Jones & Associates


Putting the Pieces Together to
Create a Custom Fit for Clients
Jones & Associates Premier Financial Solutions


David Herstle Jones III sees today’s volatile financial world as a puzzle, one that he and his team are positioned to solve by building relationships, financial

solutions and security through honesty, integrity and service.

The team at Jones & Associates Premier Financial Solutions keeps the client at the center of the process, says Jones, the firm’s president and founder. …Read More

The Gateway Group at Morgan Stanley


Financial Professionals,
People Who Connect With Clients
The Gateway Group at Morgan Stanley


Traci Bumpus was camped out on the couch with Cosmo the cat, a bad cold that cried out for chicken soup, and no energy to go get it.

So she found an app, placed an order and answered the door when the chicken-soup delivery guy knocked 15 minutes later. This came naturally. An avid user of today’s technologies, she was doing the same thing she does at work. “I think at the heart of my excitement is that I like to solve problems for myself, my friends and my clients.” …Read More

Vision Capital Management, Inc.


Successful Investing:
It’s About You, Your Family and Your Dreams
Vision Capital Management, Inc.


Preparing to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of Vision Capital Management, Inc., the shareholders of the wealth management firm want to thank their most important partners – their clients.

“Every portfolio we build starts with a clean sheet of paper and is shaped by the vision and dreams of the client,” says Vision Capital President and co-founder Suzanne P. McGrath. “Clients aren’t required to know the differences between a mutual fund and an exchange-traded fund or between growth and value stocks. All they need to get started is an understanding of themselves and where they’d like their money to take them in the future.” …Read More

The Murphy Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


Strategizing, Staying Agile, Helping Clients
to the Life They Want
The Murphy Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


This might be the investment advisory team for you if you don’t want to be herded through an investment process only to be told “buy this and sell that.”

The Murphy Group of Wells Fargo Advisors gets to know potential clients as individuals, families, foundations and businesses well before making any recommendations and taking any action. The Murphy Group is known for helping people understand the strategy behind the investment plan, and for adjusting appropriately to evolving goals and changing conditions in the financial world. …Read More

Prestige Wealth Management, LLC


A Great Advisor Doesn’t Make Clients Successful, He Works Hard to Help Them Stay That Way
Prestige Wealth Management, LLC


“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.” LPL Financial advisor Nathan Salhus says his clients prove this adage. He credits his success to the fact that clients already come to the table with a strong foundation and history of making good financial choices. Salhus views his role as a partner to his clients; he works hard to help them by providing financial understanding and sound professional investment advice, enabling them to continue to make wise financial choices. …Read More

The Clearwater Group at Morgan Stanley


Bringing Professional Money Management Closer to Home
The Clearwater Group at Morgan Stanley


The Seattle fog was heavier than usual, and the pilot of a small airplane was unable to land safely. Determined to make an appointment with a client, he flew over the Cascade Mountains to the town of Ellensburg, rented a car and backtracked 100 miles to Seattle. His name: Tim Lynch, CFA®, CPM®, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Management Director of the Clearwater Group at Morgan Stanley.

“Punctuality and commitment are important,” says the man with a master’s degree from Columbia University. “The client was depending on me, so I had to do everything possible to get there.” …Read More

Moulton Wealth Management


For Retirees and Pre-retirees, Asset Protection Is the Name of the Game
Moulton Wealth Management


There’s no shortage of advice on how to retire successfully. Indeed, many people today suffer from a surfeit of advice, much of it contradictory and confusing.

Which is why Certified Financial Planner™ professionals Rial and Donald Moulton employ a comprehensive approach when helping people with their finances during retirement.

“What we have found,” says Rial R. Moulton, an attorney and CPA as well as a Personal Financial Specialist as named by the CPA board, “is that asset protection is the most important consideration across all areas of finances as people get close to and during retirement.” …Read More

The Annuity Source, Inc.


Integrity the Foundation
for Success at The Annuity Source, Inc.

When Margo Thompson followed her father into the financial services business, she never envisioned that 25 years later she’d run her own company and be an industry leader. But thanks to his strong influence, that’s exactly what happened for the Principal of The Annuity Source, Inc. Although Thompson had her father as a mentor for only a short time before he passed away, his impact lives on in the business practices at Thompson’s company.

“My father taught me that being honest and ethical was the only way to build successful …Read More

University of California-San Diego

It’s not just
how it works.
It’s how we work it.

Solutions come from unexpected
places. Studying materials found
in nature can lead to the creation
of new and unique structures
that are stronger, lighter and
more flexible.

A seahorse’s tail can be compressed by nearly 50 percent before permanent damage occurs. This exceptional flexibility is due to its structure, made up of bony plates that slide past each other. Inspired by this resiliency,
University of California, San Diego materials science professors Joanna McKittrick and Marc Meyers are letting the animal’s armor guide them as they design an
innovative robotic arm.

We know where solutions that work can be found:


Portland State University School of Business Administration

Broader Global Perspectives
Portland State Announces Graduate Business Program Changes for 2013

The graduate business student with core international competencies has become the biggest prize for professional recruiters. “Employers pursuing a greater share of the global market or seeking the best sources of goods and services are chasing a limited number of qualified job applicants. Candidates with specific skills and insights into global economic systems and diverse cultures are highly sought after,” explains Pamela Dusschee, executive director of Graduate Business Programs at Portland State University’s (PSU) …Read More