Your Assets in Divorce – It Takes a Powerful Team With Proven Results
Berger Schatz—Matrimonial and Family Law Attorneys

There is something to be said for doing one thing and doing it extremely well. When it comes to matrimonial law, few have a reputation of doing it better than Chicago-based Berger Schatz. It is the second-largest law firm in the nation devoted exclusively to family law and divorce.

“With 35 attorneys, we have the resources to handle a case that a small firm or sole practitioner could not,” says Barry Schatz, co-founding partner of the firm. …Read More

Tomasik Kotin Kasserman


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Passionate Advocates for Victims’ Rights


Achieving justice. Righting wrongs. Taking on corporate giants. Championing the rights of victims. These are all noble legal causes. At the personal injury law firm of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, these are not just lofty goals. It is what TKK attorneys do every day, representing clients who have been wronged.

“We formed in 2013 with the vision of developing a diverse plaintiffs’ personal injury practice that allowed us to provide our clients the highest level …Read More

Tobin & Muñoz, L.L.C.


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Diversity of Experience Counts
for the Tough Cases

It used to be trial lawyers were the renaissance men of the legal profession. They handled all kinds of cases. They were the wily masters of the courtroom. We think of Atticus Finch in literature and, in American lore, a young Illinois attorney named Abe Lincoln.

In Chicago today, there is Tobin & Muñoz.
“We are a throwback to the old-fashioned lawyers throughout history who tried very different cases,” says Craig D. Tobin, founding partner. “Back through time, it was the truly great trial lawyers who made a difference.” …Read More



Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Innovative Technology

Bob Coughlin founded Paycor in 1990 with a modest goal: provide excellent payroll services with unmatched client care and become “relevant” in the local marketplace.

Twenty-four years and 25,000 clients later, Coughlin has built a business well beyond his initial vision. Paycor has offices in 22 U.S. cities and has surpassed the $100 million annual revenue mark, while continuing to add to its suite of cloud-based HR, timekeeping and payroll solutions.

Coughlin has never forgotten the early days of Paycor, and that entrepreneurial spirit fuels his innovative leadership and the company’s product offerings.

“When I started, I often worked until 2 a.m. and came back in early the next day to do it again. It was insane how much I was working,” Coughlin says. “When you’re building a business, you want your time freed up to grow revenue and build your reputation.”

Paycor enhances its cloud-based solutions with ongoing product updates, two-thirds of which come directly from client feedback. The solutions are designed to remove the daily obstacles that prevent business owners and corporate leaders from thinking about the
big picture.

Automating basic workflows for numerous payroll and HR tasks allows companies to streamline their processes, free up their people’s time and be more customer-responsive.

Technology can fuel any business’s growth, just as it did for Paycor.

“Technology has become the driver of where the business is going in the future. We continue to increase our investment in software development,” Coughlin says. “I take a long-term view on the business. I keep striving for how we can do better to delight our clients, our associates and our communities.”