Blunt Wealth Services

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Sensitivity, Simplicity Give Firm a Unique Feel

Many advisors consider increasing and preserving wealth their primary purpose. After all, it’s what they know and do best. Danielle Blunt, CFP®, veteran financial advisor and president of Blunt Wealth Services, helps her clients manage wealth. But her commitment doesn’t end there. She’s equally focused on helping people take charge of their lives, especially at their most vulnerable, by achieving financial order.

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Herrmann & Cooke Wealth Management

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Financial Firm Flies High for Clients

A private plane lands at a small municipal airport in northwestern Montana. Financial advisors David Herrmann, CFP®, and Jason Cooke, CFP®, have flown in from Danville, California, to meet with a longtime client and his wife — former Bay Area business owners who retired to their dream home outside Flathead National Forest. For the retirees, “getting away from it all” does not mean leaving it all behind, thanks to Herrmann & Cooke Wealth Management, LLC.

“Some of our clients have homes in different states,” says Herrmann, who is both a pilot and the CEO of Herrmann & Cooke. “Almost every week, we fly our company plane somewhere to meet with a client.” “Not everything can be done by email or telephone,” adds Cooke, the firm’s president. “If someone has an urgent need, we are committed to being there. Forty percent of our clients have never been to our office, because we go to them.”

Baldwin Naples Wealth Management Group at UBS

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‘Natural Affinity’ for Clients Helps Forge Long-Term Relationships

Margaret L. Baldwin may be affiliated with one the world’s largest financial services companies, but she has a natural affinity for small-business owners. “I grew up in a family business,” she explains, “so I understand what drives entrepreneurs to succeed. I know what keeps them up at night.”
It’s knowledge that serves Baldwin well in her current role. As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) – and senior vice president-wealth management of the Baldwin Naples Wealth Management Group at UBS – she works with many small-business owners, helping them establish and maintain 401(k)s and other types of retirement plans for their employees, among other things. “Our small-business clients call us with all sorts of problems and concerns, and we’re happy to help them whenever we can,” she says.

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Jean D. Koehler, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

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Providing Confidence About the Future

Jean D. Koehler knows better than most people about the importance of having a financial advisor. Before she joined Ameriprise Financial 15 years ago, she was a client. “I’ve sat on the other side of the desk,” she says. That gives her a unique understanding of how to better serve her clients. “I come from a working-class background,” she says. “I know what happens when people have problems. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life. The important thing is: How do you get help?” After a successful career in retail management and sales, Koehler decided that a move into financial advising and planning – and at Ameriprise specifically – was a natural choice.

Enhance Wealth Advisors®

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Plan Well to Live Well

By the time the investing public began to realize the full impact of the financial crisis that began in 2008, clients of Enhance Wealth Advisors® in Walnut Creek, California, had already received a call from their advisor and were considering plans for moving forward. Terry Allen, CFP®, AWMASM offered a reassuring voice, despite the media’s steady stream of dire predictions.

Gropper Law Group PLLC

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Inspired Personal Injury Attorney Is Zealous Advocate for Victims of Negligence

Attorney Joshua Gropper considers his personal injury practice a calling – a calling driven by passion. Even before he graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1991, Gropper’s career was shaped by his own family’s tragedy. Gropper’s younger brother lost all four limbs and was hospitalized for almost two years after getting trapped in a house fire that caused third-degree burns over 85 percent of his body. Gropper observed firsthand the critical role personal injury attorneys can play in helping to secure compensation for their clients and how this financial assistance can help the injured party achieve an optimum quality of life.

Gottlieb Wealth Management

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Planning and Service on the Client’s Terms

Imagine paying a financial advisor to help you map out the future, only to have him or her attempt to steer you into a particular product or a one-size-fits-all service model. It’s a painful thought — yet, in many corners of the financial services industry, it’s a familiar reality. In his earliest days as a financial advisor, Jeremy D. Gottlieb, MBA, RFP®, RFC® fell into the same professional trap, bringing to the table a sales pitch for a specific investment vehicle and an answer to every possible client objection.

CHB Investment Group, LLC

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Process-Driven, Quantitative Approach to
Investing Helps Reach Financial Goals

Christopher Brashier, Managing Director of CHB Investment Group, LLC, likes to describe his firm’s approach to investing as a “financial refinery.” It’s reflective of his past career as an executive in the oil industry, as well as CHB’s emphasis on a precise, quantitative investment process.

“We spend a lot of time on the analytics relative to our competition. Everything we do is by a quantitatively driven process,” says Brashier. Many of CHB’s clients, explains Brashier, are engineers and other technical professionals who appreciate its process-like approach to investing.

Tripp Financial Consultants, Inc.

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Financial Planning: Telling Client Families,
‘Let Us Worry for You’ 

Tricia Tripp, CFP®, CPA’s practice takes the long view in financial planning, helping her clients today, their children for tomorrow, and the community into the distant future.

Tripp is president of a family business: Tripp Financial Consultants, Inc. Her father founded the company in 1983 and now serves as a consultant, and her mother and sister handle key roles in the company. This family orientation is foundational in understanding the needs of their clients, many of whom also own small businesses.

UBS Meridian Wealth Management

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Valuing Client Relationships Above All

Sometimes, the values we hold make the status quo intolerable.

That’s what happened in 2012 to longtime portfolio managers Michael B. Kemp and N. Edward Link, Jr. Having been in the investment arena for decades (Link, 27 years; Kemp, 21 years) and in business together since 2002, the two were deeply committed to serving clients’ interests. But their former firm underwent a drastic change in culture and policy. Afterward, the firm’s values—which seemed centered on its own interests—were no longer compatible with theirs.

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