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Factual, Clear, Understandable – Bringing People the Working Realities of Financial Life

Americans need a reality check.  Roughly 75 percent have “positive perceptions” of their financial knowledge and math skills. But when FINRA’s* investor education foundation compiled five financial literacy questions, only 14 percent of respondents answered them correctly.

It’s All About Financial Education
Financial Straight Talk’s goal is to turn people’s positive perceptions into positive realities. The firm empowers individuals to make sound fiscal decisions by delivering financial literacy messages to them through print, television and social media.

Dee Mosier is a former veteran of the financial world.  She rose to leadership and officer positions with various financial companies before becoming one of the first women in the U.S. to begin her own securities broker/dealer firm in 1986.  She was also a professor at Columbia College, Chicago, teaching and developing curricula for a number of business courses, including investments.

Coming Soon: ‘Financial Boot Camp’
Dee’s prior experience as a television producer and host of a financial show has taken her around the world, giving her firsthand knowledge of foreign markets and global business leaders. Today, in addition to making guest appearances on American TV as a financial expert, she reaches thousands of people through her website, through social media and via her YouTube channel, where she connects with people in 126 countries. A new weekly 30-minute television show – Financial Boot Camp – uses easy-to-understand language to empower people in making positive financial decisions. Look for it soon on Family Entertainment Television (FETV).

Public speaking and publishing are other avenues Financial Straight Talk uses to serve people. Dee has spoken to such groups as the Beijing School of Broadcasting, the producers at CCTV and various chapters of the American Chamber of Commerce around the world. And her book, Financial Straight Talk: Road to Retirement, is “176 pages that will change your life,” she says.

Dee put her extensive experience to work by creating Financial Straight Talk Foundation, to promote financial literacy, deliver financial education through curricula and social media, and help people make the important step from perception to working financial reality.

* FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


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