International Planning Group

International Planning Group Serves Life Insurance Needs of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Marketplace

Some companies thrive in their areas of operation. Others shape and even redefine entire professions. International Planning Group is in the second category.

With a sales staff of only 26, IPG is a world leader in life insurance-based wealth planning. The company creates customized solutions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and large, closely held or multinational corporations the world over.

This is not the usual insurance sales and distribution company; far from it. The firm has a solutions …Read More


Business-Savvy, Concierge Service in
IT Consulting

It’s 6:18 p.m. the day before the holiday. Everyone has gone. You’re about to run the last report, log off and leave. The network freezes.

You sigh. You dial IT service. You settle in for the wait. A few minutes later the phone rings. Coretelligent calling back: We’re on it.

Chances are, Coretelligent was on it even before your call connected. This information technology services firm proactively monitors clients’ systems to keep them running smoothly and to respond quickly if something needs attention. “We have established …Read More

Constellation Financial & 
Wealth Management Services

You’re Never a Number at Constellation Financial & 
Wealth Management Services

Only yesterday, or so it seemed, the young woman was a newborn, her parents’ newest tax dependent. But here she was, 22 years old, with financial concerns of her own.

“I remember clearly her dad coming into my office and dropping her Social Security card on my desk and saying, ‘I have another tax deduction this year,’” says Stephen P. Piotte, E.A., CEO of Constellation Financial & Wealth Management Services. “In fact, the plan I worked out with him helped her get through college, while allowing him to continue to save for his and his wife’s retirement. …Read More

Welch & Forbes LLC

Private Wealth Management Since 1838

Managing investments is a lot like steering a ship. It is easy to stay on course in good weather, but when the sea is rough, there is nothing so reassuring as having an experienced captain at the wheel.

For nearly 175 years, Welch & Forbes has been at the helm, helping New Englanders protect their assets through all types of market conditions. Founded in 1838—before the stock market existed—this revered Boston firm originally oversaw the personal business affairs for the families of sea captains and ship owners while they traveled the world. Much …Read More

Flagship Financial Advisors, LLC

Personalized Wealth Management for Retirement

Retirement should be a time to relax. Concerns about the global economy and uncertainty over the future of 
taxes, health care, Social Security and other variables, make it increasingly difficult to 
know which way to turn. Massachusetts-based Flagship Financial Advisors, LLC helps take the worry out of wealth management for retirees and those who are approaching retirement.

“We believe in doing the planning before we start with investment selection,” says Managing Director Paul V. Ryan Jr., CFP®. “You have to know where you want to go, before deciding how to get there.” …Read More

Nottingham Wealth Management Group 
of Wells Fargo Advisors

Steering Client Legacies With a Steady Hand

Before she became a trusted financial advisor to her fellow North Shore residents, Pamela M. Nottingham was a registered nurse. She later became the director of admitting for two merging hospitals, leading her to pursue a graduate business degree and forge a new career path in the financial sector.

“As a nurse, I was used to looking at the big picture,” Nottingham recalls. “When I became an advisor, I had no interest in the hot stock of the day. I really wanted to focus on what was important to my clients and to help them achieve their total financial health.” …Read More

Bright Horizons

Building a Better Workforce Through Sustainable Productivity

It’s a well-accepted fact that top workforces drive top employers. And landing – and keeping – those workforces are among an employer’s biggest challenges.

It’s a subject with which Bright Horizons is eminently familiar. For more than 25 years, the Massachusetts-based organization has helped leading employers move ahead with workforces that are productive, resilient and engaged. Recognized as the leader in the work/life industry, Bright Horizons partners with more than 800 clients, strengthening workforces …Read More

Executive Alliance

Executive Alliance Human Capital Management Solutions for Business & Government

When a medical device manufacturer was planning multiple acquisitions, one of the challenges was how to integrate each new company’s unique management style and culture in a way that would enhance productivity and efficiency. The company turned to Executive Alliance (EA), a leading New England-based multidisciplinary management consulting firm, for guidance. “We designed a comprehensive global human capital management strategy that allowed them to integrate their new …Read More

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Making Health Care Work Better For You

At Harvard Pilgrim, we are driven by our passion for making health care work better for the people and communities we serve. With the goal of improving value and quality across the health care system, we collaborate with consumers, doctors, employers and brokers to offer innovative and customized solutions delivered with exceptional service.

Harvard Pilgrim is a not-for-profit health plan serving members in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. We are recognized …Read More


Custom Benefit Solutions That Save Money, Increase Coverage

A medium-size company was losing top talent to larger competitors that offered superior employee benefit packages. With insurance premiums skyrocketing and money tight, the beleaguered employer turned to Benemax, one of New England’s most innovative providers of customized benefit solutions, for help.

“We went right to work,” says David Cowles, co-founder and principal. “We combined a traditional, high-deductible insurance coverage with a thin layer of additional benefits, self-funded by the employer and …Read More