Barney School of Business


Career Ready:
Competent, Confident and Connected


Rarely does one find a business school so devoted to helping its students define and carry out their career aspirations.

“We call it our ‘Career Ready’ focus,” says Martin Roth, dean of the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business. “We make a determined commitment that when students graduate, they are going to be competent, confident and connected.” …Read More

The Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University


Transforming Students
Into Successful Business Leaders


Whether they want to contribute to an existing company or launch their own business, graduates of the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University know they are equipped with the understanding and skills to realize their full potential and drive their own success.

With a focus on understanding business opportunities and making a difference in organizations, the Sawyer Business School …Read More

KDSA Consulting, LLC


Proud IBM Technology Partner Helps Not-For-Profits Advance Their Mission

When CPAs Dawn Mortimer and John LoConte worked at a national accounting firm and had the chance to spin off an IT consulting firm, they jumped at the opportunity. At the accounting firm, their expertise and efforts centered on helping clients incorporate new software applications to streamline business functions. Mortimer and LoConte used their deep knowledge in this area to launch KDSA Consulting, LLC in 2004.

What are these CPAs doing at the helm of an IT firm? A world of good, actually. For the past decade, KDSA has worked with IBM and other industry-leading partners to help not-for-profits, health care facilities, and small to mid-size businesses advance their missions through the development and implementation of advanced technologies. KDSA also gives back to the community by participating in many fundraising activities and encouraging its employees to get involved. KDSA is much more than a vendor; it’s a partner in helping not-for-profits make the world a better place. …Read More

Verisk Health


Managing Risk in a Dynamic Healthcare Market

Never has the healthcare industry in the United States undergone such a dramatic transformation, so rapidly. The Affordable Care Act is creating exciting new opportunities, as well as daunting challenges for health plans, providers, and employers. Verisk Health helps these and other risk-bearing entities manage risk; reduce costs; prevent fraud, waste and abuse; improve quality; and comply with emerging regulatory requirements.

Case in point: When an insurance company became suspicious of certain medical claims, it turned to Verisk Health to ensure valid claims were paid fairly and questionable ones were addressed. Verisk Health delivered a solution to review and validate 30 million claims and identify suspect providers and aberrant billing patterns. As a result, in one year, Verisk Health helped identify more than $170 million in savings through suspect exposure for that one company alone. …Read More

Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty


Top Local Performers With Global Connections

In terms of its history, character and charm, the Greater Boston housing market is one of a kind. Yet in terms of supply and demand, it’s no different from other major real estate markets across New England. City dwellers hoping to plant roots in quieter outlying communities are finding listed properties in scarce supply; competition is fierce, and time is of the essence. The moment a potential dream home hits the market, buyer frenzy ensues.

What might seem like a breeze for sellers and their Realtors®, however, is often a whirlwind of competing overtures, confusion and disappointment on both sides of the table. According to Laurie Cadigan, CEO and owner of Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty, the process can be an utter mess if it’s not managed by experienced real estate professionals. …Read More

International Planning Group

International Planning Group Serves Life Insurance Needs of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Marketplace

Some companies thrive in their areas of operation. Others shape and even redefine entire professions. International Planning Group is in the second category.

With a sales staff of only 26, IPG is a world leader in life insurance-based wealth planning. The company creates customized solutions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and large, closely held or multinational corporations the world over.

This is not the usual insurance sales and distribution company; far from it. The firm has a solutions …Read More


Business-Savvy, Concierge Service in
IT Consulting

It’s 6:18 p.m. the day before the holiday. Everyone has gone. You’re about to run the last report, log off and leave. The network freezes.

You sigh. You dial IT service. You settle in for the wait. A few minutes later the phone rings. Coretelligent calling back: We’re on it.

Chances are, Coretelligent was on it even before your call connected. This information technology services firm proactively monitors clients’ systems to keep them running smoothly and to respond quickly if something needs attention. “We have established …Read More

Constellation Financial & 
Wealth Management Services

You’re Never a Number at Constellation Financial & 
Wealth Management Services

Only yesterday, or so it seemed, the young woman was a newborn, her parents’ newest tax dependent. But here she was, 22 years old, with financial concerns of her own.

“I remember clearly her dad coming into my office and dropping her Social Security card on my desk and saying, ‘I have another tax deduction this year,’” says Stephen P. Piotte, E.A., CEO of Constellation Financial & Wealth Management Services. “In fact, the plan I worked out with him helped her get through college, while allowing him to continue to save for his and his wife’s retirement. …Read More

Welch & Forbes LLC

Private Wealth Management Since 1838

Managing investments is a lot like steering a ship. It is easy to stay on course in good weather, but when the sea is rough, there is nothing so reassuring as having an experienced captain at the wheel.

For nearly 175 years, Welch & Forbes has been at the helm, helping New Englanders protect their assets through all types of market conditions. Founded in 1838—before the stock market existed—this revered Boston firm originally oversaw the personal business affairs for the families of sea captains and ship owners while they traveled the world. Much …Read More

Flagship Financial Advisors, LLC

Personalized Wealth Management for Retirement

Retirement should be a time to relax. Concerns about the global economy and uncertainty over the future of 
taxes, health care, Social Security and other variables, make it increasingly difficult to 
know which way to turn. Massachusetts-based Flagship Financial Advisors, LLC helps take the worry out of wealth management for retirees and those who are approaching retirement.

“We believe in doing the planning before we start with investment selection,” says Managing Director Paul V. Ryan Jr., CFP®. “You have to know where you want to go, before deciding how to get there.” …Read More