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There’s No Substitute for Leadership Kiker Wealth Management Creates a Plan and Then Follows It

Personal financial management is really no different from any other pursuit. To be successful at it, you have to start with a plan. Then you have to execute that plan. It’s all very simple – if you’re an expert wealth manager. If not, you may need some help.

Paul Kiker Jr. believes he has an unfair advantage, and not just because he’s an expert wealth manager. As president of Kiker Wealth Management, he understands the prevailing financial environment, but beyond that, he strives to understand his clients – their hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. Using this intimate knowledge, he is able to help provide the guidance his clients need as they travel down the often precarious path of financial management. “What people really need from their advisor is leadership,” says Kiker. “They need someone to help them determine their goals and objectives and guide them with prudent and wise financial decisions. For my clients, I am that leader. I am their financial quarterback, executing the agreed-upon game plan, providing the leadership to keep them moving downfield.”

Part of this quarterback’s job is coordinating with his clients’ other financial experts, such as CPAs, attorneys and estate planners, to make sure all centers of influence are working together to achieve client goals. In addition, Kiker coordinates all of his clients’ families’ investment decisions while helping to keep all financial documents current and up-to-date. It’s all part of the high level of customer service clients have come to expect from Kiker Wealth Management.

The firm’s independence is what really sets it apart. “My only shareholders are my clients,” says Kiker. “I have no ‘preferred fund families’ to push, or back-office bean counters telling me what I need to be moving this month. My independence gives me the ability to focus on every client’s personal goals and help achieve them with all available tools. Our full disclosure of fees shows clients we always have their best interest in mind.”

Kiker’s independence has also allowed him to build an outstanding team. He surrounds himself with more staff than he needs – individuals who share his single-minded, client-first vision. “We’re committed to making a lasting impact on the people we are fortunate to serve,” says Kiker. “Above all else we want them to know we’re on their side, and we care for them deeply.”


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