Jane Barr Pino & Associates

A Quarter Century of Smoothing Organizations’ Operations

Sometimes the way forward is blocked by stuff. The paper-shuffling, finding, phoning minutiae of day-to-day operations can mire even the best board in busyness that doesn’t directly advance the mission. Jane Barr Pino saw that when she worked in American corporate life. And she did something about it. She founded Jane Barr Pino & Associates, a professional services company that accomplishes clients’ necessary back-office administrative and managerial tasks, freeing leaders to focus on strategy, opportunities and decision-making.

Barr Pino’s firm works as a client’s “virtual headquarters.” Her company plans meetings and events; takes care of financial accounting; runs membership drives; maintains databases; writes reports; handles internal, external and public relations communications duties; and accepts responsibility for myriad other details that need attention – just not the attention of board leaders.

“We also offer special events services,” Barr Pino says. “The organization always looks professional and makes a positive impression anytime members and guests assemble.”

Those events could be anything from professional meetings to board meetings to social gatherings, says Patty Barr Russo, Jane’s sister and an associate at the company. For these occasions, she is involved in planning, budgeting, booking venues, choosing menus, all to take the load off the client. “This is our profession,” Russo says. “It’s our job to make the client successful.”

In addition to its support role for associations, Jane Barr Pino & Associates handles personal organization, correspondence, special event coordination, travel arrangements and other tasks for high-powered individuals.

Jane Barr Pino cites two mentors from her days at Amerimar Realty, David Marshall and Ken Balin, as strong influences in the formation and success of her company. “It was their encouragement,” she says. “They told me I could do whatever I wanted, and it kept happening, I kept doing it, and it kept working.”

And Amerimar became her first client when she opened Jane Barr Pino & Associates. Today, she and her sister serve as executive directors for a number of their client organizations.

Most of her competitors, Barr Pino says, focus on association management, or special events coordination, or personal services. “But we combine all three.”

The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary in September. Barr Pino, counting her corporation experience, says she has honed her organizational skills for 30 years. “We’re known for excellence and professionalism in serving prestigious organizations.”


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