Stand Energy Corporation

Pioneering Energy Provider Puts Customers’ Needs First

Interestingly, just as Stand Energy Corporation celebrates its 30th year in operation, its customers have just endured the coldest winter in decades. With such high demand for natural gas and the accompanying spike in heating costs across much of the industry, Stand’s customers and competitors have seen exactly what the company is made of.  Indeed, Stand shines brightest in challenging times like these, offering energy consumers peace of mind and vindicating founder Judith Phillips’ customer-centric vision.

Visionary Leader Raises the Industry Bar
Phillips spent the first 11 years of her career in administrative positions with the Columbia Gas System as secretary to the president of three Columbia Gas companies. There she learned the ins and outs of the business and, in the midst of a male-dominated field, Phillips spent the next 11 years as coordinator of propane supply and distribution for the seven-state Columbia marketing area. She was recognized by both the governor of Ohio and the Columbia Gas System for her diligence in delivering propane supplies during the 1970s energy crisis. …Read More

Vistage International

Keeping It Real
Vistage’s Jean Lauterbach Fosters Honest Exchange Among Top Executives

Sometimes the cliché is true. It is lonely at the top, especially when you’re the boss. It can be tough for high-ranking executives to find professional and personal confidants.

That’s why Vistage International creates private peer-to-peer advisory boards where CEOs can discuss everyday issues without fear of judgment, manipulation or backlash. These carefully crafted small groups, limited to about 15-16 people each, are designed to promote growth through confidential, specially facilitated discussions for the world’s top-performing executives. …Read More

Tax & Financial Group


Exceptional Intellectual Capital Sets This Firm Apart

Sometimes even smart people make poor financial decisions.

The prosperous business owner whose ill-advised succession plan could lead to the demise of his company in a generation or two. The savvy investor tempted by a too-good-to-be-true investment scheme or tax strategy.

Tax & Financial Group associates have seen it happen – and have helped prevent it from happening – time and again.
…Read More

Centric Consulting


Creating Magic, One Moment at a Time
Centric Consulting – Business & Technology Solutions

For Centric Consulting, a commitment to clients means more than doing good work. It means doing the unexpected.

The company’s core purpose, according to Centric President Larry English, is to create unmatched experiences, “moments of magic,” that take service a step beyond.

“The best moments of magic we’ve had with clients have not been planned,” said English. “Whether it’s leveraging our network to find our client a qualified employee free of charge, providing needed scope to a project without increasing cost, or assisting a client with deliverables to help hit a deadline, it’s about doing the right thing when the situation presents itself.” …Read More

Morelia Group


Entrepreneurial Spirit Leads to Recession-Busting Growth

When life handed Christopher Hildebrant lemons, he made lemonade. When the recession hit the real estate industry, he was forced to decide between taking a pay cut or cutting loose. Not one to take the easy road, Hildebrant, with the support of his wife, Susana, started his own business.  Five years later, Morelia Group is the parent company of 22 subsidiaries, with more than 300 employees and nearly $20 million in yearly revenue.

Morelia Group’s initial focus was the development of commercial and residential real estate, and that remains a large part of its business. “We facilitate entire projects, from conception to completion,” Hildebrant says. “That includes everything from site selection and design to financing and zoning, and from financial advising to property acquisition and construction.” …Read More

James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA

Uphill Battles a True Test of Firm’s Strength

Having a good litigator at one’s side is a cost of doing business that few people consider until it is too late. But when legal action looms, what if the opposing party isn’t acting in good faith? What if new roadblocks appear at every turn? Such challenges call for great litigators—those who are most clearly in their element when the pressure is on and there is a lot to lose.

Year after year, the business and commercial litigators of James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA are recognized by both clients and peers as leaders in their profession. The firm is particularly adept at litigating highly charged, high-stakes cases; its record of success in these matters reveals much about its lawyers’ fortitude and capabilities. …Read More



Flexible, Smart and Secure Solutions for Enterprise and Mid-Sized Businesses

When a company reaches critical mass, its capabilities expand exponentially, the industry takes notice and client satisfaction soars. Such is the experience of CBTS, a Cincinnati-based technology and infrastructure solutions provider, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell.

“Our competitive differentiator is a comprehensive product portfolio of end-to-end IT and communications solutions,” says Christi Cornette, Cincinnati Bell’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing. “Our offerings allow businesses and organizations to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, enable innovation and reduce expense.” …Read More

AXA Advisors/Ohio Valley Marketing Center


Serving Financial Planning Needs for Business, Public Employees

Imagine the AXA Group, a strong global company, then narrow your vision to its AXA Advisors/Ohio Valley Marketing Center, then refine your focus further to Christopher Dolle, CLU® and his 140 or so financial professionals.

This is where the action unfolds. Dolle’s team provides advice and education that helps people to build a solid financial foundation for their later years. The company is one of the Midwest’s largest financial advisory firms, with strong abilities to address a wide range of customer needs. To cite one example, the company’s Retirement Benefits Group is exceptionally accomplished in serving clients who have employer-based 403(b) accounts through schools — including the Ohio university system ­— and municipalities. …Read More



Outsourcing HR Creates Employee Loyalty and Improves Productivity

For 2 to 3 million people who work at small to mid-size firms, their employer is their hero. They enjoy excellent healthcare benefits that rival those usually found only at much larger companies. Their employer offers an attractive retirement plan similar to plans at Fortune 500 corporations. Paychecks are accurate, with deductions taken properly, and benefits claims are hassle-free.

Their employer’s secret to creating such loyalty from a stable workforce? They offload non-income-producing HR administrative duties to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). …Read More

Polcar Brahler Heil Belden Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


Wealthy Investors Need Uncommon Solutions
Polcar Brahler Heil Belden Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Six years ago, a team of financial advisors assembled in Cleveland to create a singular practice providing investment planning for individuals and businesses. Today, Polcar Brahler Heil Belden Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors includes seven brokers with more than 100 years of collective experience backed by the industry-leading resources of Wells Fargo Advisors. …Read More