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Police stop a driver after receiving an anonymous tip, even though he was not driving erratically, or doing anything unusual.  Still, the police arrest him and accuse him of driving under the influence. Attorney Michael Kessler convinces the judge that the traffic stop and the arrest were both illegal.  Case dismissed.

A business owner is involved in an accident that injures an off-duty police officer. The officer is at fault because the businessman had the right of way, but the executive is charged with DUI. With Kessler’s help, the truth emerges, and the businessman is cleared.

A professional athlete loses his driver’s license after police find him drinking in a broken-down car. Kessler challenges the license suspension, and wins, after proving the car was inoperable.

Driving under the influence is a unique criminal offense, cutting across all racial and socioeconomic lines. Anyone can get arrested for DUI. In Florida, no one understands the intricacies and ambiguities of DUI cases more thoroughly than Michael Kessler.

“More people are wrongly accused of DUI than any other crime,” he says. “Police often base arrests on unreliable, unscientific, and subjective information.”

Kessler has successfully defended thousands of people, including executives, lawyers, doctors and even a judge. He has leveled the playing field for his clients by taking the same field sobriety exercise training as law enforcement officers are taught in the police academy. As a result, he is quick to spot mistakes that had resulted in innocent motorists being charged wrongfully.

Kessler is the only attorney in Florida who owns an Intoxilyzer 8000, the machine used by law enforcement agencies to estimate breath-alcohol levels. “If you’re going to show a judge or jury why the test results are wrong, it helps to know how and why the machine gets them wrong.”

Recognized as one of Florida’s leading DUI attorneys, Kessler is the co-author of The DUI Book: The Florida Edition and is currently writing two more books: DUI Defense in a Nutshell and The DUI Survival Guide. He has been recognized as a board-certified criminal trial specialist by The Florida Bar and has been named a Super Lawyer® by Law & Politics magazine for five consecutive years.

“I don’t take the police or prosecutor’s word at face value,” he says. “I always check the evidence to see if it holds water, and often it does not.”

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“More people are wrongly accused of DUI than any other crime.”
– Michael Kessler, Attorney