Totus Tuus Consulting, Inc.


TotusTuus063014FBFL_TOTUSNC00001Helping Clients Build a Different Kind of Wealth

Some business owners communicate their core values by way of a written mission statement. Others manifest their values in concrete ways.

Frank Benischeck, president and founder of the financial advisory firm Totus Tuus Consulting, Inc., is among the latter. If you want to understand the values he and his team share, the workspace they occupy offers important clues.

First, its geographic location: Totus Tuus is located on St. Augustine’s beautiful Palm Row, which is lined on both sides with the city’s most interesting historic attractions. Totus Tuus’ building itself was built in 1905; like its Palm Row neighbors, the building features breathtaking original architecture unsurpassed in character and charm. …Read More

The Naples Money Managers, LLC


NaplesMoney063014FBFL_NAPLENT00001Looking for More Income Than Bonds and Growth With Less Risk Than Stocks?

Rather than being drawn to the sizzle, serious investors are increasingly looking for the steak.

“We hear it every day,” says Dennis Nelson, co-founder of The Naples Money Managers, LLC (NMM). “Investors tell us they prefer a predictable flow of cash sufficient to cover everyday living expenses during retirement rather than focusing narrowly on portfolio valuation. At the same time, they don’t want to limit the need for growth to keep pace with inflation.”

In the year 2000, to meet the needs of savvy investors who demand what Nelson and company co-founder Dawn Litchfield Brown call “The Patient Accumulation and Preservation of Assets,” NMM formalized its strategy. The proprietary money management platform, now called “Mapato,” enhances portfolios utilizing a combination of diversified investments and covered calls, a centuries-old strategy standardized in 1973. …Read More

International Wealth Protection


InternationalWealth063014FBFL_INTERON00001Distinctly Serving the Insurance Needs of Latin America’s Most Affluent

For Latin America’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families—and for the financial institutions and advisors who serve them—the gateway to culturally tailored wealth protection can be found in Miami, Florida. That’s the home of International Wealth Protection, an insurance brokerage firm unlike any other in the U.S.

Founder and longtime industry veteran Mary Oliva, who wields 20+ years of international marketplace experience, has traveled extensively throughout Latin America. She understands its wealthiest citizens’ unique needs and challenges; more importantly, she has the knowledge, tools and acumen to effectively address them. …Read More

Montanti Advisory Services, Inc.


Montanti063014FBFL_MONTANC00001Service-Focused Philosophy, Breadth of Experience and Sophisticated Financial Strategies

For more than 40 years, Vincent J. Montanti, ChFC, REBC, CLU, has been devising financial strategies for business owners, corporate executives and other business leaders. His initial interest in helping them navigate the often confusing world of retirement planning, business continuity, estate planning and other financial issues came from watching his father deal with the unique challenges of owning a construction company.

“After observing my father deal with everything from labor contracts and project financing to determining when suppliers get paid and then trying to maintain the integrity of what he had put together for his family, I came to realize there was a tremendous need to help business owners and corporate executives with their financial planning,” says Montanti, president and CEO of Montanti Advisory Services. …Read More

Meinrod & Leeper Wealth Management of Raymond James


MeinrodLeeper063014FBFL_MEINRES00001Retirement Strategies for an Uncertain World

They’re the largest and arguably the most influential generation in history, pacesetters and tastemakers in everything from music to politics, fashion to fitness. Now, as millions of baby boomers prepare to retire, they need someone to show them the way – a trusted partner with the experience to help them make the most of their retirement years.

For many throughout Florida and beyond, that partner is Meinrod & Leeper Wealth Management of Raymond James. …Read More

Sandy Morris Financial & Estate Planning


SandyMorris063014FBFL_SANDYES00001Helping to Solve the Retirement Planning Puzzle

With a weekly show on popular News Radio 970, WFLA and thousands of clients across the region, Sandy Morris is a well-known financial planning professional in the Tampa Bay area. After working in venture capital for 10 years, she founded Sandy Morris Financial 12 years ago with the mission of helping retirees, and people nearing retirement, become financially independent.

“People need to understand their money may need to last two, three or even four decades. We help our clients minimize risk by creating a comprehensive plan to help them keep, grow and protect their money,” says Morris. …Read More

Wealth Planning Center, LLC


South FWealth063014FBFL_WEALTER00001lorida’s Wealth Planning Power Team

Americans are increasingly concerned about not having adequate financial advice when planning for their future. The guidance of an experienced financial advisor is critical, but many individuals overlook the important role that insurance plays as an additional investment vehicle in wealth protection.

Wealth Planning Center, LLC is a successful insurance and financial planning firm in South Florida providing wealth accumulation and preservation strategies and products. “We have a vast network of well-respected companies and advisors that we work with,” says Marc Wachter, Founder and President of WPC. “We are the financial planning quarterbacks. No matter what a client’s needs, we make sure they are all taken care of, from A to Z.” …Read More

Mainstay Financial Group


Mainstay063014FBFL_MAINSUP00001Financial Protection, Peace of Mind

A retired nurse, recently widowed, was understandably concerned about her financial future. Her late husband had always handled their investments. Now that he was gone, she had no idea what was in her brokerage accounts. She turned to Florida-based Mainstay Financial Group for help.

“I analyzed her portfolios and discovered she was at far too much risk for her age,” says Mainstay founder and President Annalee Leonard. “I repositioned her assets into safer investments. If I had not done that, she would have lost 55 percent in the stock market disaster of 2008. Today she is living independently and has more money than when she started.” …Read More

MGY Group at Morgan Stanley


MGYGroup063014FBFL_THEMGEY00001Investments, Financial Planning and Personal Touch

The world is full of financial advisors who are happy to take care of your money. But what about financial advisors who are happy to take care of you?

John McLaughlin is the “M” in the MGY Group, along with Patrick Galloway and Frank Yong – the “G” and the “Y,” respectively. McLaughlin, branch manager and senior vice president of this Morgan Stanley office, says his team gets to know its high-net-worth clients well before putting the first penny of their money in an investment. Or helping them buy a car. …Read More

The Berkley Group Inc.

In the Vacation Business, Passion and Principles Drive Success

“We have the best job in the world—talking with people about building memories with their families and seeing their excitement grow as they consider where they’ll vacation next.”

Becky Foster says this with an earnestness and enthusiasm born of experience, dedication and pride. As president of the Berkley Group (formerly D.E.L. Marketing, Inc.), a privately held, employee-owned enterprise better known to timeshare resort enthusiasts as Vacation Village Resorts®, Foster is a true believer in the life-changing value her company provides—and in the unique way it provides it. …Read More