Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.


William H. Hamel,
Senior Director – Investments


You never think it could happen to you. Someone else is going to be hit by a bus or be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Someone else is going to have failed back surgery. Someone else, but not you.

William H. Hamel used to think this way; it’s only human nature. But not anymore.
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The Institute for Wealth Management


Key to Investment Success: Question Everything 


Do you judge a particular market vehicle or strategy by its past performance? Do you measure your investment success by whether you beat the S&P in any given year?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. But you may be relying too heavily on the wrong criteria.

“Many industry experts claim historically great returns, suggesting this somehow predicts future success,” says Matt Medeiros, founder of the Institute for Wealth Management, an independent portfolio management firm. “This sends the wrong message. Investors need to be prepared to ask their advisors the right questions.”
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Action Staffing Solutions

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Making a Difference Every Day

How many of us can say we are doing the work we were truly meant to do? Robin Fischer is one of the lucky few. Or perhaps it wasn’t luck at all but a rare combination of talent, passion, focus and commitment that led her to start Action Staffing Solutions and grow it into the unique staffing firm it is today.

“My goal when I started Action Staffing Solutions was to make a difference in someone’s life every day,” she says, “whether that means helping a …Read More

Canary, LLC

ActionStaffing121514FBSW_ACTIONS00001Visionary Leadership
Makes Canary, LLC the Largest
Independent Wellhead Service Company

At age 28, Dan K. Eberhart was hardly a fresh-faced kid in the oil and gas industry. He was the vice president of acquisitions for a global product and service provider for the energy sector. When the Tulane University Law School alumnus’ recommendation to purchase a small wellhead company at the Bakken shale play went unheeded by his boss, he decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he left his stable, good-paying job. He found a partner and …Read More


Denver Company on the Leading Edge of Cash-Flow Processing

“Imagine this.” Those were the words that launched Nadine Lange on a venture that changed her life, her future customers’ operations and the cash-flow-processing industry.

Lange is president and CEO of Open Scan Technologies, Inc., a company that turns a complex and formerly time-consuming process into money in the bank. The company automates business-to-business transactions, electronically moving checks and documentation — often, huge volumes — where they need to be. Open Scan’s solution is quick, accurate, cost-effective and almost entirely without human interaction. …Read More

Accutrend Data Corporation

Telling Businesses’ Stories, Record by Record, Data Point by Data Point

It happens thousands of times every business day, in towns and cities across the U.S.

An entrepreneur walks into a government office and files paperwork to launch a business or incorporate an existing one – a lawn care service or an IT consultancy firm, a car dealership or a wealth management firm. Some 24 hours later, a trove of useful information about the business is added to a massive data warehouse in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Over the past 24 years, Accutrend Data Corporation has carefully assembled, record by record, data point by data point, a database of over 56 million businesses operating in the United States. “This is all self-reported data, and it comes from a plethora of jurisdictions, including towns, cities, counties and states,” says Vicki Reavis, CEO. While much of the information is available electronically, a lot of it is still obtained the old-fashioned way, in person. “Some of the data we collect is actually handwritten,” Reavis says. …Read More

Tax & Financial Group


Exceptional Intellectual Capital Sets This Firm Apart

Sometimes even smart people make poor financial decisions.

The prosperous business owner whose ill-advised succession plan could lead to the demise of his company in a generation or two. The savvy investor tempted by a too-good-to-be-true investment scheme or tax strategy.

Tax & Financial Group associates have seen it happen – and have helped prevent it from happening – time and again.
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Armstrong Steel Corporation


Armstrong’s Authorized Builders Attribute Success To Quality & Service

Armstrong Steel’s Authorized Builder Network continues to play an integral part in the way people work, build, and shape their communities.

“Sometimes the best construction experience is the one a customer can hardly recall. Being an Authorized Armstrong Builder for Armstrong Steel means making a customer’s dreams and goals the focus of their experience with us,” says an Authorized Armstrong Builder in Michigan, Shawn Bowne.

“Armstrong’s steel building systems are astonishingly efficient to construct. From the moment they deliver their building system to the final phase of erecting it, its durability is noticeable. They took everything they’ve learned about designing the best building system on the market and continue to refine the process to be even more material efficient and exact. The result is a building system that looks amazing and is a breeze to erect,” says North Dakota builder Mike Cebulla. …Read More

Boulder Electric Vehicle


Lean, Clean Driving Machines

Chances are you’ve never thought of an electric truck as “basically a cordless drill with wheels.” But that’s exactly how Carter Brown likes to describe the vehicles that are the lifeblood of his business. In fact, it’s a pretty apt description.

“Our trucks are efficient, low-maintenance machines with no transmission, spark plugs or belts to maintain, no oil to change, and fewer breakable components to worry about than with a diesel or gasoline vehicle,” says Brown, founder and CEO of Boulder Electric Vehicle. Plug your truck into a 220-volt outlet overnight, and it’s charged and ready to go the next morning. …Read More

Plastics Design & Manufacturing


Industry Pioneer Offers Cutting-Edge Solutions for Business

With 37 years of established history and technology and capabilities that continue to advance, Plastics Design & Manufacturing is a hub of both seasoned insight and front-line innovation. Within the walls of this award-winning company’s massive 110,000-square-foot facility—one of the largest complexes of its kind in the West—stability and progress are perfectly aligned.

This is why Plastics Design & Manufacturing is regarded throughout the region as a leader in process design, customization and turnkey project management, serving top-tier brands in the medical, technology, restaurant, aviation and automotive industries. Complexity is the order of the day, every day: Plastics Design & Manufacturing handles everything from cosmetic pieces for restaurant chains to plastic enclosures, or “skins,” that encase medical devices, high-tech devices and light industrial machinery. …Read More