Law Office of John R. Teakell


Real Legal Experience for White Collar Cases

A former pro football player is accused of mortgage fraud. Millions of dollars are involved. The defendant could face years in prison if convicted. After thoroughly researching the facts, defense attorney John R. Teakell persuades the court to dismiss the charge of conspiracy to commit bank fraud due to lack of evidence.

A former U.S. military procurement officer is investigated on suspicion of bribery involving a government contractor. Teakell helps convince the Department of Justice there is no case and the bribery investigation is brought to a close. …Read More

Schirrmeister Diaz-Arrastia Brem LLP


The Lawyer You Hire Is the Lawyer Who Works on Your Matter

Corporate litigation is a buttoned-down world, except when it isn’t, and Mike Brem and his colleagues at Schirrmeister Diaz-Arrastia Brem know a little about that.

This Houston boutique represents large companies, including many Fortune 100 businesses, here in the U.S. and internationally. That sometimes takes the attorneys into situations and settings that are, well, unusual. Brem tells of the time he was in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, in the Philippines, on behalf of a client. He had been in a hotel there for a few days when he spotted the sign at the bottom of the bathroom mirror: Water is not potable. …Read More

KoonsFuller, P.C.


Family Law With Small-Firm Feel, Big-Firm Resources

Choosing a family law attorney during a treacherous time in your life is challenging. Clients want all the knowledge and resources that come with the big law firms. They want their attorney to have a stellar reputation. They want to feel their attorney really understands them and their issues, so they want someone with whom they have good chemistry as well.  Many feel they have to choose between these ideals, and that makes it a difficult decision. At KoonsFuller, however, no choice is required. Clients have the best of both worlds. …Read More

Haltom & Doan


Trial Firm Wins Big by Engaging Juries

When a highly technical dispute is tried in court, an attorney’s mastery of case details, industry complexities and relevant statutes isn’t all that determines the outcome. Ultimately, it’s up to persuading the 12 men and women in the jury box that your client’s story is more credible, relatable and compelling.

For over 20 years, Haltom & Doan partner Jennifer Doan has enjoyed bending jurors’ ears with a good story. In fact, she devotes much of her pretrial work to building presentations that will keep jurors fully engaged—setting the stage, anticipating and answering their most basic questions, and presenting client narratives in simple terms. …Read More

Paul Doyle & Associates, P.C.


Prosecutor Turned Defense Attorney Is a Passionate Client Advocate

Wrongful accusations happen all too often, damaging reputations, destroying lives. “It’s too easy to charge someone who’s innocent, to honestly get it wrong, without having ill intent,” says prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney Paul H. Doyle, managing partner of Houston-based Paul Doyle & Associates, P.C.

Doyle spent seven years as a prosecutor in Harris County, the last two as a major offender/special crimes prosecutor, before shifting his focus to criminal defense. His boutique practice grew quickly, fueled by his willingness to take on the most challenging cases and his commitment to defend each client with energy and passion. …Read More

SMU Cox School of Business


Leadership Is Not for Dreamers, but for the Determined

Surround determined individuals with like-minded men and women. Place them in a highly charged environment in one of the nation’s most prolific business centers. And, finally, give them an intimate private-school MBA education from one of the nation’s most prestigious business schools, SMU Cox. That’s how you build Texas leaders.

SMU Cox is a catalyst that ignites Dallas’ nation-leading growth, and its three top-ranked MBA programs break the doors open to global opportunities for those able to earn them. Offering full-time, executive and professional (part-time) MBA programs, SMU has produced more CEOs of Fortune 100 companies than any other university in the state. …Read More

Cadence Bank


Building a Better Bank for Businesses and Individuals

United, they stand. Paul B. Murphy Jr. was a driving force in raising a billion dollars to bring together three banks and create one very strong financial institution.

He set out three years ago to join together Cadence Bank, whose 127 years of history ran up hard against the Great Recession, with one very sound bank, Encore, and one failed bank, Superior, to build a successful new entity. Cadence Bank supplied the brand’s name, and Murphy, with decades of executive experience, took the helm as CEO and president of Cadence Bancorp, LLC, parent company of Cadence Bank. “I like to think of us as a new ‘old’ bank,” he says. …Read More

Darling International Inc.


Creating Sustainable Food, Feed and Fuel Ingredients for a Growing Population

Darling International was green before it was cool to be green. “We were green long before anyone even knew what the words recyclable, sustainable or renewable meant,” says Chairman and CEO Randall C. Stuewe. “We’ve been recycling animal by-products for 130 years.”

Today, the Dallas-based company is America’s largest and only publicly traded provider of rendering, recycling and recovery solutions to the nation’s food industry. It recycles beef, poultry and pork by-product streams into usable ingredients such as tallow, feed-grade fats, meat and bone meal, poultry meal and hides. …Read More



Helping Associates Build Careers, Helping Clients Build Companies

Carla Lane knows something about work – what it means to employers, what it means to employees, and how it changes the course of people’s lives.

Her firm, LaneStaffing, is a bridge between companies that need workers with specific skills and people who need employment where they can apply those skills. But it’s more than just placing associates in jobs for Lane. She sees her role as helping people create careers while assisting clients in developing their teams.

“We offer training components, résumé development and help in building job skills,” she says. “We’ve got a relationship with the Urban League here in Houston where we hold classes to help people develop the skills we know our customer companies are seeking. We invest in the communities we serve.” …Read More