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William H. Hamel,
Senior Director – Investments


You never think it could happen to you. Someone else is going to be hit by a bus or be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Someone else is going to have failed back surgery. Someone else, but not you.

William H. Hamel used to think this way; it’s only human nature. But not anymore.
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The Institute for Wealth Management


Key to Investment Success: Question Everything 


Do you judge a particular market vehicle or strategy by its past performance? Do you measure your investment success by whether you beat the S&P in any given year?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. But you may be relying too heavily on the wrong criteria.

“Many industry experts claim historically great returns, suggesting this somehow predicts future success,” says Matt Medeiros, founder of the Institute for Wealth Management, an independent portfolio management firm. “This sends the wrong message. Investors need to be prepared to ask their advisors the right questions.”
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Action Staffing Solutions

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Making a Difference Every Day

How many of us can say we are doing the work we were truly meant to do? Robin Fischer is one of the lucky few. Or perhaps it wasn’t luck at all but a rare combination of talent, passion, focus and commitment that led her to start Action Staffing Solutions and grow it into the unique staffing firm it is today.

“My goal when I started Action Staffing Solutions was to make a difference in someone’s life every day,” she says, “whether that means helping a …Read More

Canary, LLC

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Visionary Leadership
Makes Canary, LLC the Largest
Independent Wellhead Service Company

At age 28, Dan K. Eberhart was hardly a fresh-faced kid in the oil and gas industry. He was the vice president of acquisitions for a global product and service provider for the energy sector. When the Tulane University Law School alumnus’ recommendation to purchase a small wellhead company at the Bakken shale play went unheeded by his boss, he decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he left his stable, good-paying job. He found a partner and …Read More

Clear Title Agency of Arizona

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Helping Smooth the
Real Estate Transaction Process

Bart Patterson says the key characteristic that defines the rapid success of his business, Clear Title Agency of Arizona, is trust.

Property buyers and sellers may hardly notice Clear Title’s presence at the closing table, but this means everything is as it should be, and that is what builds trust with customers.

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Trapp Corp.

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Outsourced IT Is Competitive
for Small to Mid-sized Companies

Clients of Trapp Corp. are swimming with the big sharks, competing comfortably with companies many times their size, anywhere in the world, anytime.

“Having the most sophisticated technologies helps level the playing field for small to mid-sized businesses,” explains Reed Clarke, Trapp’s Vice President of Business Development. “But the cost of ownership – infrastructure, management, support, labor and the use of other internal resources – can put the best of technologies out …Read More

Sage Partners, Private Wealth Management at UBS


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Competence and Caring Define Dynamic Trio’s Practice

In 2008, veteran financial advisor Allison Smoot, CFP®, CIMA®, CDFA™ had a revelation. To serve clients at the highest possible level, she reasoned, she needed to partner with people she trusted—people with integrity, a strong work ethic, complementary specialties and industry credentials on a par with her own.

Allison turned to Terri E. Yeckley, a fellow financial advisor and personal friend of 20 years, whose Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA™) certification made her an industry rarity. …Read More

Investment Management Consultants


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Giving Clients Peace of Mind Through Stable, Consistent Results During Market Volatility

David Russon, president of Investment Management Consultants (IMC), believes an important service his firm can provide is answering the question “Will I be okay” in relation to retirement planning, market volatility and other financial concerns.

“That’s a question investors ask themselves every day, and it can be complicated by the economy, market conditions and current events,” says Russon, who founded IMC with partner Rhett …Read More

The Cottonwood Group of Wells Fargo Advisors


TexasFinancialAdvisory063014FBTX_TEXASRY00001Tactical Asset Management Seeks Both Growth and Downside Protection

Naysayers can say what they will, but Thomas J. Pappas has never been more optimistic about the markets, the U.S. economy and the country in general. He even sees signs of improvement globally.

“It’s a great time to be invested in the market,” says Pappas, Managing Director-Investments at The Cottonwood Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and a 30+ year veteran of the financial services industry. “There really is a lot of opportunity out there.”

Still, Pappas knows firsthand that markets can change at any time. That’s why he believes strategies like buy-and-hold and “locking into a simple rebalancing program forever and not revisiting it until you hit retirement” are not appropriate in today’s marketplace.

Instead, Pappas and his team, which includes his son, Associate Vice President-Investment Officer Matthew D. Pappas, and mother-daughter financial advisors Lori Rogerson and Cydnie Callaway, follow a tactical approach to asset management, utilizing the firm’s own portfolios.
“We’re always looking for pockets of value and opportunity for our clients, both for growth and for downside protection, based on the latest research and analysis,” says Matthew Pappas. “This is an ongoing process that we believe better positions our clients to reach their financial goals; it’s a constantly evolving process. We don’t just put people on autopilot and move on to the next client.”

Forward-Looking. Entrepreneurial.
As an advisory practice of Wells Fargo Advisors, The Cottonwood Group has access to a wide range of financial products and services, with no proprietary products to sell and “greatly reducing potential conflicts of interest,” Matthew Pappas says. “We chose Wells Fargo Advisors because they’re forward-looking, entrepreneurial, technologically advanced, and are always bringing new financial products and services to the table,” Thomas Pappas adds.
More than an investment practice, The Cottonwood Group provides holistic wealth management services that encompass all aspects of clients’ financial lives, from retirement planning to life and estate investment planning to insurance and more. The firm becomes “a center of influence” for many clients, Matthew Pappas says, “a reliable point of contact,” developing many close, long-term client relationships along the way.  “Our clients call us with all sorts of questions and concerns, and we’re always happy to help.”

Pessimists are free to disagree, but The Cottonwood Group has great confidence in the future. “This is not just our opinion,” says Thomas Pappas. “We buy a lot of independent research, and the numbers bear us out.”

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R&R Partners

Creating, Building and Protecting Brands

One of the most iconic, successful ad campaigns of our time, “What happens here, stays here” has delivered record-breaking visitor volume and encouraged millions to claim a slice of Las Vegas adult freedom for themselves. Last year the campaign generated more than a half billion dollars in earned media value for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

The agency behind these remarkable results is marketing communications firm R&R Partners.

“We grew out of political campaigns on both sides of the aisle,” explains Mary Ann Mele, president, chief brand officer and principal at R&R Partners. “Elections force you to be nimble and capitalize on every weapon in your arsenal. This is also where we developed our philosophy of creating, building and protecting brands. You might call it our mantra.” …Read More