Global Resources Management


GRMI Fuels the Engine of Fortune 1000 
IT Management
Industry Pioneer Naheed Syed Meets Rapidly Evolving Client Needs

Naheed Syed built a career re-imagining the relationship between information technology and business management. As a veteran IT solutions leader in the banking, airline and telecommunications industries, she has managed major change in complex industries.

“I started in the banking industry in IT infrastructure, security and systems automation. After nine years in banking, I moved into the airline industry, and then into telecommunications, as wireless technology was becoming more prevalent,” says Syed, founder and CEO of Global Resource Management Inc. (GRMI). …Read More

Greater Women’s Business Council


Leading and Empowering 
Women-Owned Businesses

With a name like Greater Women’s Business Council (GWBC®), it comes as no surprise when Roz Lewis, CEO and president, articulates the GWBC’s vision for women-owned businesses with a single word: empower.

Established in 2000, the GWBC has been helping women business enterprises (WBEs) achieve success in the marketplace for 14 years. “We certify women-owned businesses, readying them to do business in public and private sectors throughout Georgia and the Carolinas,” says Lewis. …Read More


Customized CRM Solutions Increase Revenues, Improve Efficiencies

Configero — A Trusted Consulting Partner

By helping companies harness the power of Salesforce customer relationship management technology, Atlanta, Ga.-based Configero has solidified its standing among the nation’s leading providers of CRM applications and consulting services. In less than five years, Configero CEO & founder Jody Hamlett leveraged his extensive knowledge of Salesforce’s groundbreaking cloud-based solutions to drive the development of a series of highly customizable …Read More

Nead Werx

Fed Up With the Status Quo?
Customer Software Developer Has the Fix

In 1999, in his dorm room at Georgia Tech, computer engineering major Nikolas Downey was itching to do something big. He understood how to program Internet software better than most, knew a handful of clients willing to pay, and had meticulous standards he was determined to meet. With passion and promise, he founded his own custom software development firm, Nead Werx, Inc.

Word of mouth was the engine that drove Nead Werx in its earliest days, just as it does today. Downey was the firm’s sole proprietor and employee until …Read More

Emerald Data Networks, Inc.

Aligning Your Technology to Achieve Your Business Goals
Local or Cloud-based. Microsoft or Apple. Office or Salesforce.

“It doesn’t matter what technology a company uses,” says Darrell Rodgers, president of Emerald Data Networks, Inc. “I’m vendor agnostic. The important thing is that a company’s technology achieves its business objectives.”

The Atlanta-based IT firm works with businesses of a variety of types and sizes, on both an ongoing and project basis, setting up data networks, implementing communication solutions, installing security and audiovisual systems. …Read More

Bluefin Payment Systems


Security, Mobile Solutions Unmatched 
in the Marketplace

Bluefin Payment Systems has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by focusing on changing as rapidly as technology does.

Bluefin provides secure, integrated payment solutions for independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS providers. Since a strategy pivot in 2011, it has been ranked sixth (2012) and 501st (2013) on Inc.’s list of fastest-growing private U.S. companies, showing revenue of about $67 million in 2013—up from six-figure earnings in 2007.

John M. Perry, CEO, says he knew the business model needed to …Read More

Fujiyama Advisors


Fiercely Independent, Deeply Committed,  Junko Horvath, CFP® Sets New
 Standards in Wealth Management

Since Junko Horvath, CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) entered the investment management and financial planning industry 16 years ago, she has been redefining what it means to provide the highest caliber of comprehensive services to institutional and high-net-worth investors. Service driven, not product driven, Horvath views her role as supporting and protecting clients’ best interests with dedication and integrity. …Read More

Independent Wealth Advisors Group, Inc.


Integrated Tax Planning and 
Investment Management

It was the fall of 2012, and affluent taxpayers across the U.S. were anxiously watching Washington. Among their chief concerns: capital gains, estate and gift taxes, and income tax hikes.

“Many of our clients feared Congress would raise these taxes before the end of the year as part of the effort to reduce the federal budget deficit,” recalls David Harrison Miller, CFP®, founder and CEO of Independent Wealth Advisors Group, Inc. …Read More

Hansberger & Merlin at Morgan Stanley


Original Thinking

“As recent events have proven time and again, no one can accurately predict the weather, earthquakes, elections – or the markets. But we can identify great companies,” says Jim Hansberger, Managing Director-Wealth Management and Financial Advisor. “We believe it is our research process that leads to outstanding long-term investments. Behind every stock lies a tangible operating business, and a stock can only do as well as the company itself.”

Known for their passion for the investment process, both Hansberger and Michael Merlin, …Read More

J. Thompson Ross Investments


Every Investment Has a Timeframe 
and a Purpose

Judy Ross opened her first brokerage office in 2001, one of the most turbulent years in recent history. She spent a mere three months in business development mode before she built enough of a foundation to become solely referral-based.

The statement Ross began making to her clients in 2001 still applies today and has become her mantra. “‘Every asset has a timeframe and a purpose. Risks continue to change, and so should your strategy.’ I reiterate this statement to clients every time I see them,” says Ross, wealth manager …Read More