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Building a Premier Construction Law Firm
Mazur Carp & Rubin Has a
Culture and Tradition of Excellence

The construction industry has never been more competitive or demanding. The combination of a shaky economy and heightened regulation at all levels of government has added to the industry’s risks.

To come out ahead, successful builders rely not just on their own knowledge and expertise, but on experienced and insightful legal representation – the kind they find at Mazur Carp & Rubin.

There are bigger New York law firms, but none can offer the one-on-one, attorney-client relationship at the senior-partner level provided by Mazur Carp & Rubin. That’s just one reason this boutique firm has achieved and maintained a premier standing in construction law.

“We have a culture and tradition of doing legal work of the highest caliber,” says Sayward “Woody” Mazur, partner. “When we draft or review project agreements, give advice to clients, or write briefs, it is based on knowledge and experience that can only come from decades of being on the front lines. Our enviable reputation is supported by a top-notch track record in trials, settlements, arbitrations and appeals.

“One of the hallmarks of our practice is our collaboration and teamwork. We have no prima donnas. We are focused on results. Our confidence in our skills and understanding allows us to manage client expectations fully and honestly. We inform clients of their legal and expert costs as early as possible, and we continually update clients on their status, suggesting changes of direction or strategy when necessary.”

Mazur co-founded the firm in 1980 with Gerald Carp (“the best law partner you could ask for”). They struck a balance early on among the lawyerly qualities of intellect, scholarship, curiosity, leadership, diligence and human decency. Those traits have helped determine who they are and, ultimately, who each of the firm’s partners and lawyers are.

“We know sophisticated clients don’t choose a law firm based on advertisements and marketing,” says Mazur. “They need to interview the firm and discuss issues, concerns and problems in a very specific way –

including costs and legal fees. So we simply talk to them about the issues at hand and give concrete advice on how we might proceed. Our clients recognize the difference between mere ‘dogs and ponies’ and true legal horsepower.”


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