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Novus Advisors Unleashes Novus Managed Allocation PortfoliosTM

Typically the wealthiest investors always seem to have an advantage. Their extensive assets give them access to the most exclusive products, asset managers, and expertise. Through its patent pending Novus Managed Allocation PortfoliosTM, Novus Advisors has broken down the traditional investment barriers to provide premier investment access to all retirement plan participants.

Developed and implemented by Novus Advisors in conjunction with TD Ameritrade Trust Company, these portfolios are completely unique in the retirement plan industry. Through a sophisticated daily unitization process, the Novus Managed Allocation PortfoliosTM make it possible for any plan participant to utilize cutting-edge investment options. “Nothing like this has ever been available,” says Emmet Martin, Principal of Novus Advisors. “We make it possible for plan participants to access the same high-powered resources currently utilized by large endowments and foundations; that’s truly revolutionary in the industry.”

A Registered Investment Advisor in South Carolina, Novus Advisors focuses on institutional asset management and portfolio construction for retirement plans. With $200 million under management, the firm’s three principals have more than 40 combined years of industry experience. “We have managed portfolios for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. We wanted to develop a process for retirement plan participants to have that same type of high-quality management,” says Christopher Connelly, Principal. These efficient portfolios are tactically managed and consist of a blended mix of exchange-traded funds and active institutional managers. This strategy provides for a powerful and cost-efficient product. Each portfolio is independently audited on a monthly basis, thus assuring investment policy compliance.

“Our focus has always been innovation,” says Jennifer Belshe, Principal. “As with any groundbreaking idea, there were those who believed it could not be done. TD Ameritrade saw the opportunity and partnered with us to make it happen.”

When the three principals talk about the Novus Managed Allocation PortfoliosTM, their passion is apparent. “We share a common goal and the same motivation,” says Martin. “We’ve all contributed our own unique and individual expertise into the development of this product; in the end that has made us successful. It’s exciting to be a part of something like this, and we’re glad it’s having a positive impact for our clients and their employees.”


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