Brasfield & Gorrie, L.L.C.


Fifty Years of Superior Construction
and Sweeping Success


In 1964, Miller Gorrie—then a 28-year-old aspiring entrepreneur—saw his future and took a courageous step toward it.

With $45,000, his life savings, Gorrie purchased the name and construction assets of Birmingham-based Thos. C. Brasfield Company. Fifty years later, he and his son, CEO Jim Gorrie, …Read More



Award-Winning Personalized Service Makes
AvMed Florida’s Trusted Health Partner for Life


Giving people more power to manage their own health and well-being is just what the doctor ordered. 

For more than 300,000 Floridians, AvMed is an indispensable health partner that does more than simply pay claims. It supports them as they make their own proactive decisions to live healthier, choose the most appropriate care for acute and chronic conditions, and select from a statewide network of excellent provider partners. …Read More

North Highland


Global Consultancy Group Specializes in
Florida’s Economy


North Highland entered the Florida market in 1997, just six years after the firm’s founding. Its groundbreaking approach to management consulting – attracting the best consultants by minimizing long assignments away from family and making them owners – was already proving to be a successful business model in Atlanta. Where better to find the cream of the crop of …Read More

Icon Real Estate


Redefining the Texas Real Estate Market


Ask Johnny Schiro, principal broker of Icon Real Estate in Houston, how to maximize your profits when you sell, and he’ll give you a unique answer: seductive home marketing. It’s an approach that Icon Real Estate has practiced in Houston for the last seven years, and when you look at the numbers, you’ll be convinced that it’s an approach that’s working. …Read More



Alma: World-Class. Florida-Based.

Advertising Excellence for a
New, Multicultural America


Ad Age has named Alma 2014 Multicultural Agency of the Year! It’s a great recognition for an agency that since 1994 has been setting trends, providing thought leadership and helping blue chip brands turn consumers into “Soulmates” – Alma means soul in Spanish. …Read More



Revolutionizing Modern Money:
A Change Agent’s Approach


Robert Wechsler has held many titles: lawyer, small-business owner, and CEO. But when you ask Wechsler who he is, he’ll sum it up in two words—change agent.

Seven years ago, Wechsler became the co-founder and CEO of Century Payments, Inc., a payment processing firm based in Frisco, …Read More

Baptist Health South Florida


Proton Therapy: Breaking New Ground on Breathrough Cancer Care

Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida is committed to bringing world-class cancer care to our community. Construction began this summer on the architecturally stunning $430 million facility. Featuring the ἀrst proton therapy center in South Florida and consolidating all Baptist Health cancer services, the Institute will transform cancer care in our community and across the globe. Scheduled to open in 2016, Miami Cancer Institute will also feature a cutting-edge research facility designed to give patients access to groundbreaking treatments and advanced clinical trials. That’s a healthy step forward in the ἀght against cancer.


ICE: The Institute of Cardiovascular Excellence


Healing Hearts and Bodies
With Innovation, Compassion and Excellence

The Michigan man was nearly at the end of his rope. Though he had consulted numerous specialists and undergone a battery of diagnostic tests, he had been unable to find relief from the abdominal discomfort that had plagued him for years.

Then he read an article by interventional cardiologist Asad U. Qamar, M.D., founder of the …Read More

Bankers Healthcare Group, Inc.


Healthcare Profession Lender Grows Through Fast, Easy Service and Innovation


To say the founders of Bankers Healthcare Group had an idea whose time had come would be an understatement. The idea behind their company is timeless.

BHG, created to provide commercial financing for physicians, dentists and veterinarians, found exactly the right niche. In the past few years, the company’s growth has been explosive, an affirmation that healthcare professionals see the value in a provider dedicated to their financial needs. BHG’s primary offering is working capital financing from $20,000 to $200,000, with terms up to 10 years. But there’s more than just the core business.

BHG recently expanded beyond conventional lending to include a full line of business and personal credit cards, as well as a product that allows healthcare providers to offer their patients financing. “This way, if there’s a gap in insurance coverage, a patient can still get care and doctors receive prompt payment for their services,” says Bob Castro, president of the company.

Not Just for Doctors Anymore
Other indicators of BHG’s growth over the past two years include an increasing client base and service expansion from 43 states to all 50. Originally, its services were only for doctors, dentists and veterinarians. Now they’re also available to nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, physical therapists and pharmacists.

In 2012, the company generated more than $150 million in revenues. This year, it’s on track to surpass $300 million. The staff has grown from 126 employees to 190, necessitating a move into more expansive space in both its Syracuse and Southwest Ranches locations. BHG also opened a sales office in New York City, and there are satellites in Denver and Washington, D.C.

Hassle-Free Lending
Bob Castro, his brother Eric and Albert Crawford became partners in BHG in 2001. They established a direct-lending business model based on an understanding of their clients: busy healthcare professionals whose time is at a premium. BHG serves them by making the loan application process easy and fast, with over-the-phone or online application, approvals in 48 hours or less, favorable terms and funding in as few as five days. “Today’s healthcare providers have very little time to spare,” says Crawford, chairman and CEO. “Our clients never have to leave their desks. We make it hassle-free.”

And BHG never stops working to improve the process. “Innovation” is the key word, and it suffuses the entire company. Surveys provide feedback; Eric Castro, chief operating officer, says, “Of our funded customers, 99.4 percent prefer us over a traditional lender, and 97 percent would recommend us to their colleagues.”

“Innovation,” Bob Castro says, “is how we’ll stay at the top. Nobody in this industry does it like we do. We want to create the most innovative financial solutions for healthcare professionals across the country.”


BHGCoreFullLogo_CMYK_OK |

Corporate Headquarters
4875 Volunteer Rd.
Southwest Ranches, FL 33330

Financial Headquarters
201 Solar Street
Syracuse, NY 13204

National Sales Office
875 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1002
New York, NY 10001



University of Florida Health Cancer Center


Visionary Cancer Research at UF
Helps Fuel Region’s Economy

Turning today’s “what ifs” into tomorrow’s cancer breakthroughs is a specialty at University of Florida Health Cancer Center.

“We’re working with brilliant researchers who are passionate about improving the way we prevent, detect and treat cancer,” says Paul Okunieff, M.D., director of the UF Health Cancer Center. “But the reality is that until you have a product to market, you can’t help mankind. The path scientists must take to transform their promising concept into a product leads them far from their field of expertise.” …Read More