Texas Financial Advisory


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Protecting Retirees’ Lifestyles From the Unexpected

Brooklynn Chandler Willy was trying to inject a little levity into a serious discussion. “The last time I checked, the mortality rate was hovering around 100 percent,” she joked. “Still, I plan for my clients’ retirement like they are going to live forever.”

Despite her playful sense of humor, Willy couldn’t be more serious when it comes to her clients’ financial futures.  As president of Texas Financial Advisory, an independent financial advisory firm specializing in the needs of pre-retirees and retirees, Willy works with clients to create a sustainable retirement income plan that seeks to protect their lifestyle from the unexpected. “We lay out a cash-flow plan so our clients will know where their money is going to come from for the rest of their lives,” she says. “Our ultimate goal is to mitigate risk for our clients.” …Read More

Income Solutions Wealth Management


Income063014FBTX_INCOMNT00001‘The Outcome Should Be Income’

Lance A. Browning, RICP® had had it with Wall Street’s “bailout/buyout mentality.”

And, after nearly two decades in the financial services industry, he wanted to be free to choose the investment options he felt were in his clients’ best interest. In August 2012, he and others in his office left the wire house where they had worked for years to start their own firm.

The idea behind Income Solutions Wealth Management was simple, he says: to create a company offering access to objective, conflict-free financial advice to retirees and pre-retirees. …Read More

The Davis/Yost Group at Morgan Stanley


DavisYostGroup063014FBTX_THEDAWM00001A Holistic, Relationship-Driven Approach to Wealth Management

The CEO of a publicly traded company needed to comply with new industry corporate governance protocols; the solution was to convert an existing line of credit secured with his company stock to one that did not require disclosure in the company’s proxy. After a nine-figure liquidity event in the high-risk energy business, a husband and wife were interested in an investment strategy with much lower risk; her objectives were clear – she wanted to sleep at night. A struggling publicly traded company under pressure from its banks sold high-yield bonds, allowing it to grow and attract a buyer at a much higher valuation.  Another client found a great deal on an aircraft purchase – but was it a great deal? …Read More

Summit Financial Group


Summit063014FBTX_SUMMIUP00001For Selecting a Financial Advisor,Trustworthiness Is No. 1 Criterion
George Warner, CFP®, CEP®, RFC®, AEP®

The selection of a financial advisor most often boils down to one question: Do you like and trust this person?

Recently, financial planner George Warner, CFP®, CEP®, RFC®, AEP® sat down with financial editors to discuss the increasing importance of trustworthiness in the investor-advisor relationship.

Warner is featured in Texas Monthly magazine as a 2009, 2011 and 2012 Five Star Wealth Manager. He is also a six-time Riter C. Hulsey Award winner in recognition of his integrity and loyalty to clients. …Read More

DDI Financial Services


Retirement Income Solutions for Challenging Times

You’ve been getting ready for years, faithfully putting money into 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts in anticipation of the time when you retire. Now comes the hard part: generating a retirement income that will meet your needs and last your lifetime.

Indeed, retirees and pre-retirees today face some of the most challenging circumstances in recent memory, says Richard “Dickie” Dean, president/CEO of DDI Financial Services. According to Dean, today’s historically low interest rates and the direct and indirect effects of the international markets are causing many people to look at options they might not have considered in the past. In addition, many are working longer and even starting new careers. …Read More

Stephen Wilson, Financial Advisor, Raymond James Financial Services


RaymondJames063014FBTX_RAYMOFP00001A Boom Region Requires an Experienced, Flexible Financial Planner

Financial planner Stephen Wilson says he’s been getting a lot of calls from people who simply say, “Help!”

In most cases, it’s a cry for help born of good fortune:

– A blue-collar worker suddenly finds himself making well into six figures.

– A woman receives a check for $1 million after her grandfather cashes out of his business in a booming economy.

– A couple gets a $200,000 check from a drilling company. …Read More

Adams Wealth Management


Charting a Course Toward Financial Independence

Do you like the Dallas Cowboys? How about a winning team? {Insert sarcasm} Either way, I think we can all agree that the most important position on the field is the quarterback because he brings a team of people together to implement a strategy that will reach a common goal … a completed pass, a touchdown, a victory, play-off advancement and, finally, the Super Bowl. Adams Wealth Management (AWM) is like a quarterback – a financial quarterback who understands and coordinates all aspects of its clients’ financial lives in an effort to lead them on a course toward financial independence. The firm also seeks to address a wide range of questions and concerns many clients often wonder about:
• At what age can I retire?
• How much should I save each month to pursue my short and long-term goals?
• Is my portfolio sufficiently diversified?
• What tax-planning strategies are available to me?
• What types of insurance do I need to safeguard my family? …Read More

Texas Oil & Gas Association


A Unified Voice for a Diverse Industry

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Texas’ oil and natural gas industry to all Texans including its residents, businesses and municipalities. In fact, the dramatic increase in oil and natural gas production in the last decade is the reason the Texas economy is doing so well at a time when many other state economies are struggling, says Debbra Mamula, executive vice president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA). Indeed, the industry’s impact is felt across the U.S. Consider the following statistics.

“As of September 2013, if ranked as a nation, …Read More

AIM Family of Companies


All-in-One Logistics Company Offers All Modes of Transportation Services With Global Access, Specializing In and Out of Mexico, for the 
Oil and Gas Industry

Driving a company’s annual revenue from startup in 2009 to $20 million or more in just five years, AIM Family of Companies owner Angelica Garcia-Dunn has earned the attention of the transportation industry.

When Garcia-Dunn originally set the company in motion, a boom in oil and gas had just created a strong demand for minority-owned supply chain providers who could handle large project freight …Read More

Temporary Housing Directory, Inc.


Relocation Specialists Bring Order and 
Comfort in Chaotic Times

In the 1990s, corporate relocation professional Teresa Vidger was perfectly content in her career. She enjoyed helping people get settled into rental apartments or homes quickly and at the right price and location. Her employer, one of the nation’s largest real estate companies, treated her well. Vidger never dreamt of starting her own business.

So fate came looking for her—in the form of a phone call on behalf of a famous football player in the area, who needed to find a temporary residence after his house was damaged by fire. …Read More