Sycamore Group Inc.


Sycamore063014FBFL_SYCAMNC00001Wally Mackey’s Success Story
President, Sycamore Group Inc.

When Wally Mackey became a financial planner, he immediately discovered a problem. He had been trained to sell products he wouldn’t buy himself: mutual funds and variable annuities.

Realizing that clients often rode an investment gains-and-losses roller-coaster – and driven by the need to put his own financial house in order – Mackey created a way to climb out of debt, avoid fees, protect against losing money and amass millions for retirement. That’s what he and his wife did. …Read More

Parady Financial Group, Inc.


Parady063014FBFL_PARADUP00001Educating, Empowering and Freeing Today’s Retirees

When Greg Parady tells his clients, “This isn’t your parents’ retirement” and “Our goal is to create a plan about you—your life, your way,” he’s offering more than just clever branding phrases. He is sharing his passion and the essence of his mission with today’s retirees.

Since launching Parady Financial Group, Inc. in 2001 in the heart of The Villages—Florida’s largest retirement community and the nation’s “fastest-growing metro area” in 2014, according to the Orlando Sentinel—Parady and his team of professionals have educated and counseled more than 1,600 retirees, addressing their concerns about asset protection and lifelong income. The firm’s goal: helping clients achieve peace of mind. …Read More

The Stephens Group


UBSStephensGroup063014FBFL_UBSSTUP00001Boutique Team of Retirement Advisors Is Single Source for Wealthy Investors

When Barron’s published its 2014 “Top Advisor Rankings,” no one was surprised to find the name Jason E. Stephens, CFP®, ChFC on the list.

The Barron’s listing is one of a growing number of nods to Stephens’ impressive record of success serving business owners, senior executives and families with significant assets. Among the youngest wealth advisors to achieve Chairman’s Council status at UBS, Stephens is a Managing Director who earned the designation of Private Wealth Advisor, placing him in the top 1 percent of all UBS advisors in the nation. Stephens is a sought-after speaker addressing the topics of Florida domicile, investing for income and other concerns for today’s active retiree. His ability to find innovative solutions to complex financial problems generates tremendous client loyalty. …Read More

Kasturi, Santiago, Perry & Associates


Amerirpise063014FBFL_AMERIRY00001Paving Paths to a Confident Retirement

These are uncertain and unsettling times for pre-retirees and retirees alike.
In the midst of market volatility, a growing array of investment options, and the prospect of living 30 years or more in retirement, individuals over 50 have a lot on their minds.

When can I stop working? Will I have enough money to meet my retirement income needs and still pursue my dreams? Which investment options make sense for my circumstances and goals?

The financial advisers of Kasturi, Santiago, Perry & Associates have 83 years of combined experience and work to provide targeted answers to these types of questions. According to Private Wealth Adviser Kris Kasturi, CRPC®, helping people manage their finances is simply a means to advancing the practice’s real mission: giving retirees the confidence to live well and worry-free. …Read More

Grace Advisory Group


GraceAdvisory063014FBFL_GRACEUP00001Financial Planning for a Worry-Free Retirement Income

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Just as sure are the contractually guaranteed income streams the Grace Advisory Group plans for its clients.

The Grace Advisory Group focuses on retirement income planning, creating programs that provide liquidity through securities and safety through insurance products. “Our focus is primarily on the preservation and distribution phase,” says founder Robert E. Grace, JD, CLU®, ChFC®, CFEd®, RFC. “Our challenge is in helping people understand the instruments we offer, which are primarily annuities and life insurance. We design lifetime retirement income streams. Safety is our number one goal.” …Read More

Verus Wealth Management, LLC


Verus063014FBFL_VERUSLC00001Relationships Come First

David Brooks believes in putting it all on the table. Politics. Religion. There’s nothing he won’t discuss with clients at their initial consultation. Except business. Mr. Brooks, president of Verus Wealth Management, spends this time getting to know the client and allowing the client to get to know him. No accounts are ever opened on the first visit, there’s just a sharing of views and backgrounds.

“I’m not afraid to share my views on controversial issues with prospective clients,” he explains. “If something I say offends them, if we’re at opposite ends of the political spectrum, for example, then chances are we’re also going to have differing views on investment plans and tax strategies. It’s best to get all that out in the open, then we both can make an informed decision as to whether we want to proceed with a business relationship. We believe our success is about relationships and outcomes, not products or performance.” …Read More

Kilgroe, Frantzis, Quinty & Associates


UBSKilgoreFrantzis063014FBFL_UBSKIES00001Success Born of Caliber, Commitment, Core Values

In the asset management business, trust is a precious commodity.
Matt Kilgroe, first vice president–wealth management, and Pete Frantzis, senior vice president–wealth management, of Kilgroe, Frantzis & Associates place a very high premium on trust—something their clients and industry peers truly appreciate. Two years ago, when Kilgroe and Frantzis left a large, well-known brokerage firm to join global leader UBS, they brought with them an enviable following.

First, more than 95 percent of Kilgroe and Frantzis’ existing clients came with them to UBS; that client transfer figure is well above the industry average of 50-60 percent. Second, within three months of Kilgroe and Frantzis’ departure, two more advisory teams left the original firm in St. Petersburg, Florida, to join UBS. A third team led by Dave Quinty, a 40-year veteran of the original firm, trusted Kilgroe, Frantzis & Associates enough to make a life-changing career move and combine forces to become Kilgroe, Frantzis, Quinty & Associates. …Read More

Spyrnal Wealth Management, LLC


Spyrnal063014FBFL_SPYRNLC00001Building Lifelong Relationships

Taking it easy isn’t always easy. Many people work hard their entire lives, only to realize, at age 65, they failed to save enough. Seeking guidance as early as possible, from an experienced financial advisor, is critical.

Florida-based Spyrnal Wealth Management, LLC helps retirees and those approaching retirement invest wisely and prepare for the years ahead. From retirement planning to asset allocation, insurance needs, trusts and much more, this family-owned firm delves into every aspect of each client’s life that affects, or is affected by, money. …Read More

Totus Tuus Consulting, Inc.


TotusTuus063014FBFL_TOTUSNC00001Helping Clients Build a Different Kind of Wealth

Some business owners communicate their core values by way of a written mission statement. Others manifest their values in concrete ways.

Frank Benischeck, president and founder of the financial advisory firm Totus Tuus Consulting, Inc., is among the latter. If you want to understand the values he and his team share, the workspace they occupy offers important clues.

First, its geographic location: Totus Tuus is located on St. Augustine’s beautiful Palm Row, which is lined on both sides with the city’s most interesting historic attractions. Totus Tuus’ building itself was built in 1905; like its Palm Row neighbors, the building features breathtaking original architecture unsurpassed in character and charm. …Read More

The Naples Money Managers, LLC


NaplesMoney063014FBFL_NAPLENT00001Looking for More Income Than Bonds and Growth With Less Risk Than Stocks?

Rather than being drawn to the sizzle, serious investors are increasingly looking for the steak.

“We hear it every day,” says Dennis Nelson, co-founder of The Naples Money Managers, LLC (NMM). “Investors tell us they prefer a predictable flow of cash sufficient to cover everyday living expenses during retirement rather than focusing narrowly on portfolio valuation. At the same time, they don’t want to limit the need for growth to keep pace with inflation.”

In the year 2000, to meet the needs of savvy investors who demand what Nelson and company co-founder Dawn Litchfield Brown call “The Patient Accumulation and Preservation of Assets,” NMM formalized its strategy. The proprietary money management platform, now called “Mapato,” enhances portfolios utilizing a combination of diversified investments and covered calls, a centuries-old strategy standardized in 1973. …Read More