Integris Capital Management, Inc.


AIntegris063014FBAM_INTEGNC00001 Financial Advisor Who Makes House Calls

Money is useless if it is misplaced or invested imprudently. Often, it’s simply a matter of a spouse not sharing the correct information with the other.

Case in point: When a man passed away suddenly, his wife was confused about which way to turn. Her late husband had handled their financial affairs and spent years investing money with different brokerage firms. Not knowing how much she had, or where all of it was, she turned to Arkansas-based Integris Capital Management for guidance.

“The woman lived hundreds of miles away,” says Integris President Dennis Gilliam. “I flew there and spent almost a week working with her attorney and CPA, sorting through paperwork. I was able to make sense of it all and help her understand what she owned, and ultimately put her money into safer instruments that will provide a comfortable income for the rest of her life.” …Read More

Choice Financial Services


Choice063014FBAM_CHOICNC00001Education Key to Helping People Make Smarter Choices About Their Finances

It wasn’t an intimidating question: “What brings you here?” For the rest of the meeting, we casually talked as much about life as we did finances.

Choice Financial Services in Oklahoma City takes a very different approach to financial planning. “Our company’s mission is to help people make smarter choices about their finances, so education, not revenue, is our top priority,” says company founder Lyndon Taylor, RFC, LUTCF. “After we take time to learn how clients got where they are, their core values and their identifiable risks, then we can counsel them. We provide that next level of financial and personal education they need to help build confidence in their retirement planning.” …Read More

Stand Energy Corporation

Pioneering Energy Provider Puts Customers’ Needs First

Interestingly, just as Stand Energy Corporation celebrates its 30th year in operation, its customers have just endured the coldest winter in decades. With such high demand for natural gas and the accompanying spike in heating costs across much of the industry, Stand’s customers and competitors have seen exactly what the company is made of.  Indeed, Stand shines brightest in challenging times like these, offering energy consumers peace of mind and vindicating founder Judith Phillips’ customer-centric vision.

Visionary Leader Raises the Industry Bar
Phillips spent the first 11 years of her career in administrative positions with the Columbia Gas System as secretary to the president of three Columbia Gas companies. There she learned the ins and outs of the business and, in the midst of a male-dominated field, Phillips spent the next 11 years as coordinator of propane supply and distribution for the seven-state Columbia marketing area. She was recognized by both the governor of Ohio and the Columbia Gas System for her diligence in delivering propane supplies during the 1970s energy crisis. …Read More


deep Knows What’s Cooking
Valeri Lea Partners at a Food Marketing Agency That Promotes Global Brands

What’s for dinner?

That’s one question Valeri Lea, at deep food marketing group, has spent years helping people
answer. As a partner at the Springfield, Mo.-based agency, Lea leads a team of marketers who sleep, breathe and, well, eat, food. The company even has its own commercial kitchen.

The agency has designed brand identities, beautiful print ads, engaging social media campaigns, appealing packaging and more. Popular food brands, including Tyson®, Nestlé® and Kerry® flavors, turn to the company to help sell products that appear in restaurants or cafeterias. …Read More

Professional Employment Group

Professional_061614_FBMO_00284The Ideal Candidate the First Time, Every Time
Professional Employment Group Has Ambitious Goals

You don’t have to love people to succeed in the fiercely competitive staffing industry, but it helps.

Nor do you have to care deeply about finding the ideal match between employer and job seeker, treat your customers and candidates like family, or hire the best internal talent.

Still, Karen Spann, owner and president of Professional Employment Group (PEG), wouldn’t have it any other way. No wonder the company’s revenues have grown by 111 percent since she took the helm three years ago; they were $34.3 million in 2013. The St. Louis-based company specializes in temporary and permanent job placement across the U.S. and internationally, with additional offices in Denver and Kansas City, Kansas. PEG is organized into four divisions, focusing on the engineering, information technology, professional and medical fields. …Read More

Vistage International

Keeping It Real
Vistage’s Jean Lauterbach Fosters Honest Exchange Among Top Executives

Sometimes the cliché is true. It is lonely at the top, especially when you’re the boss. It can be tough for high-ranking executives to find professional and personal confidants.

That’s why Vistage International creates private peer-to-peer advisory boards where CEOs can discuss everyday issues without fear of judgment, manipulation or backlash. These carefully crafted small groups, limited to about 15-16 people each, are designed to promote growth through confidential, specially facilitated discussions for the world’s top-performing executives. …Read More

Veterans Home Care

Serving Those Who Served
Veterans Home Care Provides Complete, Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Vets and Spouses

When Bonnie Laiderman’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bonnie traveled out of state for one week each month to care for her widowed mom, keeping it up for nine months before the strain began to take a toll.

“My business and family were starting to suffer, and my mom began to feel like she was a burden to me,” Laiderman says. “But we couldn’t find much help for her on her income.” …Read More

Tax & Financial Group


Exceptional Intellectual Capital Sets This Firm Apart

Sometimes even smart people make poor financial decisions.

The prosperous business owner whose ill-advised succession plan could lead to the demise of his company in a generation or two. The savvy investor tempted by a too-good-to-be-true investment scheme or tax strategy.

Tax & Financial Group associates have seen it happen – and have helped prevent it from happening – time and again.
…Read More

Busey Wealth Management


Building Strong Relationships Through Trust and Integrity

In 2013, Forbes recognized Busey Wealth Management’s parent corporation, First Busey, as one of America’s most trustworthy companies. When asked why, Robert Ballsrud, Executive Vice President of Busey Wealth Management, doesn’t hesitate in his answer. “We’re true fiduciaries,” Ballsrud says. “This means the benchmark of our success is how we care for our clients. We’ve structured every aspect of our firm to ethically and successfully achieve our clients’ financial goals.”

Combining Team Experience With a Client-Centric Focus
With a boutique approach and nearly $5 billion in assets under care, Busey Wealth Management, headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, touts its ability to build client-centric strategies and portfolios. With over 300 years of combined experience, Busey’s team believes the key to building a successful plan is a strong client relationship. “We seek to fully understand our clients’ objectives and then develop a customized strategy to help them achieve those goals,” Ballsrud says.

Busey’s typical client, a high-net-worth family or individual, receives a wealth of knowledge from Busey’s 10-member investment team and 35-member advisory team—nearly all of whom hold advanced designations, including CFA, CPA, CFP®, CTFA and MBA.

“Because of our extensive resources and approach, we are able to build a solid team of experts around each client—a unique benefit of our combination of expertise and size,” Ballsrud says. “We offer a very personalized approach to advising clients. We get to know our clients and understand their best interests. This is what enables us to truly customize a plan specific to them.”

The Busey Promise:
 145 Years in the Making
Busey’s fiduciary approach ensures clients have access to a premier investment platform under the umbrella of committed, long-term relationships with investment and advisory team members. Analyzing the broad dynamics of the market with a forward-thinking perspective, Busey builds client portfolios using both traditional and innovative strategies. “We partner closely with clients to gain a true understanding of their entire financial situation before a plan is ever implemented,” Ballsrud says. “Our approach upholds the Busey Promise: a 145-year-old commitment to integrity, relationships and excellence with our customers, associates, communities and shareholders.”

It’s a promise, Ballsrud says, that requires action. Every year, the corporation and its associates donate countless volunteer hours and more than $1 million to the communities around them as a way to remain client- and community-focused.

“Everything we do centers around helping clients achieve their dreams,” Ballsrud says. “That was our promise 145 years ago, and it remains our promise today.”


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The Horner Group LTD


Better Than a Gold Watch:
a Secure Retirement Income Plan

Many financial advisors have a goal of getting you big gains on your investments. Randy Horner is not one of them.

It’s not that he’s uninterested in returns. It’s that he’s more interested in turning your returns into your dependable retirement paycheck. Horner is the financial advisor who can help you keep the money your investments have generated, by planning for taxes, for the income you need, and for your nest egg to continue earning but without overspending on fees.

“My job is really not to double the money, not to focus on the best stock, the best mutual fund, or any sort of a transaction,” says Horner, an Investment Advisor Representative. “My job is to build you a customized financial strategy – a tax-efficient, secure income plan.”

Putting the Pieces Together
Horner is a former chief financial officer who decided in 1998 to work for the financial benefit of families rather than a corporation. In 2005, he founded The Horner Group LTD, which operates as a fiduciary, to serve clients who are retired or nearing that day.

Horner is, in his words, “a hybrid advisor” with a strong background in tax planning, fixed and variable insurance vehicles, and securities. “I understand how all those pieces fit into the puzzle.”

Other crucial pieces are pensions and Social Security. Horner calls these “layers” of lifelong income. “We build a plan using those layers to the extent that the client is comfortable with that guaranteed stream,” he says. “Sometimes there’s a gap between the reality and the goal. So vehicles like annuities can be used to provide secure, lifelong income.”

A Strong, Flexible Plan
Horner cautions against procrastination in planning, and he recommends getting a knowledgeable advisor on your side. “It’s very treacherous out there right now, due to the low interest rate environment, the volatile stock market, and rising taxes, energy and food costs,” he says. “It’s really difficult. People that maybe could have figured this out on their own in the past are struggling without help.”

The Horner Group LTD offers that help, creating and executing a plan made to follow an anticipated path but flexible enough, with built-in contingencies, to adapt if life throws a curve.

“Anybody can retire,” says Horner. “But my job is to make sure you can stay retired.”


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