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‘Seasons of Advice®’ Is a High-Comfort, 
High-Power Financial Planning Approach
Hamowy, Conigliaro & Associates, a financial advisory practice of 
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Financial planning is more than just money management. It is a process of helping you realize your dreams. Hamowy, Conigliaro & Associates deliver on this vision through its proprietary Seasons of Advice® program, a sophisticated model for financial decision making across the range of issues unique to successful individuals and families.

A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Hamowy, Conigliaro & Associates developed the Seasons of Advice® approach to bring a logical, annual progression to financial planning decisions strategically tied to the seasons of the year.

“Our program is organized to reflect the way the brain works,” says firm founder Charles Hamowy, CFP®, CPA. “We applied a field of study called neuroeconomics to arrange vital decision-making information so it makes more sense to the client.”

And it is more than just numbers. It is a process of developing goals, dreams and desires into a financial model that serves as a blueprint for building wealth and security, Hamowy says.

“There’s a visceral reaction in clients when it all comes together. Each season is dedicated to different elements of a financial life and involves different emotions,” says Financial Advisor Mark Dorfman, MBA, CRPC®. “Our method increases confidence, manages emotions and reduces stress.”

The program was refined over 10 years. The first of the seasons, Goal Tracking, establishes a foundation by exploring how a client is progressing toward goals of, say, a comfortable retirement or educating children. “Once it’s clear where the client stands, the conversation becomes one of deciding what new opportunities exist,” says Christopher Conigliaro, CFP®, Financial Advisor, and managing director.

The next season is Asset Allocation, the process of developing an investment strategy based on risk tolerance, investment time frame and a client’s tax bracket, and the results of the previous season.

The third season, Mid-Year Reviews, revolves around cash flow, family, security, intergenerational issues and employee benefits.

“This season confirms our previous assumptions and provides accountability,” 
says Financial Advisor Matthew A. Woolf, CFP®.

The final season, from October through the end of the year, is devoted to perhaps 
the most important discussion: Tax Planning. Since taxes underlie everything in financial planning, it is critical to create an efficient, organized framework for them. With the client’s explicit permission, the team at Hamowy, Conigliaro & Associates works one-on-one with a client’s accountant to uncover tax savings as well as establish a sound foundation for the new tax year.

“Seasons of Advice is a disciplined approach to managing financial decisions that people need to make,” says Preston P. Forman, CFP®, ChFC®. “I love when clients tell me they feel they are in a good place, that they feel secure. It is why I do what I do.”


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