Kreusler-Walsh, Compiani & Vargas, P.A.

On Appeal, in Litigation Support, Rely on Kreusler-Walsh, Compiani & Vargas, P.A.

When a state or federal case is on appeal – or at trial with appellate potential – Kreusler-Walsh, Compiani & Vargas, P.A. is an outstanding ally.

This law firm is accomplished at high-end litigation. It’s a well-rounded appellate-focused practice, professional and polished, handling civil cases from complex commercial to medical malpractice to real estate to family law.

Attorneys Jane Kreusler-Walsh, Barbara J. Compiani, Rebecca Mercier Vargas and Stephanie L. Serafin are also well known for their work in litigation support. They assist trial lawyers in research and writing, advise on strategy, evaluate the merits of possible arguments, and consider how trial issues might play out in the appellate court.

Their support work may be behind the scenes. Or it may involve a courtroom presence, signaling the client is serious about taking the case to appeal and fighting it out if necessary.

Because the firm represents plaintiffs and defendants alike, the attorneys have an evenhanded approach to issues – and that enhances credibility with the court. “We’re not always there representing an insurance company, we’re not always there representing an injured person,” Vargas says. “We’re there representing a party and presenting an issue.”

It’s worth noting Kreusler-Walsh, Compiani & Vargas only takes on cases where the attorneys believe there’s a reasonable chance they will prevail. “That way, we maintain our integrity in the appellate court,” says Kreusler-Walsh.

In preparing for an appeal, Kreusler-Walsh says, the team reviews every document involved at trial; reads and annotates the trial transcript; conducts original research; and drafts, refines and files the brief. Depending on the situation, the appellate court may grant oral argument – a particular forte of the firm.

Compiani says other strengths include the firm’s extensive combined experience, a fine reputation with judges across the state, and high-quality work. “We work hard to maintain a high level of competence and have enjoyed the resulting  respect of our colleagues, including our opponents.”

All the attorneys have served clerkships. “We wouldn’t even consider hiring attorneys unless they had clerking experience,” Kreusler-Walsh says.

Together, these attorneys are a formidable force. Serafin says, “You really do get a team effort from us.” Compiani adds, “We work as a team – sharing, testing and refining ideas and approaches – to produce the best possible product.”


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