Customer-Intensive Office Solutions

Prosource: Growth Through Customer Obsession


For most companies, a growth plan is built around marketing, sales and acquisitions. Prosource, an office equipment and technology solutions provider, is expanding in a unique way: It’s growing a culture. …Read More



Past, Present Fuel Telecommunications
Future at Powernet


Often, the shortest distance between a company and the customer is a voice or data connection — any form of communication that takes place online or over the phone. For a growing number of companies, Powernet provides that connection.

This Cincinnati-based telecommunications …Read More

ScrogginsGrear, Consultants and CPAs


Taking Care of the Details
Saves Business Owners Time, Worry

ScrogginsGrear, Consultants and CPAs


Business owners want to focus on their core operations, not the back-office particulars.

Robert Scroggins and Terry Grear, principals of ScrogginsGrear, a management consulting and CPA firm in Cincinnati, say that’s why they make sure none of their client business owners have to worry about such concerns.

“That’s what we do,” says Grear.  “We are a part of their team.” …Read More

American Business Solutions Inc.


Technology and Trust

American Business Solutions Inc. Delivers Partnership, Ingenuity and Dependability


Rajeev Dubey, president and CEO of American Business Solutions Inc. (ABSI), knows that in the rapidly changing world of technology, exceptional service and collaboration are just as important as staying on the cutting edge to help clients compete in a global economy. …Read More

James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA


Where Lawyers Go When They Need a Lawyer

James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA


When a limited liability company dissolved, one of the former members sued the two principals for $8 million, claiming they had breached their fiduciary duties and had charged excessive management fees. Convinced they had done nothing wrong, the defendants turned to the law firm of James E. Arnold & Associates for help. …Read More

Third Federal Savings & Loan


Bank Smart. Live Better.

Third Federal Savings & Loan


The banking industry has taken a beating in recent years, and so have consumers, largely because of bad loans. With frightened depositors fleeing troubled institutions in droves in 2008, many sought greater security with Ohio-based Third Federal Savings & Loan. The company actually gained deposits during the recent recession. …Read More



Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Innovative Technology

Bob Coughlin founded Paycor in 1990 with a modest goal: provide excellent payroll services with unmatched client care and become “relevant” in the local marketplace.

Twenty-four years and 25,000 clients later, Coughlin has built a business well beyond his initial vision. Paycor has offices in 22 U.S. cities and has surpassed the $100 million annual revenue mark, while continuing to add to its suite of cloud-based HR, timekeeping and payroll solutions.

Coughlin has never forgotten the early days of Paycor, and that entrepreneurial spirit fuels his innovative leadership and the company’s product offerings.

“When I started, I often worked until 2 a.m. and came back in early the next day to do it again. It was insane how much I was working,” Coughlin says. “When you’re building a business, you want your time freed up to grow revenue and build your reputation.”

Paycor enhances its cloud-based solutions with ongoing product updates, two-thirds of which come directly from client feedback. The solutions are designed to remove the daily obstacles that prevent business owners and corporate leaders from thinking about the
big picture.

Automating basic workflows for numerous payroll and HR tasks allows companies to streamline their processes, free up their people’s time and be more customer-responsive.

Technology can fuel any business’s growth, just as it did for Paycor.

“Technology has become the driver of where the business is going in the future. We continue to increase our investment in software development,” Coughlin says. “I take a long-term view on the business. I keep striving for how we can do better to delight our clients, our associates and our communities.”

Integris Capital Management, Inc.


AIntegris063014FBAM_INTEGNC00001 Financial Advisor Who Makes House Calls

Money is useless if it is misplaced or invested imprudently. Often, it’s simply a matter of a spouse not sharing the correct information with the other.

Case in point: When a man passed away suddenly, his wife was confused about which way to turn. Her late husband had handled their financial affairs and spent years investing money with different brokerage firms. Not knowing how much she had, or where all of it was, she turned to Arkansas-based Integris Capital Management for guidance.

“The woman lived hundreds of miles away,” says Integris President Dennis Gilliam. “I flew there and spent almost a week working with her attorney and CPA, sorting through paperwork. I was able to make sense of it all and help her understand what she owned, and ultimately put her money into safer instruments that will provide a comfortable income for the rest of her life.” …Read More

Choice Financial Services


Choice063014FBAM_CHOICNC00001Education Key to Helping People Make Smarter Choices About Their Finances

It wasn’t an intimidating question: “What brings you here?” For the rest of the meeting, we casually talked as much about life as we did finances.

Choice Financial Services in Oklahoma City takes a very different approach to financial planning. “Our company’s mission is to help people make smarter choices about their finances, so education, not revenue, is our top priority,” says company founder Lyndon Taylor, RFC, LUTCF. “After we take time to learn how clients got where they are, their core values and their identifiable risks, then we can counsel them. We provide that next level of financial and personal education they need to help build confidence in their retirement planning.” …Read More

Stand Energy Corporation

Pioneering Energy Provider Puts Customers’ Needs First

Interestingly, just as Stand Energy Corporation celebrates its 30th year in operation, its customers have just endured the coldest winter in decades. With such high demand for natural gas and the accompanying spike in heating costs across much of the industry, Stand’s customers and competitors have seen exactly what the company is made of.  Indeed, Stand shines brightest in challenging times like these, offering energy consumers peace of mind and vindicating founder Judith Phillips’ customer-centric vision.

Visionary Leader Raises the Industry Bar
Phillips spent the first 11 years of her career in administrative positions with the Columbia Gas System as secretary to the president of three Columbia Gas companies. There she learned the ins and outs of the business and, in the midst of a male-dominated field, Phillips spent the next 11 years as coordinator of propane supply and distribution for the seven-state Columbia marketing area. She was recognized by both the governor of Ohio and the Columbia Gas System for her diligence in delivering propane supplies during the 1970s energy crisis. …Read More