Northbridge Companies


Specialized Services: 
The Next Generation of Senior Living

It was their desire to truly make a difference in the lives of seniors that led the principals of Northbridge Companies to build one of the Northeast’s leading senior housing companies. After all, CEO Jim Coughlin and President Wendy Nowokunski each have more than two decades of significant experience working with major players in their rapidly changing marketplace. The industry insiders challenged themselves to create something different than the rest. Rather than building a large conglomerate, they developed a business model with socially responsible investors that …Read More

Strategic Wealth Coach, LLC


Balanced Approach Helps Clients
Maximize Wealth, Minimize Taxes

Spend a few minutes talking to wealth advisor Robert Hudson, CFP®, EA, and you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. But behind his affable, engaging manner lies an exceptionally sharp financial mind.

As both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, Hudson, founder and president of Strategic Wealth Coach, LLC, in Essex Junction, Vermont, has wide-ranging expertise in investment management, tax preparation and planning, estate planning and risk management. Since 1987, he and his team have helped thousands of clients grow and protect their assets, minimize their taxes and achieve a wide range of financial goals. The key, he says, is a balanced approach – to financial planning and to life.

“Whether the goal is planning for a successful retirement, saving for a child’s college education, managing business holdings, or rebuilding after a divorce or bankruptcy, we have the experience and have done the research to help clients succeed.”

Investment Strategy
Hudson acknowledges his approach to new client relationships is unorthodox. Each new or prospective client receives a free, no-obligation financial analysis, prepared using sophisticated financial planning software, followed by an in-depth review with both spouses.

“Every aspect of a client’s life influences their financial future,” he explains, “and I can’t work effectively with someone if I don’t understand their entire situation.” Hudson continues to be amazed by the large number of people he meets who are inadvertently costing themselves money – by, for example, following an investment strategy that could potentially increase their taxes. Hudson, who saves clients thousands of dollars in taxes every year, is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the tax code and knows many ways to reduce taxes.

Another ongoing concern is that many people don’t understand the risks inherent in various types of investments. “Many people,” he explains, “think that investments like bonds and money markets are safe when, in fact, they are far from it.”

Instead, Hudson favors diversified equity investments. He is a proponent of Modern Portfolio Theory, which, he says, is “the only investment technique that has ever won the Nobel prize.” While the asset mix most appropriate for an individual investor will depend on his or her specific goals and risk tolerance, those whose portfolios include investments in many different categories are less subject to market volatility and more likely to achieve their objectives. Hudson and his team take an active approach to managing clients’ portfolios, reviewing them regularly. They rebalance them as needed.

Ultimately, he says, it’s all about helping people succeed – “not just in their investments, but in everything. That’s my only goal in life.”

Strategic Wealth Coach, LLC
1 Market Place, Suite 23 | Essex Junction, VT 05452
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Securities and advisory services offered through VSR Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser and Member FINRA/SIPC,
Strategic Wealth Coach, LLC is independent of VSR Financial Services.


Compass Rose Private Investment Management


Helping Families Navigate Market Currents, 
Stay on Course

Longtime financial advisor Jim O’Donoghue has an unusually wide-angle view. His professional background, as rich and varied as it is, has a lot to do with that.

O’Donoghue began his career in the nonprofit sector, serving as director of financial planning for Boston University’s College of Liberal Arts and Graduate Program. From there, he planned finances for the creation of Boston’s Huntington Theater before earning his Ph.D. with a concentration in economics and finance from NYU. He then entered public service, developing a capital program for the $6 billion Boston Harbor cleanup project. …Read More

Pioneer Valley Financial Group


Income-Stream Planning
Is Crucial for Retirement Success
Pioneer Valley Financial Group Serves Both Individual and Business Client


You’ve been getting ready for years, faithfully putting money into 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts in anticipation of the time when you would no longer work. Now comes the hard part: generating a retirement income that will meet your needs and last your lifetime.

“Many people nearing retirement are overly focused on accumulating assets and aren’t giving nearly enough thought to income-stream …Read More

D.K. Brede Investment Management Company, Inc.


Premier Firm Champions 
‘Golden Rule’ of Client Service

“When it comes to client service, talk is cheap,” says Debra K. Brede. “And nothing is more costly than bad advice.”

Brede, president of D.K. Brede Investment Management Company, Inc., doesn’t mince words. As a nationally recognized financial advisor whose previous wirehouse experience convinced her to establish her own independent firm, Brede understands how some of the industry’s most common standards and practices fall painfully short of clients’ expectations. Her ongoing mission is to set the bar higher. …Read More

Safety First Financial Planners


Planning for Today’s Retirements

This is not your father’s retirement. Gone are the days of working 35 years or more, only to enjoy just a few years of retirement before passing on. Today’s workers are enjoying 10, 20 and even 30 years of post-career life … making it an entirely different process to ensure they don’t run out of money along the way.

“Clients want to be sure they don’t outlive their money,” says Stephen Kelley, president of Safety First Financial Planners. “Retirement is a scary cliff to go over. We set our clients up for a soft landing.”  …Read More

Pastore & Dailey LLC


High-End Representation
That’s Responsive and Fair
The Law Firm of Pastore & Dailey LLC

For its founder and managing partner Joseph M. Pastore III, the Stamford-based law firm of Pastore & Dailey LLC was a long time coming.

Pastore spent two decades at large national firms tackling high-profile financial, securities and commercial matters. He founded and served as managing partner of a mega-firm’s Stamford office until 2008; he then went on to create a 15-member practice, which was acquired by a 500-attorney firm in 2009. Due to a conflict between one of his and another of the firm’s clients, Pastore moved to reconnect with past associates and, with the critical support of Fairfield County Bank, established Pastore & Dailey in 2012.
…Read More

Siegel, Reilly & Conlon


Excellence in the Most Complex and Contentious Matrimonial Disputes
Family Law Firm, Siegel, Reilly & Conlon

It was one of the country’s largest divorce awards after trial – and the largest in Connecticut state history.

After a lengthy legal battle, the Connecticut Supreme Court in February 2011 upheld a $45 million judgment against the founder of a major financial services company, who was found to have shortchanged his ex-wife by a considerable sum.

…Read More

Burns & McDonnell


Wanted: Dynamic Professionals to Help Deliver Engineering Marvels

After years of economic recession and stagnation, businesses around the country continue to hunker down. They’re uncertain about the future. Many are reluctant to hire.

Then, there’s the engineering powerhouse of Burns & McDonnell.

Based in Kansas City, Mo., with offices across the U.S.—including major hubs in Wallingford, Conn.; Portland, Maine; and northern New Jersey—Burns & McDonnell hasn’t slowed a bit in terms of its appetite and aptitude for complex projects.
Refusing to succumb to gloomy market “realities,” the company continues to burst forth with new technologies, welcome new people to its diverse project teams, and win some of the nation’s largest construction projects in the energy and commercial aviation arenas. …Read More

ACT Group


3D Printing Technology
Now Affordable for All Businesses

A shoe manufacturer wants to experiment with new designs. Building prototypes used to be labor-intensive and costly. But with 3D printer technology, it is as simple as creating a design and pushing a button.

An architect wants to show a client different design options. Instead of spending hours piecing models together manually, he lets a machine do it from renderings.

For years, 3D printing technology has been accessible primarily only to large companies with big budgets. But now, thanks to recent technological developments, the ability to create physical models of new product designs from a printer is affordable to all size businesses. …Read More