Med Management, LLC

Providing for the Providers MedManagement, LLC Takes a Burden off Health Care Facilities and Professionals

Patients have always looked to hospitals and physicians for solutions to their problems.  Where do hospitals and physicians go for solutions to their health care compliance issues? When it comes to medical necessity compliance, more and more hospitals and providers are turning to MedManagement for physician advisor services as the solution. Founded in 1996, MedManagement has trained, board-certified physician advisors available on a 24/7 basis to meet needs for concurrent, critical questions such as level-of-care determinations, as well as physician advisors to address audit response efforts, appeals and internal compliance efforts.

“We are a physician advisor company that addresses medical necessity issues and assists hospitals and providers with compliance,” says Joan Ragsdale, Chief Executive Officer. “Level-of-care determinations (inpatient vs. outpatient), responses to auditors such as recovery audit program contractors (RACs), and internal compliance programs to identify and correct errors are critical in today’s environment. Real-time physician advisor assistance can be an enormous asset because it allows informed, sustained focus on compliance with each service for each patient. When an appeal response is required, the response is specific to each case and is grounded in the clinical standards as applied to each patient.”

MedManagement was created to give providers the tools and resources to raise their compliance and documentation to a new level of efficiency. It has received Health Utilization Management accreditation from URAC, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that promotes health care quality through its accreditation and certification programs.

By using trained, board-certified, practicing physicians who have made themselves available for dedicated blocks of time, MedManagement is able to offer outstanding advisory expertise. Its training program for physician advisors is unparalleled, as is its training of facility staff and internal physician advisors. MedManagement’s educational programs emphasize the patterns, trends and issues identified in each specific facility.

The company is as responsive as it is knowledgeable. Hospitals contacting MedManagement get to speak to an actual person, 24/7. The turnaround times are exceptional, as indicated by regular tracking and reporting. Currently, the company has clients in 16 states and is constantly expanding.

“As one of the founders of MedManagement, it has been a privilege and honor to work with this incredibly talented staff and to watch them grow and develop,” says Ragsdale. “We stress quality, excellence and service at every point in the process. We take great satisfaction from meeting with clients, understanding their needs and helping to make a difference for everyone involved.”


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