Pearl River Resort

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Exciting Games, Spectacular Place Add Up to Great Times

Last July, in a 10-day blowout, Pearl River Resort celebrated its 20th anniversary. Naturally, it was the perfect time to make a big announcement: extreme property makeover!

Th at means this already stellar destination is getting better yet. Pearl River Resort is an excitement center – a complex that includes casino gaming, live entertainment, golf, dining, a water park and lodging. In a clear win for fun-seekers, the business is reinvesting in itself to strengthen its competitiveness, attractiveness and ability to provide a wonderful experience for customers. …Read More

C Spire Business Solutions

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Insurance Should Be About Relationships,
Not Just Numbers

Wireless networks, cloud services, data centers, fiber optics: These modern marvels are transforming the way businesses operate and stay secure. Yet in an era of wondrous technological advances that bring the entire world within easy reach, many businesses wonder why their high-tech service providers seem to disappear after the sale.

Kevin Hankins, COO of  C Spire,
a diversified telecommunications and technology services company, hears this lament time and again: “I’ve spoken with C-level executives who say they dread calling their provider to relay a need. There’s no personal relationship or urgency of response. At the core, what’s missing is a sense of partnership and trust.” …Read More

The Else School of Management at Millsaps College


Millsaps081814FBSO_MILLSNT00001Matching Students With Real-World Experiences

As a liberal arts institution located in an urban setting, Millsaps College doesn’t just equip students with the critical thinking and visionary skills that lay a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. Millsaps is a place where they can put those skills and passions to work.

And as one of the few accredited business schools in a liberal arts college, the Else School of Management at Millsaps College capitalizes on those attributes by offering students personalized experiential learning and close mentoring opportunities made possible by small class sizes and dedicated faculty.

This innovative blend of rigorous academics and hands-on experiences offers students a comprehensive and highly tailored education that is difficult to find at larger schools. …Read More

Flaming Phoenix MD, Inc.

Never Say Impossible Flaming Phoenix MD Thrives on the Toughest Logistics Challenges

Nothing is impossible to Deb Disney. The former owner of a travel agency and a day spa stepped way outside of her comfort zone to get started in an entirely different field. In doing so, she has achieved far more than she ever imagined.

Disney took over her brother’s global logistics company, Flaming Phoenix MD, named after the mythical bird that rises up from its ashes to become stronger than before. Raising up a 100 percent woman-owned business in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry was no …Read More

Advanced Environmental Consultants

A National Leader in Environmental Services

What started as a small, local job has materialized into a successful environmental firm with a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States. Advanced Environmental Consultants, Inc.’s (AEC) clients continue to refer others and consistently return for assistance on new projects. This is all because of

AEC’s high-quality work, responsiveness and professionalism. With humble beginnings, DeJonnette Grantham King grew a business she started in 1997, in her dining room, into one of the nation’s …Read More