Lawrence Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


Preserving Wealth With Solid Strategy
and Personal Concern


As anyone who has done it can attest, building wealth takes business know-how, hard work and a healthy measure of monetary savvy.

Preserving that wealth – and perhaps adding to it – takes a financial professional who is completely dedicated to the task. It’s better still if that financial professional is completely dedicated to …Read More

Vision Capital


Guaranteed Income, Protecting Assets
Are Top Priorities for Most Retirees


One of the most significant effects of the Great Recession that began in late 2007 was a sobering change in attitude among individual investors planning for retirement. Today, the idea of building large nest eggs is being replaced with the goal of creating a predictable retirement with income that won’t be outlived. …Read More

Triad Financial Strategies


Independent, Unbiased Investment Strategies
Triad Financial Strategies Is Different by Design

If you become a client of Triad Financial Strategies, expect to remain a client for a long time.

Indeed, the firm’s exceptionally high client retention rate is a point of pride for Tait Lane, founder and president, and a key reason why he has been named one of the region’s top wealth managers for three consecutive years by Seattle Magazine.* “We’ve rarely lost a client, and only then to death or divorce,” he says.

Still, Lane doesn’t take his clients’ loyalty for granted. He and his team …Read More

Carolyn Christoferson at Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.


Financial Strategies for Families and Businesses

“In many cases, people feel they need permission to retire,” says financial consultant Carolyn Christoferson at Raymond James in Everett, Washington.

“More often than not, if they have been my client for any length of time, from the beginning we have developed strategies to help provide an income stream for life. This is done by establishing their financial goals, creating and implementing a plan of action, actively managing with ongoing reviews, and, if necessary, making modifications. Working together, as a team, taking all of these steps in the financial planning process helps us ensure that we have done the proper analysis and positioned them to be comfortable into their 90s. When necessary we include other professionals in this process, such as attorneys, accountants, trustees, etc. I love telling someone, ‘Yes, you have enough to retire. Your expenses are in control. It’s okay to buy that car or take that vacation.’” …Read More

Virtual Mentor Omnimedia, Inc.

Where Investors and Advisors Turn to Improve Their Prospects

Financial professionals come in all shapes and sizes—from seasoned veterans, thought leaders and innovators to successful entrepreneurs, superior performers and client favorites.

Then there are the rare few who embody them all.

Gary Curry, who founded ORBA Financial Management in 1982 and Redtail Technology, Inc. in 2003, has spent nearly 50 years distinguishing himself as an award-winning financial advisor, business owner and consultant, and life insurance guru. Beginning in 1978, Curry built top-performing regions for insurance giants before co-founding and taking public an agent-owned life insurance company and later joining Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. Curry’s branch office remained number one for 15 consecutive years, amassing $1.7 billion under management, $2.3 billion in variable universal life insurance protection, and another $1.5 billion of variable annuities premiums. …Read More

The Farallon Group at Morgan Stanley

Coaching Private-Business Owners to Financial Independence

You’ve built your business from scratch, carefully nurturing it from startup to success. Now, after many years of hard work and long hours, you’re ready to hand over the reins to someone else. The Farallon Group at Morgan Stanley understands the many issues that must be addressed and the many questions that must be answered before you can retire with confidence.

In fact, the Farallon Group can help with virtually any issue that affects the financial success of a private business – or its owner – from loans to cash management, executive compensation and retirement plans, asset allocation, portfolio management, tax reduction and more. And when it’s time to move on, the practice is there to help transition the business to the next generation or sell it. …Read More