deep Knows What’s Cooking
Valeri Lea Partners at a Food Marketing Agency That Promotes Global Brands

What’s for dinner?

That’s one question Valeri Lea, at deep food marketing group, has spent years helping people
answer. As a partner at the Springfield, Mo.-based agency, Lea leads a team of marketers who sleep, breathe and, well, eat, food. The company even has its own commercial kitchen.

The agency has designed brand identities, beautiful print ads, engaging social media campaigns, appealing packaging and more. Popular food brands, including Tyson®, Nestlé® and Kerry® flavors, turn to the company to help sell products that appear in restaurants or cafeterias. …Read More

Professional Employment Group

Professional_061614_FBMO_00284The Ideal Candidate the First Time, Every Time
Professional Employment Group Has Ambitious Goals

You don’t have to love people to succeed in the fiercely competitive staffing industry, but it helps.

Nor do you have to care deeply about finding the ideal match between employer and job seeker, treat your customers and candidates like family, or hire the best internal talent.

Still, Karen Spann, owner and president of Professional Employment Group (PEG), wouldn’t have it any other way. No wonder the company’s revenues have grown by 111 percent since she took the helm three years ago; they were $34.3 million in 2013. The St. Louis-based company specializes in temporary and permanent job placement across the U.S. and internationally, with additional offices in Denver and Kansas City, Kansas. PEG is organized into four divisions, focusing on the engineering, information technology, professional and medical fields. …Read More

Veterans Home Care

Serving Those Who Served
Veterans Home Care Provides Complete, Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Vets and Spouses

When Bonnie Laiderman’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bonnie traveled out of state for one week each month to care for her widowed mom, keeping it up for nine months before the strain began to take a toll.

“My business and family were starting to suffer, and my mom began to feel like she was a burden to me,” Laiderman says. “But we couldn’t find much help for her on her income.” …Read More

Allen’s Electric Motor Service, Inc.

Setting the Standard for a Demanding Industry

When Peggy Allen Parker took the helm of Allen’s Electric Motor Service, Inc. in 1984, her biggest concern was mastering the electric motor. Previously, she had served as the company’s bookkeeper and office manager, and she understood the road ahead would likely be rough. But she was undeterred. She rolled up her sleeves and absorbed all she could, both firsthand and by way of the Electric Motor Repair manual.

Today, Parker is a renowned industry expert. Allen’s, the company she started with her father, is a client favorite. But Parker’s practical knowledge and …Read More

ECCO Select

Diversity Is the Key to Success
for IT Consulting Firm
ECCO Select


When Jeanette Hernandez Prenger started her IT consulting business in 1995, she relied on an old adage to guide her success, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Prenger understood the true meaning of that saying as it related to her vision for the company. She knew that business growth would mean change and diversification. Prenger learned that by creating custom solutions for a diverse group of clients as a minority, woman-owned company, her chances for success would be increased. …Read More

TDK Technologies

IT Consulting Done Differently

A student loan processing organization wants to simplify communication with its clients nationwide by allowing them to access information via smartphones. The organization turns to St. Louis-based TDK Technologies for a solution.

A law enforcement organization wants to let police officers across multiple jurisdictions use smartphones and other Windows-based mobile devices to access and share vital information, from any location. TDK Technologies makes it happen. …Read More

Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc.

Defying the Odds 
With Dynamic, Caring Leadership

During the 2008 financial crisis, St. Louis-based Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc. witnessed its most robust growth in years. Ironic, given that the crisis took a huge toll on the mortgage lending industry. But not surprising to anyone who knows Angi Stevenson, Cornerstone’s Senior Vice President and COO, and President and CEO Jim Dean.

The duo co-founded Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc. in 1995 with “nothing to sell but customer service,” Ms. Stevenson recalls. So they worked hard to sell the best service in the business, earning a reputation for integrity and excellence along the way—a foundation that paid big dividends during a tumultuous time. …Read More

Technology Partners, Inc.

Award-Winning IT Firm
Sets the Bar


In the highly competitive staffing industry, companies are relying on innovative ideas to help them stand out. No company understands that better than Technology Partners, a leading information technology firm with an extensive list of clients across the nation. As a trusted technology partner with a proven reputation for timeliness, quality and value, Technology Partners is expert at providing efficient IT solutions and staffing services.

“Our dedicated team not only understands and values how important transparency, …Read More

Retirement Solutions Group

Holistic Retirement Planning, Comprehensive Wealth Management


They’re the largest and arguably the most influential generation in history, pacesetters and tastemakers in everything from music to politics, fashion to fitness. Now, as millions of baby boomers move into retirement, they need someone to show them the way – a trusted partner with the expertise and experience to help them make the most of their retirement years. For thousands in the Kansas City metro area and beyond, that partner is Retirement Solutions Group, Inc. …Read More

Affinity Asset Management

Independent Financial Services Firm Works for Its Clients – and Not a Company

For the second year in a row, Affinity Asset Management has been featured by EMI Network in a special promotional section in Forbes magazine honoring Kansas City Financial Leaders.

Have you ever wondered why your advisor chose certain financial products for your investment portfolio? Surprisingly, it’s a question people rarely ask. But they have a right to, and they should, says Mark Roberts, owner and president of Affinity Asset Management, a full-service investment advisory firm in Overland Park, Kansas. …Read More