Medical Research Consultants

Nationwide Support With ‘Down the Hall’ Access

Finding the right support partner skilled in the requirements and complexities of litigation or government and health care compliance can be difficult. It takes a special group of experts to overcome the challenges these industries pose.

That’s where Medical Research Consultants (MRC) comes in. MRC has talent – lots of it – with an organization filled with the industry’s most competent nurse clinicians, paralegals, records specialists, subject-matter experts and business professionals. They’re smart, they work hard and they care.

Starting as a small medical literature research and nurse analysis company when founded in 1983, MRC is now one of the largest and most respected mass tort litigation support firms in the business today — working as the preferred support provider for Fortune 500 companies, as well as companies of all sizes across the country, covering legal, insurance, pharmaceutical, health care and product safety issues.

“Our team includes a large number of nursing professionals, and I believe that has helped shape our culture,” says Gretchen Watson, MRC President and CEO. “We are motivated by a strong desire to help, to protect our clients’ interests, and to provide support … all with a caring spirit. We recruit and hire like-minded team members who are committed to upholding MRC’s values. This emotional driver, when combined with the ownership mentality and the determination of all employee owners for continued business excellence, makes MRC unique and an organization that consistently delivers.”

A Culture of Ownership and Integrity
Did we mention the employees also own the company? MRC is 100 percent employee-owned, and a nationally-certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). The entire staff is invested in its success. “Everybody here is expected to think and act like an owner,” says Watson. “Our priorities include teaching ownership thinking and business principles, and enforcing business transparency and integrity in our actions. By holding ourselves and each other accountable, we achieve our business objectives and help our clients achieve theirs.”

DeEtte Harrington, MRC’s Vice President and CFO, adds, “Our employees collaborate to create efficiencies, which results in satisfied clients and, in turn, produces a rewarding work environment for employees and long-term success for our company.”

MRC has a proven track record of meeting the needs of exacting companies and is known for its experience, scalability, flexibility and for building enduring relationships. Despite the increasing practice of virtual or remote teams, many clients desire the convenience and immediacy of having their team members within the same building. MRC has designed a business model to support a multi-national reach with “down the hall” accessibility. Clients don’t hesitate to contact MRC in any moment to brainstorm and collaborate on strategies; they see MRC as a true partner, an extension of their own team, which is a point of great pride for MRC. In fact, the company recently won DuPont’s “Partnering for Efficiency – Meeting the Challenge” award for its continued contributions to the DuPont Legal Model.

According to Watson, “MRC employee-owners are relentlessly driven, accepting nothing but excellence, because we believe delivering excellence is our duty… to each other and to our clients.”


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