Joseph Juran’s Legacy Continues
Under Leadership of Juran Institute CEO Joe DeFeo

Joseph Juran’s pioneering work in the early part of the 20th century helped set the pace for what would eventually become known as the Lean Six Sigma and quality industry. The role of the quality professional is still being written, thanks in part to Juran’s successor and CEO of Juran Institute, Joseph A. DeFeo.

“Traditionally, quality management was the responsibility of certified quality professionals and engineers. Now the field has matured and quality no longer exists in a vacuum – it is the responsibility of the leadership. Managers from C-Level down are being asking to lead organizational transformations. To be successful, they need to understand how to design, control and improve processes that drive business performance. In addition to understanding traditional finance and risk management, they must understand how the design, control and improvement of quality drive business performance. They must be able to see how the various people, processes, systems and the whole organization work together on the relentless pursuit of breakthrough,” explains DeFeo, one of the world’s leading authorities on transformational change systems and breakthrough management principles.

Building on Juran’s groundbreaking work, DeFeo and his seasoned team specialize in organizational breakthroughs that result in long-lasting improvements in sales, costs and customer satisfaction. “Rather than a short-term drive-by intervention, we transfer our knowledge to clients so they can continue to improve on their own,” says Brian Swayne, Executive Vice President. As a part of the transformative process, the Institute is raising the clarion call for businesses and agencies to refocus on customers and integrity. “Executives of organizations must become the surrogate voice for customers,” the Institute explains. “The highest measure of an organization’s performance is when the quality of products and services exceeds customer needs and delights them.”

“Under DeFeo’s leadership, the Juran Institute is clearly, and refreshingly, not ‘stuck’ in a static mode of defining the parameters of quality management like so many other firms do,” says Quality Digest CEO, Jeff Dewar. “They are focused on adding value for today’s businesses and their customers.”


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