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Insurance Applications Group Gives Employers 
a Sensible Option

Nothing about health care reform is simple, straightforward or easy to understand. Consider a recent McKinsey & Co. survey of 1,300 diverse businesses across the country: As many as 30 percent indicated they will cease to offer major medical insurance to their employees beginning in 2014 as a result of the complex regulations and requirements of the Affordable Care Act. This number increases to more than 50 percent when the employer becomes more familiar with the full impact of the law.

The resulting lose-lose situation forces employers to either continue paying an average of $8,000 per full-time employee for coverage or a $2,000 penalty per employee if they choose to opt out. The latter choice may relieve employers of a major financial responsibility, but not the moral responsibility for the welfare of their employees.

Insurance Applications Group (IAG) provides a sensible compromise. IAG has considerable expertise in employer-sponsored benefits plans with over 3,000 corporate clients. “We have developed a defined contribution basic health care policy, Defined Contribution Advantage,” says J. Marshall Dye, president. “It’s a solution for employers who opt out of the complex health care reform regulations by choosing to pay the $2,000 per year penalty on each full-time employee, but still want to provide employees the needed first layer of health coverage not available from high-deductible State Exchange plans.”

For a total of $400 per month, per full-time employee ($4,800 per year, includes the cost of the opt-out penalty plus the Defined Contribution Advantage benefit bundle), employers can provide coverage that satisfies 85 percent of the average person’s annual medical expenses. Most importantly, the employer maintains the essential bond between themselves and their employees at a predictable cost.

IAG is based in Greenville, S.C., and has offices in Dallas, Charlotte and Jacksonville. Its clients are national companies that have large numbers of hourly-wage employees in need of consumer-oriented, affordable insurance products – as an employer-paid benefit or as a voluntary benefit paid by the employee through payroll deductions.
“We incorporate the proven best practices and principles of the insurance industry into innovative products and technologies for the future,” says Dye. “Our forward-thinking programs have improved the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of working people.”


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