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Investment Strategies for the Future Munro Legacy Planners helps people prepare for a comfortable retirement
With the global economy in turmoil and uncertainty over the future of taxes, health care, Social Security and a host of other variables, it’s hard to know which way to turn when planning for retirement. A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that just 52 percent of Americans are confident they will be financially comfortable as they grow older—far fewer than in recent years. Not so at Atlanta-based Munro Legacy Planners, where clients’ retirement portfolios are carefully balanced to help guard against devastating losses during economic downturns, while still positioned to take advantage of upswings when times are good.

“When people first come to us, surprisingly, many of them have the same basic stocks and bonds allocations they had when they were younger,” says President Barry Munro. “It’s the old ‘buy and hold’ strategy, but that’s too vulnerable in today’s world, and many retirees’ portfolios have taken huge hits. We think a better tack is to create larger, safer buckets for retirees striving for a 5 percent to 6 percent return. Then, with smaller amounts we can actually be aggressive and opportunistic in upswings without endangering the client’s lifestyle in retirement. That provides peace of mind in good and bad times.”

Munro Legacy Group is a company helping families. Munro manages the firm with his two daughters and representatives who share his faith and a belief in doing the right thing. As an independently owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Munro Legacy Planners offers objective advice and investment opportunities it believes to be in the client’s interest, often in collaboration with the client’s other advisors, such as attorneys and accountants. Portfolios are tailored to each client’s unique financial circumstances, goals and risk tolerance, with the utmost transparency.

“Our hands never touch the client’s money,” Munro says. “Our clients maintain control. We are their planning partner.”

Munro works with many fund managers, including Gradient Financial Group, LLC, which offers access to actively managed portfolios such as the very popular Gradient 50 Managed Stock Portfolio. This consists of 50 of the biggest balance sheet, dividend-paying stocks. Munro also offers a number of products designed to produce tax-free income, legally. “It is inevitable that Congress will eventually have to raise taxes and cut spending,” Munro says. “One of the greatest threats to IRAs and 401(k)s is that down the road they could lose as much as 40 percent of their value to taxation. We can help you take steps to protect your money.”


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