Inclinix-PMG Holdings, Inc.

Inclinix and PMG Research Merger Enhances Clinical Trials by Introducing the Human Element

For new drugs and medical devices, the grueling road from the laboratory bench to the marketplace passes through the intensely personal setting of the physician’s office. “Before a new advance is approved, research moves from the lab to the clinic,” explains J. Tobin Geatz, President and CEO of Inclinix-PMG Holdings, Inc. “The doctor-subject relationship lies at the heart of every clinical trial. Practitioners must be confident they are offering appropriate alternatives to the current standards of care. Ultimately, the success of the study hinges on the number of properly-selected volunteers and the ability of the physician to follow FDA guidelines and to gather and report data.”

Inclinix-PMG Holdings has had a front row seat at thousands of these studies since 1979, when PMG Research was founded. PMG Research is a Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Integrated Site Network of 10 research hubs with over 30 clinic locations in the southeastern U.S. Inclinix is a Wilmington, N.C.-based clinical trial enrollment solutions provider serving pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech companies, CROs, and clinical sites to ensure they are able to enroll trials efficiently.

In June 2012, new ground was broken in the industry with the merger of Inclinix and PMG Research. “The merger allows us to develop enrollment solutions in a much more meaningful and practical way,” says Geatz. “Now, as we approach a new project, we come armed with the best practices PMG has developed through millions of volunteer encounters and hundreds of thousands of clinical trial participants. Our clients receive the enrollment support necessary for a successful clinical trial, developed by their peers – by sites, for sites.”

“As far as we know, we are the first patient recruitment company to merge with an Integrated Site Network,” says Geatz. “We believe it’s a much better business model and will likely be a trend in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in the next decade.”

Inclinix-PMG Holdings CFO Jeff Reiniche explains the company’s strategy for growth: “We will continue to look for opportunities to integrate other solution providers that increase value to our customers and investors.”

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