Busey Wealth Management


Building Strong Relationships Through Trust and Integrity

In 2013, Forbes recognized Busey Wealth Management’s parent corporation, First Busey, as one of America’s most trustworthy companies. When asked why, Robert Ballsrud, Executive Vice President of Busey Wealth Management, doesn’t hesitate in his answer. “We’re true fiduciaries,” Ballsrud says. “This means the benchmark of our success is how we care for our clients. We’ve structured every aspect of our firm to ethically and successfully achieve our clients’ financial goals.”

Combining Team Experience With a Client-Centric Focus
With a boutique approach and nearly $5 billion in assets under care, Busey Wealth Management, headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, touts its ability to build client-centric strategies and portfolios. With over 300 years of combined experience, Busey’s team believes the key to building a successful plan is a strong client relationship. “We seek to fully understand our clients’ objectives and then develop a customized strategy to help them achieve those goals,” Ballsrud says.

Busey’s typical client, a high-net-worth family or individual, receives a wealth of knowledge from Busey’s 10-member investment team and 35-member advisory team—nearly all of whom hold advanced designations, including CFA, CPA, CFP®, CTFA and MBA.

“Because of our extensive resources and approach, we are able to build a solid team of experts around each client—a unique benefit of our combination of expertise and size,” Ballsrud says. “We offer a very personalized approach to advising clients. We get to know our clients and understand their best interests. This is what enables us to truly customize a plan specific to them.”

The Busey Promise:
 145 Years in the Making
Busey’s fiduciary approach ensures clients have access to a premier investment platform under the umbrella of committed, long-term relationships with investment and advisory team members. Analyzing the broad dynamics of the market with a forward-thinking perspective, Busey builds client portfolios using both traditional and innovative strategies. “We partner closely with clients to gain a true understanding of their entire financial situation before a plan is ever implemented,” Ballsrud says. “Our approach upholds the Busey Promise: a 145-year-old commitment to integrity, relationships and excellence with our customers, associates, communities and shareholders.”

It’s a promise, Ballsrud says, that requires action. Every year, the corporation and its associates donate countless volunteer hours and more than $1 million to the communities around them as a way to remain client- and community-focused.

“Everything we do centers around helping clients achieve their dreams,” Ballsrud says. “That was our promise 145 years ago, and it remains our promise today.”


100 W. University Ave. | Champaign, IL  61820 | 800.672.8739 | busey.com


The Horner Group LTD


Better Than a Gold Watch:
a Secure Retirement Income Plan

Many financial advisors have a goal of getting you big gains on your investments. Randy Horner is not one of them.

It’s not that he’s uninterested in returns. It’s that he’s more interested in turning your returns into your dependable retirement paycheck. Horner is the financial advisor who can help you keep the money your investments have generated, by planning for taxes, for the income you need, and for your nest egg to continue earning but without overspending on fees.

“My job is really not to double the money, not to focus on the best stock, the best mutual fund, or any sort of a transaction,” says Horner, an Investment Advisor Representative. “My job is to build you a customized financial strategy – a tax-efficient, secure income plan.”

Putting the Pieces Together
Horner is a former chief financial officer who decided in 1998 to work for the financial benefit of families rather than a corporation. In 2005, he founded The Horner Group LTD, which operates as a fiduciary, to serve clients who are retired or nearing that day.

Horner is, in his words, “a hybrid advisor” with a strong background in tax planning, fixed and variable insurance vehicles, and securities. “I understand how all those pieces fit into the puzzle.”

Other crucial pieces are pensions and Social Security. Horner calls these “layers” of lifelong income. “We build a plan using those layers to the extent that the client is comfortable with that guaranteed stream,” he says. “Sometimes there’s a gap between the reality and the goal. So vehicles like annuities can be used to provide secure, lifelong income.”

A Strong, Flexible Plan
Horner cautions against procrastination in planning, and he recommends getting a knowledgeable advisor on your side. “It’s very treacherous out there right now, due to the low interest rate environment, the volatile stock market, and rising taxes, energy and food costs,” he says. “It’s really difficult. People that maybe could have figured this out on their own in the past are struggling without help.”

The Horner Group LTD offers that help, creating and executing a plan made to follow an anticipated path but flexible enough, with built-in contingencies, to adapt if life throws a curve.

“Anybody can retire,” says Horner. “But my job is to make sure you can stay retired.”


1811 Hicks Road | Suite A | Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
847-701-0400 | info@thehornergroupltd.com | www.thehornergroupltd.com

Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way, to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims‐paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Global Financial Private Capital.


Dee Mosier’s Financial Straight Talk


Factual, Clear, Understandable – Bringing People the Working Realities of Financial Life

Americans need a reality check.  Roughly 75 percent have “positive perceptions” of their financial knowledge and math skills. But when FINRA’s* investor education foundation compiled five financial literacy questions, only 14 percent of respondents answered them correctly.

It’s All About Financial Education
Financial Straight Talk’s goal is to turn people’s positive perceptions into positive realities. The firm empowers individuals to make sound fiscal decisions by delivering financial literacy messages to them through print, television and social media.

Dee Mosier is a former veteran of the financial world.  She rose to leadership and officer positions with various financial companies before becoming one of the first women in the U.S. to begin her own securities broker/dealer firm in 1986.  She was also a professor at Columbia College, Chicago, teaching and developing curricula for a number of business courses, including investments.

Coming Soon: ‘Financial Boot Camp’
Dee’s prior experience as a television producer and host of a financial show has taken her around the world, giving her firsthand knowledge of foreign markets and global business leaders. Today, in addition to making guest appearances on American TV as a financial expert, she reaches thousands of people through her website, through social media and via her YouTube channel, where she connects with people in 126 countries. A new weekly 30-minute television show – Financial Boot Camp – uses easy-to-understand language to empower people in making positive financial decisions. Look for it soon on Family Entertainment Television (FETV).

Public speaking and publishing are other avenues Financial Straight Talk uses to serve people. Dee has spoken to such groups as the Beijing School of Broadcasting, the producers at CCTV and various chapters of the American Chamber of Commerce around the world. And her book, Financial Straight Talk: Road to Retirement, is “176 pages that will change your life,” she says.

Dee put her extensive experience to work by creating Financial Straight Talk Foundation, to promote financial literacy, deliver financial education through curricula and social media, and help people make the important step from perception to working financial reality.

* FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


60 W. Randolph, Suite 237 | Chicago, IL 60601
P.O. Box 788 | LaPorte, IN 46352
www.financialstraighttalk.com | info@financialstraighttalk.com


Revolinski Maciosek Wealth Management Group at UBS


Advisors Who Work on Your Behalf, So You Don’t Have To. Come Grow With Us.

Sometimes, the more money one earns, the greater the risk of losing it. High-net-worth individuals and families must constantly be vigilant against rising tax rates, bad investments, inexperienced advisors or simply spending beyond their means.

Finding a financial advisor with the ability to properly manage a sizeable portfolio, yet small enough to provide highly personalized attention, is critical. The Wisconsin-based Revolinski Maciosek Wealth Management Group of UBS helps successful families and individuals protect their wealth, while building cash from their nest egg to provide for their spending and lifestyle needs.

“People who live within their means, tend to grow their means,” says Terry Revolinski, CPM®, first vice president-wealth management, portfolio manager. “Most people don’t do enough planning. Our clients are different, because we help them understand what cash flow they need to maintain their lifestyle, and the risks in creating that cash flow.”

Commitment, Planning, Cash Flow, Service
The Revolinski Maciosek Wealth Management Group primarily serves clients who have $1 million to $5 million in investible assets. Each portfolio is custom-designed according to the client’s needs, wants and wishes, risk tolerance, cash flow needs and long-term goals.

“We have a defined process we go through with every prospect before recommending a plan,” says Michelle Maciosek, account vice president-wealth management. “We run our own discretionary portfolios based on the client’s needs, wants and wishes. We actively communicate with our clients through scheduled monthly calls, quarterly reviews and in-person meetings to keep them informed and educate them about their money.”

Clients’ portfolios are managed with input from a team of advisors who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, and thus offer different perspectives. Revolinski, who has been a financial advisor for 26 years, has a law degree and a tax background, having worked for several CPA firms.  Maciosek hails from an entrepreneurial family, with a father and siblings who own several small businesses. She has been a financial advisor for 17 years. Financial advisor Joseph Still, CRPC®, worked in corporate sales before earning an MBA and moving into the financial industry years ago. An avid golfer, he spends as much time on the links with clients as he does sitting behind a desk. All joking aside, it’s an important part of getting to know clients personally, to better serve them.

“The more time we spend with clients, the better we understand them,” Still says. “We consider them friends, and we treat them like family.”


17775 W. Bluemound Rd. | Brookfield, WI 53045 | 262.794.0848
www.ubs.com/team/rm | rm@ubs.com

As a firm providing wealth management services to clients, we offer both investment advisory and brokerage services. These services are separate and distinct, differ in material ways, and are governed by different laws and separate contracts. For more information on the distinctions between our brokerage and investment advisory services, please speak with your Financial Advisor or visit our website at ubs.com/workingwithus.
Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM and CRPC® are registered service marks of the College for Financial Planning®.
NABCAP recognized 2011, 2012, 2013. NABCAP Premier Advisor Award based on the evaluation of 20 different practice categories such as experience, credentials, assets under management, fee structure and philosophy, among others. Neither UBS Financial Services Inc. nor its employees pay a fee in exchange for this rating.
Neither UBS Financial Services Inc. nor any of its employees provide tax or legal advice. You should consult with your personal tax or legal advisor regarding your personal circumstances.
UBS Financial Services Inc. is a subsidiary of UBS AG. Member FINRA/SIPC.


Lawson Wealth Solutions


Guiding Real Estate Investors
on the ‘TRAIL to Wealth’

“Investing in real estate” is a phrase that conjures a unique image for each person who hears it. Rental properties, restoration and flipping, commercial sites, land development: There seem to be as many ways to invest in property as there are untapped opportunities.

Steve Lawson, founder and principal of Lawson Wealth Solutions, can point to more than 150 ways to diversify and build wealth via real estate investing. A longtime financial planner who previously offered clients both securities and real estate advice, Lawson was eventually forced to choose between the two in light of regulatory changes. …Read More

Castle Wealth Advisors, LLC


Multigenerational, Fee-Only Wealth Management Strategies for Families and Family Businesses

Across the U.S., millions of baby boomers are struggling over what to do with their businesses when they retire. Should they sell? Or is there an interested—and capable—family member to take the reins? Of the roughly 32 million closely held family businesses in the U.S., between 6 and 7 million are owned by baby boomers looking toward retirement, according to Gary Pittsford, CFP®, President and CEO of Castle Wealth Advisors. …Read More

Tillett Financial


The Golden Rule of Financial Management

Preparing for retirement is more challenging than ever. The stock market goes up and down. Politicians debate raising taxes on the rich, while the definition of “rich” keeps changing. The future structure and eventual cost of health care remain unclear. Lifelong, steady employment is no longer assured.

Indiana-based Tillett Financial works with individuals and families from all walks of life to help protect what they have earned and prepare for a comfortable retirement, regardless of …Read More

Financial Planning Consultants


Putting Clients First, Offering Independent, Objective Financial Advice

Comfort was a key component when Mark Dahlenburg started Financial Planning Consultants: his comfort in offering objective, independent advice, and clients’ comfort in knowing he wasn’t out to sell them the product of the week.

Dahlenburg has 30 years in the financial services industry, beginning with a captive company in 1983. Realizing this was not a good fit as the company was constantly pushing products instead of putting the client first, he wanted more freedom to guide clients in ways that were beneficial for them. …Read More

Guardian Wells Financial


Financial Planning Toward a Reliable Retirement Income

A welcome kit for newcomers, 
client appreciation events, phone check-ins from the firm, an ongoing positive experience – 
everyone gets red-carpet treatment 
at Guardian Wells Financial.

Most important is the element designed to keep clients in the black – solid advice about financial instruments – and this is where President Jason P. Hutchins and his team excel. Every day, about 75 people in the Indianapolis metropolitan area retire, and Hutchins is determined to help those who come to him retire with confidence. …Read More

Engelstad Wealth Advisors


Differing Perspectives Allow Firm to Focus on Serving Families

Mike and Jodi Engelstad of Engelstad Wealth Advisors relate to their clients personally. Married for 33 years, this husband-and-wife team understands how each half of a couple can bring a different perspective to investment planning.

“We have the ability to look at financial issues from both a male and a female point of view,” says Mike Engelstad, Certified Financial Planner. “The trend has been that the husband may be more interested in the financial aspect, having enough money to live a certain lifestyle through retirement. …Read More