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MDV Interactive Knows How to
‘Talk to the Robots’ Using Internet Technology to Help Companies Multiply Their Message Online

What if you built a website that only 30 percent of people could see? What if your website was incompatible with search engines and mobile browsers?

It happens all too often, says Marci De Vries, president of MDV Interactive. The Baltimore-based virtual agency provides outsourced marketing solutions, with an emphasis on website design and development, social media and digital strategy. “You can work really hard to put together a website or another piece of communication that nobody ever sees, or that doesn’t have the intended effect, because of technical reasons. And you might never know.”

According to De Vries, creating a successful website requires more than marketing, design and writing skills, or even a basic understanding of website design. Though “literally anybody” can build a website, not everybody can create one that integrates with search engine robot language and multiple browsers.

“The whole Internet is basically just a series of robots, or bots,” she explains. “You’ve got to know how to talk to the robots that control search engine optimization. You also need to keep in mind whether or not your site is readable in every browser platform and on every size screen.”

Websites and Beyond
With 20 years of technical marketing experience, DeVries has created successful marketing campaigns for National Public Radio, Choice Hotels International, The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Structural Group, Fiberon/Weatherbest and PHH Arval, among many other clients.

When she started working with office furniture recycler Re-form 10 years ago, its website was “invisible to search engines” because of the way it was constructed. That problem solved, DeVries created an entirely new website that quickly led to a significant increase in orders.

Like Re-form, most clients need more than a website. “They may need to generate x amount of sales or x amount of traffic. Or they may be looking to generate thought leadership. The website becomes a tool in their arsenal to get there,” De Vries says.

“Once people find your site, you have to continue to communicate with them. One way is to add robots to capture information about visitors so you can keep marketing to them even if they don’t fill out a form. Or you can encourage them to fill out a form and then send them emails. You can even change the site from visit to visit; they’ll see a different marketing message each time.”
Ultimately, it all comes down to robots.


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