King, Prell & Associates


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Confidence Shaken, Investors Look for Secure Retirement Plans

A well-known secret among successful people is the power of having a coach to help them achieve at their highest level. “Fresh insights and a sophisticated approach from a financial advisor can be powerful when you want to supercharge your retirement,” says Leigh E. King, CFP®, CLU®, a private wealth advisor with King, Prell & Associates in Simsbury, Connecticut.

Designing high-performance retirement plans is a special focus of King, Prell & Associates. “Most Americans are fearful they’ll outlive their money. …Read More

Capital Wealth Advisors of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001Asset Preservation Is Priority for Affluent Families

High-net-worth individuals are most focused on maintaining their quality of life during retirement, funding major obligations and preserving wealth. Taking large risks with their investments just doesn’t match their financial goals.

“Minimizing risks to preserve assets and generating retirement income are the greatest concerns for affluent families. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” says Robert Black, senior vice president at Capital Wealth Advisors, an affiliate of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in West Hartford, Connecticut. …Read More

ACT Group


Welcome to the Future of 3D Print Technology

Imagine one day being able to replicate human organs for transplant using a 3D printer. It may sound like science fiction, but 3D printing is creating a whole new world where ideas and imagination are becoming reality. Leading the way in this exciting new field is the ACT Group, New England’s leading distributor of 3D printing technology.

“We are working with students, professors, manufacturers and innovators in a broad spectrum of organizations on 3D scanning, prototyping and production manufacturing,” says Cindi Gondek, co-founder and principal at ACT Group. …Read More

InSync Training


Virtual Classroom Experts Maximize Impact, ROI

Corporate employers invest more than $160 billion annually in employee training. Much of that amount is spent on live virtual-training programs, particularly for workforces spread across the globe.

Not all webinars, however, are created equal.
Jennifer Hofmann, veteran corporate training consultant and a leading expert on virtual learning for over 20 years, says employers pay a high price for subpar training sessions. In fact, the hidden costs for subpar training far exceed the $160 billion employers spend. She founded InSync Training in 1999 to banish boring webinars and help businesses extract significant value from their e-learning platforms and build core competencies for their virtual-learning training teams. …Read More

KDSA Consulting, LLC


Proud IBM Technology Partner Helps Not-For-Profits Advance Their Mission

When CPAs Dawn Mortimer and John LoConte worked at a national accounting firm and had the chance to spin off an IT consulting firm, they jumped at the opportunity. At the accounting firm, their expertise and efforts centered on helping clients incorporate new software applications to streamline business functions. Mortimer and LoConte used their deep knowledge in this area to launch KDSA Consulting, LLC in 2004.

What are these CPAs doing at the helm of an IT firm? A world of good, actually. For the past decade, KDSA has worked with IBM and other industry-leading partners to help not-for-profits, health care facilities, and small to mid-size businesses advance their missions through the development and implementation of advanced technologies. KDSA also gives back to the community by participating in many fundraising activities and encouraging its employees to get involved. KDSA is much more than a vendor; it’s a partner in helping not-for-profits make the world a better place. …Read More

Verisk Health


Managing Risk in a Dynamic Healthcare Market

Never has the healthcare industry in the United States undergone such a dramatic transformation, so rapidly. The Affordable Care Act is creating exciting new opportunities, as well as daunting challenges for health plans, providers, and employers. Verisk Health helps these and other risk-bearing entities manage risk; reduce costs; prevent fraud, waste and abuse; improve quality; and comply with emerging regulatory requirements.

Case in point: When an insurance company became suspicious of certain medical claims, it turned to Verisk Health to ensure valid claims were paid fairly and questionable ones were addressed. Verisk Health delivered a solution to review and validate 30 million claims and identify suspect providers and aberrant billing patterns. As a result, in one year, Verisk Health helped identify more than $170 million in savings through suspect exposure for that one company alone. …Read More

Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty


Top Local Performers With Global Connections

In terms of its history, character and charm, the Greater Boston housing market is one of a kind. Yet in terms of supply and demand, it’s no different from other major real estate markets across New England. City dwellers hoping to plant roots in quieter outlying communities are finding listed properties in scarce supply; competition is fierce, and time is of the essence. The moment a potential dream home hits the market, buyer frenzy ensues.

What might seem like a breeze for sellers and their Realtors®, however, is often a whirlwind of competing overtures, confusion and disappointment on both sides of the table. According to Laurie Cadigan, CEO and owner of Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty, the process can be an utter mess if it’s not managed by experienced real estate professionals. …Read More

Wake Robin


Remarkable Residents Create Their Own
Extraordinary Retirement Environment

As residents celebrated the 20th anniversary of the opening of Wake Robin last year, they had plenty to congratulate themselves about. It is, after all, their own vision—and the vision of others like them—that shaped this successful Continuing Care Retirement Community near the shores of Lake Champlain.

Founded by a local group in 1993 and still governed locally by individuals deeply rooted in northwest Vermont, Wake Robin’s vibrant 136-acre campus is a reflection of the energies …Read More

Northbridge Companies


Specialized Services: 
The Next Generation of Senior Living

It was their desire to truly make a difference in the lives of seniors that led the principals of Northbridge Companies to build one of the Northeast’s leading senior housing companies. After all, CEO Jim Coughlin and President Wendy Nowokunski each have more than two decades of significant experience working with major players in their rapidly changing marketplace. The industry insiders challenged themselves to create something different than the rest. Rather than building a large conglomerate, they developed a business model with socially responsible investors that …Read More

Strategic Wealth Coach, LLC


Balanced Approach Helps Clients
Maximize Wealth, Minimize Taxes

Spend a few minutes talking to wealth advisor Robert Hudson, CFP®, EA, and you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. But behind his affable, engaging manner lies an exceptionally sharp financial mind.

As both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, Hudson, founder and president of Strategic Wealth Coach, LLC, in Essex Junction, Vermont, has wide-ranging expertise in investment management, tax preparation and planning, estate planning and risk management. Since 1987, he and his team have helped thousands of clients grow and protect their assets, minimize their taxes and achieve a wide range of financial goals. The key, he says, is a balanced approach – to financial planning and to life.

“Whether the goal is planning for a successful retirement, saving for a child’s college education, managing business holdings, or rebuilding after a divorce or bankruptcy, we have the experience and have done the research to help clients succeed.”

Investment Strategy
Hudson acknowledges his approach to new client relationships is unorthodox. Each new or prospective client receives a free, no-obligation financial analysis, prepared using sophisticated financial planning software, followed by an in-depth review with both spouses.

“Every aspect of a client’s life influences their financial future,” he explains, “and I can’t work effectively with someone if I don’t understand their entire situation.” Hudson continues to be amazed by the large number of people he meets who are inadvertently costing themselves money – by, for example, following an investment strategy that could potentially increase their taxes. Hudson, who saves clients thousands of dollars in taxes every year, is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the tax code and knows many ways to reduce taxes.

Another ongoing concern is that many people don’t understand the risks inherent in various types of investments. “Many people,” he explains, “think that investments like bonds and money markets are safe when, in fact, they are far from it.”

Instead, Hudson favors diversified equity investments. He is a proponent of Modern Portfolio Theory, which, he says, is “the only investment technique that has ever won the Nobel prize.” While the asset mix most appropriate for an individual investor will depend on his or her specific goals and risk tolerance, those whose portfolios include investments in many different categories are less subject to market volatility and more likely to achieve their objectives. Hudson and his team take an active approach to managing clients’ portfolios, reviewing them regularly. They rebalance them as needed.

Ultimately, he says, it’s all about helping people succeed – “not just in their investments, but in everything. That’s my only goal in life.”

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