Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001Technology Firm on Trajectory to Be Premier Provider for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Amid international news stories chronicling the effectiveness of missile defense in saving lives, Huntsville Alabama-based nLogic had a lot to celebrate in August 2014. The 5-year-old provider of high-technology services to aerospace and defense customers had just moved into its new headquarters in Cummings Research Park and learned that it was once again listed among the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies.

Maintaining the pace of growth to be on the Inc. 5000 list for five consecutive years would be difficult enough for any company, but is especially so considering the marketplace in …Read More

The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University


Auburn081814FBSO_AUBURSS00001High-Quality MBAs Made Affordable and Accessible

In 2013, Alabama businessman Raymond Harbert pledged $40 million to the College of Business at Auburn University to help the nationally ranked institution become the best it could be. Today, the college continues to strengthen its position as a leader in business education through its exceptional MBA programs.

For recent college graduates looking for business expertise to seasoned executives looking to further their careers, the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business offers a portfolio of high-quality MBA programs that combine excellence and innovation at an affordable price.   …Read More

The University of Alabama – Culverhouse College of Commerce


UofAlabama081814FBSO_UNIVESS00002The University of Alabama – Culverhouse College of Commerce

The Culverhouse College of Commerce at The University of Alabama is preparing the next generation of business leaders today to meet tomorrow’s challenges of a rapidly changing global economy. And we’re leading the way with our innovative, rigorous and nationally recognized curriculum like the first-of-its-kind STEM Path to the MBA program.

Students majoring in science, technology, engineering or math earn an MBA in one additional year at the Manderson Graduate School of Business — all while acquiring the communication, leadership, decision-making and business analytics skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive world. …Read More

Mainstay Financial Group


Mainstay063014FBFL_MAINSUP00001Financial Protection, Peace of Mind

A retired nurse, recently widowed, was understandably concerned about her financial future. Her late husband had always handled their investments. Now that he was gone, she had no idea what was in her brokerage accounts. She turned to Florida-based Mainstay Financial Group for help.

“I analyzed her portfolios and discovered she was at far too much risk for her age,” says Mainstay founder and President Annalee Leonard. “I repositioned her assets into safer investments. If I had not done that, she would have lost 55 percent in the stock market disaster of 2008. Today she is living independently and has more money than when she started.” …Read More

The Wiregrass Group at Morgan Stanley


Key to Protecting Wealth: Decisive, Timely Action

Many new businesses spend their first few years building a foundation for future success. Others, like the Wiregrass Group at Morgan Stanley, hit the ground running.

With a diverse client roster that includes high-net-worth individuals, families, medical professionals, business owners and retirees, this Dothan, Ala.-based financial advisory team—on the eve of its third anniversary—has already grown to six members collectively managing over $375 million in client assets (as of July 2013). As its momentum continues to build, the Wiregrass Group’s upcoming move to its newly constructed office will be a welcome development. …Read More

McDowell Knight Roedder & Sledge, LLC


Good Trial Lawyers Get Good Results Even Outside the Courtroom

The attorneys of McDowell Knight Roedder & Sledge, LLC may have torn a page out of Roman Emperor Hadrian’s military tactical plan. “Peace through strength” is their winning strategy that has produced impressive outcomes in high-stakes litigation for many of their business clients.

Formed in 1997, McDowell Knight built its reputation as hard-working trial lawyers defending major corporations in cases ranging from products liability to nationwide class actions. “Trying complex litigation is at the heart of who we are,” says Partner Archie Reeves. …Read More

Griffith, Little & Lowry


Personal Injury Lawyers Par Excellence

Who can forget the tornadoes that ripped through Alabama on April 27, 2011?

Not the dozens of families across the state who lost loved ones that day. And not the three Cullman County poultry farmers whose family farms were destroyed by the storms. Their story, fortunately, had a happy ending, thanks to the attorneys of Griffith, Little & Lowry. The firm stepped in when their insurance companies sought to deny coverage for their losses, obtaining a confidential settlement on the farmers’ behalf. “They could have lost their livelihoods,” says senior partner Stephen K. Griffith. “We couldn’t allow that to happen.” …Read More

Moses & Moses, P.C.


Legal Strategies for Families and Businesses

A businessman with two children began to be concerned about his advancing age. He owned substantial assets including interests in rental property, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. He came to see the boutique law firm of Moses & Moses, P.C. to determine how he could protect his assets for his children and care for himself.

With M&M’s help, partnership, shareholder and operating agreements were prepared and negotiated, tax-effective transfers of interests were made, and a third-party special-needs trust was established. The client achieved his goal of protecting his assets for his children while being assured that he would have sufficient assets to meet his needs. …Read More

Melton, Espy & Williams, P.C.


Fifty Years of Quality Legal Services

Melton, Espy & Williams, P.C., is a small law firm that separates itself from others by providing premier, quality legal services for every kind of case.  Today, most law firms specialize in certain areas of the legal field.  However, Melton, Espy & Williams excels as a generalist, and the foundation of its practice is built on the substantial depth and breadth of litigation experience each attorney brings to the table.  The firm has represented an array of clients in virtually every court in the State of Alabama, both state and federal, as well as before numerous administrative and licensing agencies.

“Whether it’s a professional or personal matter, medical-legal, complicated business litigation, white-collar crime, civil litigation, campaign finance and ethics, health care licensing – if you’ve got a case, we will work with you to get the best possible outcome – whether it is by trial, mediation or appeal,” says Joe Espy, who brings nearly four decades of proficiency into the courtroom.  “We practice in a wide range of areas, and we provide a high level of legal service.” …Read More

Briskman & Binion, P.C.


Working for Defendants – and Plaintiffs – at Trial

The first clue to the strong legal representation a client gets from Briskman & Binion, P.C. may be its address. The practice is housed in a renovated historic 1840s-vintage building directly across the street from the Courthouse at 205 Church Street in Mobile, Alabama. That is the firm’s only office, and it is positioned to serve clients throughout South Alabama.

“The courthouse is where we find ourselves much of the time,” says Mack Binion, co-founder of the five-attorney practice. “We are a litigation firm and love what we do.” …Read More