Handler Investment Consulting Group of Raymond James


Helping Plan Participants Retire With Dignity

Saving for retirement. Ensuring you’ll have enough money to live comfortably once your working days are over. What could be farther from your mind when you’re in your 20s? Most twentysomethings are much more concerned about paying off their college debt, finding a job or just surviving from paycheck to paycheck.

“Yet it’s never too early to start saving for retirement,” says Gary Handler, Senior Vice President of the Handler Investment Consulting Group of Raymond James. “In fact, the earlier you start saving – and the more you save – the better off you’re going to be when you do reach retirement age.” …Read More

Claremont Graduate University


Drucker – The First Name in Management and Leadership
Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management

Not one modern MBA program exists today that isn’t influenced by the visionary teachings of Peter F. Drucker. Claremont Graduate University was Drucker’s academic home from 1971 for over 30 years. Now the standard worldwide, his philosophy of management and leader development continues to guide Claremont’s Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management (the Drucker School). …Read More

University of California San Diego


It’s not just how it works.
It’s how we work it.

Solutions come from unexpected places. Studying materials found in nature can lead to the creation of new and unique structures
that are stronger, lighter and more flexible.

A seahorse’s tail can be compressed by nearly 50 percent before permanent damage occurs. This exceptional flexibility is due to its structure, made up of bony plates that slide past each other. Inspired by this resiliency,
University of California, San Diego materials science professors Joanna McKittrick and Marc Meyers are letting the animal’s armor guide them as they design an innovative robotic arm.
…Read More

Chapman University


A Top-Flight Business School With a Big Reputation
The Argyros School at Chapman University

Chapman University presents a world of business education opportunity – literally. This institution offers a wide selection of MBA programs: executive, flex, international and others.

The university’s Argyros School of Business and Economics has a Master of Business Administration curriculum to meet a broad array of professional interests. For those who don’t see exactly what they want, the school can make customized adjustments – not the sort of thing easily done at larger colleges. …Read More

SFE Investment Counsel

Customized Strategies. Separate Accounts.
SFE Investment Counsel Takes Money Management Personally

When was the last time you met with the investment professionals who actually manage your money? If your advisor has you invested in mutual funds or ETFs, you most likely never have – and neither has he.

“The investment landscape has become somewhat impersonal for many investors,” says Ed Ternan, Vice President of Marketing at SFE Investment Counsel. “Financial advisors provide planning and asset allocation, but the real investment decisions are made 
by others somewhere on the East Coast.” …Read More

Valdez Wealth Management Group of UBS

Character. Communication. Commitment.
Core Values Guide Every Decision, Every Recommendation at the 
Valdez Wealth Management Group of UBS

There are any number of financial services firms that provide wealth management and investment services. Many that offer retirement planning, estate planning and even long-term care planning.

What sets Valdez Wealth Management Group apart is not its extensive menu of client services, as impressive as it is, or even its exceptional team of financial professionals. Rather, it is the group’s unwavering dedication to Character, Communication and Commitment. “These core values guide our every decision, our every action and our every recommendation,” says Louie A. Valdez, Senior Vice President – Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services, Inc. …Read More

Diversified Investment Services

Celebrating 20 Years of Wealth Management

Marking its 20th year in business, Southern California’s Diversified Investment Services has much to celebrate. In that time, the wealth management firm has grown to 15 employees – including five advisors – and now has in excess of $600 million under management.

Diversified Investment Services was established in 1993 to provide clients with the best possible array of wealth management strategies combined with superior personal service. The firm’s advisors are comprehensive wealth managers, focusing on everything from coordinating and managing clients’ retirement income to estate planning. …Read More

Maeder Wealth Group

Straight Talk, Mutual Respect

Spend a few minutes talking to Christian Maeder about his wealth management practice, and a recurring theme quickly emerges.

“We talk straight to our clients,” says the president of Maeder Wealth Group.

Whether the client, or prospective client, is a recent widow inexperienced in the ways of the financial world, a physician tempted by a get-rich-quick scheme, or a retired aerospace engineer overinvested in company stock, Maeder doesn’t hesitate to express his opinion, even if it’s one the client may not wish to hear.

“Sometimes even really smart people make financial decisions that are not in their best interests, and you have to educate them,” he says. …Read More

Live Out Loud

Why Women Miss Out on Creating Passive Income
Millionaire Maker’ Loral Langemeier Says Women Investors Must Be More Aggressive

Loral Langemeier has two words for successful businesswomen looking for financial freedom: Man up! Langemeier, known as the “Millionaire Maker” and founder of the coaching and seminar company Live Out Loud, says even high-achieving women entrepreneurs miss opportunities to create passive income streams for themselves because their investing style is different than that of their male counterparts. …Read More

Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC

Delivering More With Less in Federal IT

Even as our elected leaders go through much hand-wringing on how to reduce the federal budget deficit, a handful of small companies such as Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC, an information technology company with offices in Virginia and California, is laser-focused on helping to facilitate this by helping to cut government spending on IT.

“There is potential to wring out significant levels of inefficiency in the delivery of IT services in the federal sector,” says Jai Saboo, COO for Harmonia. “For years, the IT budgets in almost every federal agency have spiraled upwards but today, as technologies have evolved and matured, the ability to do more with less has never been better.” …Read More