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Inspired by Great Leaders and Thinkers

As an autograph collector, Claude Ohanesian has a special appreciation for historical figures who took personal risk for a greater good. One of his favorite signatures is that of John Hancock.
“John Hancock was wealthy. He didn’t have to stand up for the American Revolution, but he risked everything to make something better,” Ohanesian says. “Another document that means a great deal to me is the original handwritten lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon.” …Read More



Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Innovative Technology

Bob Coughlin founded Paycor in 1990 with a modest goal: provide excellent payroll services with unmatched client care and become “relevant” in the local marketplace.

Twenty-four years and 25,000 clients later, Coughlin has built a business well beyond his initial vision. Paycor has offices in 22 U.S. cities and has surpassed the $100 million annual revenue mark, while continuing to add to its suite of cloud-based HR, timekeeping and payroll solutions.

Coughlin has never forgotten the early days of Paycor, and that entrepreneurial spirit fuels his innovative leadership and the company’s product offerings.

“When I started, I often worked until 2 a.m. and came back in early the next day to do it again. It was insane how much I was working,” Coughlin says. “When you’re building a business, you want your time freed up to grow revenue and build your reputation.”

Paycor enhances its cloud-based solutions with ongoing product updates, two-thirds of which come directly from client feedback. The solutions are designed to remove the daily obstacles that prevent business owners and corporate leaders from thinking about the
big picture.

Automating basic workflows for numerous payroll and HR tasks allows companies to streamline their processes, free up their people’s time and be more customer-responsive.

Technology can fuel any business’s growth, just as it did for Paycor.

“Technology has become the driver of where the business is going in the future. We continue to increase our investment in software development,” Coughlin says. “I take a long-term view on the business. I keep striving for how we can do better to delight our clients, our associates and our communities.”

Busey Wealth Management


Building Strong Relationships Through Trust and Integrity

In 2013, Forbes recognized Busey Wealth Management’s parent corporation, First Busey, as one of America’s most trustworthy companies. When asked why, Robert Ballsrud, Executive Vice President of Busey Wealth Management, doesn’t hesitate in his answer. “We’re true fiduciaries,” Ballsrud says. “This means the benchmark of our success is how we care for our clients. We’ve structured every aspect of our firm to ethically and successfully achieve our clients’ financial goals.”

Combining Team Experience With a Client-Centric Focus
With a boutique approach and nearly $5 billion in assets under care, Busey Wealth Management, headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, touts its ability to build client-centric strategies and portfolios. With over 300 years of combined experience, Busey’s team believes the key to building a successful plan is a strong client relationship. “We seek to fully understand our clients’ objectives and then develop a customized strategy to help them achieve those goals,” Ballsrud says.

Busey’s typical client, a high-net-worth family or individual, receives a wealth of knowledge from Busey’s 10-member investment team and 35-member advisory team—nearly all of whom hold advanced designations, including CFA, CPA, CFP®, CTFA and MBA.

“Because of our extensive resources and approach, we are able to build a solid team of experts around each client—a unique benefit of our combination of expertise and size,” Ballsrud says. “We offer a very personalized approach to advising clients. We get to know our clients and understand their best interests. This is what enables us to truly customize a plan specific to them.”

The Busey Promise:
 145 Years in the Making
Busey’s fiduciary approach ensures clients have access to a premier investment platform under the umbrella of committed, long-term relationships with investment and advisory team members. Analyzing the broad dynamics of the market with a forward-thinking perspective, Busey builds client portfolios using both traditional and innovative strategies. “We partner closely with clients to gain a true understanding of their entire financial situation before a plan is ever implemented,” Ballsrud says. “Our approach upholds the Busey Promise: a 145-year-old commitment to integrity, relationships and excellence with our customers, associates, communities and shareholders.”

It’s a promise, Ballsrud says, that requires action. Every year, the corporation and its associates donate countless volunteer hours and more than $1 million to the communities around them as a way to remain client- and community-focused.

“Everything we do centers around helping clients achieve their dreams,” Ballsrud says. “That was our promise 145 years ago, and it remains our promise today.”


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The Horner Group LTD


Better Than a Gold Watch:
a Secure Retirement Income Plan

Many financial advisors have a goal of getting you big gains on your investments. Randy Horner is not one of them.

It’s not that he’s uninterested in returns. It’s that he’s more interested in turning your returns into your dependable retirement paycheck. Horner is the financial advisor who can help you keep the money your investments have generated, by planning for taxes, for the income you need, and for your nest egg to continue earning but without overspending on fees.

“My job is really not to double the money, not to focus on the best stock, the best mutual fund, or any sort of a transaction,” says Horner, an Investment Advisor Representative. “My job is to build you a customized financial strategy – a tax-efficient, secure income plan.”

Putting the Pieces Together
Horner is a former chief financial officer who decided in 1998 to work for the financial benefit of families rather than a corporation. In 2005, he founded The Horner Group LTD, which operates as a fiduciary, to serve clients who are retired or nearing that day.

Horner is, in his words, “a hybrid advisor” with a strong background in tax planning, fixed and variable insurance vehicles, and securities. “I understand how all those pieces fit into the puzzle.”

Other crucial pieces are pensions and Social Security. Horner calls these “layers” of lifelong income. “We build a plan using those layers to the extent that the client is comfortable with that guaranteed stream,” he says. “Sometimes there’s a gap between the reality and the goal. So vehicles like annuities can be used to provide secure, lifelong income.”

A Strong, Flexible Plan
Horner cautions against procrastination in planning, and he recommends getting a knowledgeable advisor on your side. “It’s very treacherous out there right now, due to the low interest rate environment, the volatile stock market, and rising taxes, energy and food costs,” he says. “It’s really difficult. People that maybe could have figured this out on their own in the past are struggling without help.”

The Horner Group LTD offers that help, creating and executing a plan made to follow an anticipated path but flexible enough, with built-in contingencies, to adapt if life throws a curve.

“Anybody can retire,” says Horner. “But my job is to make sure you can stay retired.”


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Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way, to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims‐paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Global Financial Private Capital.


Dee Mosier’s Financial Straight Talk


Factual, Clear, Understandable – Bringing People the Working Realities of Financial Life

Americans need a reality check.  Roughly 75 percent have “positive perceptions” of their financial knowledge and math skills. But when FINRA’s* investor education foundation compiled five financial literacy questions, only 14 percent of respondents answered them correctly.

It’s All About Financial Education
Financial Straight Talk’s goal is to turn people’s positive perceptions into positive realities. The firm empowers individuals to make sound fiscal decisions by delivering financial literacy messages to them through print, television and social media.

Dee Mosier is a former veteran of the financial world.  She rose to leadership and officer positions with various financial companies before becoming one of the first women in the U.S. to begin her own securities broker/dealer firm in 1986.  She was also a professor at Columbia College, Chicago, teaching and developing curricula for a number of business courses, including investments.

Coming Soon: ‘Financial Boot Camp’
Dee’s prior experience as a television producer and host of a financial show has taken her around the world, giving her firsthand knowledge of foreign markets and global business leaders. Today, in addition to making guest appearances on American TV as a financial expert, she reaches thousands of people through her website, through social media and via her YouTube channel, where she connects with people in 126 countries. A new weekly 30-minute television show – Financial Boot Camp – uses easy-to-understand language to empower people in making positive financial decisions. Look for it soon on Family Entertainment Television (FETV).

Public speaking and publishing are other avenues Financial Straight Talk uses to serve people. Dee has spoken to such groups as the Beijing School of Broadcasting, the producers at CCTV and various chapters of the American Chamber of Commerce around the world. And her book, Financial Straight Talk: Road to Retirement, is “176 pages that will change your life,” she says.

Dee put her extensive experience to work by creating Financial Straight Talk Foundation, to promote financial literacy, deliver financial education through curricula and social media, and help people make the important step from perception to working financial reality.

* FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


60 W. Randolph, Suite 237 | Chicago, IL 60601
P.O. Box 788 | LaPorte, IN 46352 |


Advanced Planning Advisors, Inc.


Disciplined, Proactive, Comprehensive Financial Planning

Despite an abundance of financial information available in the media, longtime investors often find themselves owning products and investments that may no longer serve them well. At the same time, important considerations have fallen through the cracks. “The key to successful retirement investing is taking a disciplined, proactive and coordinated approach that addresses your entire financial life,” say radio talk show hosts and investment advisor representatives Mike Moylan and Rob Kirvan.

With the goal of creating a single source for wide-ranging retirement and financial advisory services, Moylan and Kirvan teamed up to found Advanced Planning Advisors, Inc. four years ago. The Chicagoland firm was built on the strength of their combined 46 years of experience in both financial and business services. “The line between personal and business finances is often blurred for entrepreneurs, owners and executives. Their retirement and estate planning strategies should be evaluated in light of risk exposures, compensation packages, succession plans and other factors related to the business,” says Kirvan. …Read More

Legacy Investment Services, Inc.


Independent Advisors Are Crafting the Future of Retirement Planning Industry

While the SEC continues to debate the issues of duty and integrity, some of the nation’s most experienced financial advisors are setting tomorrow’s standards for unbiased retirement planning services. Among them is an elite cadre of about 70 independent advisors who participate in an ongoing exchange – a virtual think tank. The advisors, who are affiliated with Legacy Investment Services, Inc., are evaluating and refining processes, rigorously testing emerging technologies and promoting practices that give investors unlimited access to quality investment products.

The brainchild of founder Marc G. Minor, RFC, Legacy Investment Services was established in the early 1990s. The processes he developed broke the traditional business models. He reasoned that sophisticated technology used in mega-firms to conduct independent research and stress-test portfolios was available to smaller firms as well. And, once he cohesively aligned with an independent broker-dealer, he would no longer be captive to the broker’s limited options nor would he be accountable to sales quotas. His “out-of-the-box” approach would give each client access to the entire universe of investment options. …Read More



Showing Clients the Value of a Worry-Free Retirement

In her former professional life, Karuna D. Moyers was a nurse. She cared deeply for her patients—so deeply, in fact, that the strength of her attachments began to take an emotional toll. So she left nursing and ventured into the insurance industry, where she hoped to serve others in an equally impactful way.

Success came naturally to Moyers, who was a partner at a small insurer before joining industry giant New York Life. Afterward, she made her biggest move yet—to the helm of her own financial services firm. Just as she had done in hospital settings, Moyers quickly distinguished herself as a caring, dynamic, straight-talking professional whose first and only concern is her clients’ long-term well-being. …Read More

Navi Dowty and Associates, Inc.


Serious Investors Seek Stable Retirement Income

The specter of the economic crash of 2008 looms in the minds of investors approaching retirement. The real trick in retirement planning is navigating the transition from the accumulation phase to the preservation and distribution phases.

“A perfect storm is brewing. Higher taxes, higher interest rates and rising inflation appear inevitable and threaten the value of savings, CDs, managed accounts and annuities,” says advisor and financial investment practitioner Navi J. Dowty, CFA. “The question is not whether your retirement portfolio will experience another major crisis, or even when, but what to do about it.” …Read More

Klaas Financial


Helping Retirement Dreams for 37 Years

How do you measure success? How does a financial services firm really know how it stacks up against its peers?

Aside from the usual indicators – word-of-mouth referrals, longevity of client relationships, assets under management and the like – for the principals of Klaas Financial, Inc., there is nothing so telling as the number of phone calls the firm doesn’t receive during volatile markets.

“The fact that our phones don’t ring off the hook when the market takes a dive tells us our clients feel their retirement money is in good hands,” says Craig M. Klaas, president and CEO. …Read More