Senior Financial Resources, Inc.


Purpose-Driven Retirement Planning


Good retirement portfolios grow. Great ones grow strategically.
Gar Blake McCray, a financial advisor specializing in the senior market, is challenging traditional thought in retirement planning. He’s unscrambling the nest egg.

Most advisors traditionally use a client’s time horizon and other factors to create a portfolio that guides all investment recommendations into one asset allocation model. McCray contends clients should be dividing monies into separate categories to accomplish different purposes. …Read More

Reed Financial Services, Inc.


Local Advisor Helps Clients Invest Soundly, Plan Wisely


For pre-retirees and retirees in West Central Michigan who could use professional financial advice from a seasoned industry veteran, they need look no further than their own backyard.

Lynn Reed Jr., president of Reed Financial Services, Inc. and a proud native of this part of the state, has been immersed in the twin realms of investments and financial planning for the past three decades. He takes great pleasure in helping his neighbors bring order to their financial lives, recommending comprehensive, …Read More

Hinkson Financial Services


A Customized Approach to
Wealth Management

A retiring auto worker, in poor health, is offered a choice: keep his pension or accept a $700,000 buyout. Greg Hinkson, CFP®, advises the client to take the lump sum. With proper planning, it can provide the client and his wife a comfortable income and leave an inheritance for their children and grandchildren.

Another couple faces a similar choice. The $500,000 lump sum they are offered is tempting, but Hinkson advises them to keep their $50,000 annual pension because the lump sum is unlikely to generate the same level of income. …Read More



Wealth Management With a Social Conscience
CapTrust Is Solemnly Committed to Client Relationships—
and to ‘Giving Back’

Can a well-known independent consulting practice—managed by 13 dedicated investment professionals and guided by a mission to serve its clients as “trusted advocates in the financial marketplace”—also transform lives in its community and overseas?

Yes, if it’s CapTrust, the Holland, Michigan-based practice founded in 1997 by Financial Advisor Bruce H. Johnson, CIMA, who began his career in the investment industry in 1982. …Read More

M3 Group

Integrated Branding Campaign Puts Businesses in Motion

What would it take to turn miles of orange barrels into symbols of civic pride? Waste management professionals into environmental heroes? Or a 40-year-old pizza chain into today’s online destination for hungry Michigan State University students?

For the city of Lansing, Granger, Hungry Howie’s and other organizations, transformations like these are the result of a multifaceted branding campaign created and coordinated by M3 Group. …Read More

Dierker & Associates

Intellectual Property Boutique
Dierker & Associates, P.C. Gets It Right the First Time

Julia Church Dierker was not looking to start her own law firm, at least not anytime soon. But a chance encounter changed the trajectory of her career.

“I was contacted by an in-house counsel of a Fortune 100 company, who had come across my work while reading through some patent publications related to batteries,” Dierker recalls. “He needed someone to write very high quality patent applications for fuel cells and medicine delivery systems, at a reasonable price, and he wanted to know if I was available.” …Read More

Cope Plastics, Inc.

Midwest’s Largest Plastic Fabricator Launches Expansion

The largest plastic fabricator in the Midwest is poised to enter yet another major expansion in its 67-year history. Cope Plastics, Inc. President and CEO Jane Saale has hired Vice President of Sales John M. Lee to lead the company’s national sales staff, and will be expanding its sales territories to improve service in Michigan and Ohio in 2013.

One of the granddaughters of company founder Dwight Cope and an owner of the company since 2004, Saale explains the company is building on its strengths to meet increasing demands for plastic sheet, rod and tube solutions. “Buyers are looking for the broad fabrication capabilities, high quality products, expertise, support and reliable delivery we are widely known for,” she explains. …Read More

Astrike Financial PLLC

Leading the Way to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not a destination – it’s a journey, says Shannon Astrike, founder of Astrike Financial PLLC. “I explain to my clients that we are going to take a lifelong financial hike together. The client’s main task is to set their goals. My role is to be the trail guide, to be the leader, educator, advisor. I make sure we smoothly navigate obstacles along the trail, stay on course and, in the end, help ensure the goals are achieved.”

Astrike has been a Financial Advisor for more than 15 years and a practicing CPA for 20 years. She takes pride in building solid relationships with her clients, which often span multiple generations and quite often involve a family business. The accounting arm of Astrike Financial PLLC is equipped to meet the vast array of accounting, tax and financial issues faced by small businesses and their owners. Being both a licensed CPA and a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) provides Astrike the depth to serve her clients at a superior level no matter what challenges they may encounter. “Let’s face it,” she says. “Life happens: people get married, change jobs, children and grandchildren are born, tragedy strikes – divorce, illness or death. Therefore it’s critical to build security into your finances, and it all starts with a solid strategy.” …Read More

Paramount Precision Products

Machining Company’s Rapid Response to Needs of Customers Spurs Remarkable Growth

A decisive change in Paramount Precision Products’ business structure in 2007 unleashed a dramatic period of growth for the 65-year-old machining company.

Sheila Rossmann, who had been one of five partners, took full ownership of the company that year, confident she had the right vision to turn around the debt-laden company. An antiquated building equipped with aging CNC machines didn’t seem much to build on, but Rossmann knew she had incredible human …Read More

Benson Family Law

Taking ‘The Human Approach’ to Divorce

You could be forgiven for thinking divorce is a numbers game. Alimony. Child support. Property division. Retirement accounts. Business valuation.

Any or all of those could factor in. But in speaking with Annette J. Benson, it becomes clear that the two key numbers in a divorce case are one and one – the spouses dissolving their marriage. Benson and her firm, Benson Family Law, come to the process differently from most others: They take a human approach. …Read More