Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom Financial Group


Independent Financial Advice With No Preconceptions

An elderly widow was finding it increasingly difficult to live on her own. She was overwhelmed by the logistics of selling her home, choosing an assisted living facility near her son in another state, and orchestrating a move. She turned to her advisor at Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom Financial Group, who helped with her financial needs every step of the way. “I also got her finances in order so she had no financial  worries going forward,” says Cory Hoagstrom.

A family faced an unexpectedly large tax bill following the death of their widowed mother. They, too, found the financial advice they needed at Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom. As an independent firm, Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom has access to the full universe of investment options, both traditional and alternative. The advisors choose only those they are confident are in the client’s best interest. “Maximizing income while limiting risk is an important emphasis for us,” says Matthew Fox, AAMS.

“We enter each client relationship without preconceived ideas about who the client is or what they need in an investment portfolio,” says Roger Frank. “Before we make a single recommendation, we take the time to learn as much as possible about the client’s financial circumstances and needs.”

Helping individuals and families with complex financial challenges is all in a day’s work for the Nebraska-based firm. The partners bring to bear wide-ranging expertise to help clients prepare for a comfortable retirement, save for a child’s college education and meet myriad other challenges. The practice also serves businesses with 401(k) plans, group health insurance and other employee benefits. Clients benefit from the collective knowledge and diverse experience of all four partners, who routinely consult with one another.

The firm also offers life, disability and long-term care insurance and essential components of a complete financial plan.

Trusted Advisor to Women in Transition
In addition to providing guidance and products to small businesses, individuals and school districts, Mary Oestmann is a trusted advisor to many women who suddenly find themselves single due to a death or divorce. Her soothing manner is especially reassuring to those with little or no experience handling financial matters. “I recently had a client who lost both her husband and her mother within a week’s time,” Oestmann recalls. “I helped her work through some complex issues, including wading through paperwork, understanding changes in her income and outlining suggested steps to move forward with her life.”

Founded in 1996, Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom is growing rapidly, and is looking forward to serving a wide variety of clients for many years to come.


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Registered representative of and securities and investment advisory services offered through Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. (BFCFS) member FINRA/SIPC.
Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom Financial Group is independent of BFCFS.


Armstrong Steel Corporation


Armstrong’s Authorized Builders Attribute Success To Quality & Service

Armstrong Steel’s Authorized Builder Network continues to play an integral part in the way people work, build, and shape their communities.

“Sometimes the best construction experience is the one a customer can hardly recall. Being an Authorized Armstrong Builder for Armstrong Steel means making a customer’s dreams and goals the focus of their experience with us,” says an Authorized Armstrong Builder in Michigan, Shawn Bowne.

“Armstrong’s steel building systems are astonishingly efficient to construct. From the moment they deliver their building system to the final phase of erecting it, its durability is noticeable. They took everything they’ve learned about designing the best building system on the market and continue to refine the process to be even more material efficient and exact. The result is a building system that looks amazing and is a breeze to erect,” says North Dakota builder Mike Cebulla. …Read More

Boulder Electric Vehicle


Lean, Clean Driving Machines

Chances are you’ve never thought of an electric truck as “basically a cordless drill with wheels.” But that’s exactly how Carter Brown likes to describe the vehicles that are the lifeblood of his business. In fact, it’s a pretty apt description.

“Our trucks are efficient, low-maintenance machines with no transmission, spark plugs or belts to maintain, no oil to change, and fewer breakable components to worry about than with a diesel or gasoline vehicle,” says Brown, founder and CEO of Boulder Electric Vehicle. Plug your truck into a 220-volt outlet overnight, and it’s charged and ready to go the next morning. …Read More

Plastics Design & Manufacturing


Industry Pioneer Offers Cutting-Edge Solutions for Business

With 37 years of established history and technology and capabilities that continue to advance, Plastics Design & Manufacturing is a hub of both seasoned insight and front-line innovation. Within the walls of this award-winning company’s massive 110,000-square-foot facility—one of the largest complexes of its kind in the West—stability and progress are perfectly aligned.

This is why Plastics Design & Manufacturing is regarded throughout the region as a leader in process design, customization and turnkey project management, serving top-tier brands in the medical, technology, restaurant, aviation and automotive industries. Complexity is the order of the day, every day: Plastics Design & Manufacturing handles everything from cosmetic pieces for restaurant chains to plastic enclosures, or “skins,” that encase medical devices, high-tech devices and light industrial machinery. …Read More

Blue Moon Works, Inc.


Ushering in the Next Generation of eCommerce

With its wide-open spaces and endless horizon, Colorado is the quintessential frontier state. Today, it’s advancing on new fronts, with new avenues to technological and market leadership crisscrossing the landscape.

Where these avenues intersect, you’ll find Blue Moon Works, Inc., a Denver-based digital marketing agency founded in 2003 to serve the eCommerce needs of elite brands in the fashion, beauty, jewelry, home décor and travel industries. With its unrivaled mix of brain power, technology and consumer marketing savvy, Blue Moon Works has mastered the use of online data to predict consumer behavior and fine-tune marketing strategies with unrivaled sophistication, speed and results. …Read More

Legacy Investment Services, Inc.


Independent Advisors Are Crafting the Future of Retirement Planning Industry

While the SEC continues to debate the issues of duty and integrity, some of the nation’s most experienced financial advisors are setting tomorrow’s standards for unbiased retirement planning services. Among them is an elite cadre of about 70 independent advisors who participate in an ongoing exchange – a virtual think tank. The advisors, who are affiliated with Legacy Investment Services, Inc., are evaluating and refining processes, rigorously testing emerging technologies and promoting practices that give investors unlimited access to quality investment products.

The brainchild of founder Marc G. Minor, RFC, Legacy Investment Services was established in the early 1990s. The processes he developed broke the traditional business models. He reasoned that sophisticated technology used in mega-firms to conduct independent research and stress-test portfolios was available to smaller firms as well. And, once he cohesively aligned with an independent broker-dealer, he would no longer be captive to the broker’s limited options nor would he be accountable to sales quotas. His “out-of-the-box” approach would give each client access to the entire universe of investment options. …Read More

Premier Plastics, Inc.


Utah Business Breaks the Mold in Thin-Wall Thermoforming and Custom Plastic Packaging

With the addition of a Class 10,000 clean room in 2013, Utah-based Premier Plastics marked yet another turning point in its history of innovation.

“To stay competitive, companies must continually break new ground and reinvent themselves,” says Premier Plastics founder and President Jim Holbrook. “Adding to our capabilities in this strictly regulated segment of our industry was challenging, but necessary to capture a larger share of the medical, dental and nutraceuticals packaging market.”
…Read More

Digital Financial Group


Reliable Transactions Beyond the Box

In the clothing business, having the right merchandise in stock is critical. If a retailer does not have the right item, the customer will go elsewhere. With that in mind, a certain shoe manufacturer needed to speed up its invoicing system with hundreds of stores nationwide. The company turned to Utah-based Digital Financial Group (DFG), a leading credit card processing company, for a solution.

“We developed a real-time invoicing system where retailers could pay the manufacturer by credit card online,” says President Cory Gray. “There is no more waiting for a check to clear. Now, retailers can get shoes delivered in two days instead of 10.” …Read More



Finding and Responding to Government Bids: An Often-Overlooked Business Strategy

The timing couldn’t have been better or more daunting when Sabrina Stover joined BidSync, a cloud-based, end-to-end procurement and bid notification service. The year was 2008, and a global financial crisis had all but paralyzed commerce and industry. Simultaneously, significant shortfalls in revenues were forcing local and state governments to provide services to more people while using fewer resources.

With an impressive suite of highly effective “software as a service” (SaaS), e-procurement and bid notification solutions, BidSync was well positioned to help government and military purchasers identify and negotiate with vendors and to provide businesses with an even playing field where they could compete for public-sector contracts. The company seized the opportunity, adding a wider range of solutions and recruiting hand-picked talent from across the country. …Read More

Molding Box


Unleashing the Potential of Online Retailers Large and Small

Entrepreneurial success begins with restless creative energy and the seed of an idea. Once that seed has germinated, branched out and begun bearing fruit in the marketplace, it needs lots of TLC—i.e., concrete goals, well-defined plans and disciplined execution.

Molding Box, Salt Lake City’s award-winning provider of warehouse, order fulfillment and direct-to-consumer shipping services, grew from tender shoot to towering tree at breathtaking speed. In 2005, founder Jordan Guernsey began serving a handful of Internet retailers from his parents’ basement; five years later, Molding Box debuted at #71 on the Inc. 500 list after growing an astounding 3,384 percent over a three-year period. Today, still young but firmly rooted, Molding Box is turning to tried-and-true business principles to both fuel and facilitate its ongoing expansion. …Read More