Eastside Eye Associates


A Clear Alternative for Healthy Vision


With offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Tribeca, Eastside Eye Associates offers patients a one-of-a-kind experience: seasoned physicians who are pioneers in their profession, cutting-edge medical technologies and a comprehensive array of services. Founded in 1975 by board-certified ophthalmologist Julius Shulman, M.D., Eastside Eye Associates specializes in all facets of eye care—from eyeglasses and contact lenses to laser vision correction, cataract surgery, glaucoma, dry eye, retinal diseases and more.
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Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists


Redefining Orthopedic Care Is The Specialty of Syracuse Innovators


Like turning a ship at sea, transforming the U.S. health care system is a slow and complicated process. Decades before sweeping federal legislation was enacted, a group of visionary practitioners in Syracuse, New York, had already taken on the challenge of redesigning care to improve the patient experience and outcomes. Today, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists is recognized as an innovator, actively engaged in Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001the process of setting the new gold standard for health care.

“We started by addressing the fundamental culture of the medical community,” explains I. Michael Vella, M.D., a senior fellow and fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeon and former president of Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists. “In the early 1990s, orthopedic care was fragmented. Patients visited the surgeon’s office and then were referred elsewhere to get X-rays, MRIs and other tests. If an operation was required, patients and surgeons had to make arrangements with the hospital. Therapy, whether alone or a component of postoperative care, meant a referral to yet another provider. Patients often felt adrift and a competitive, rather than collegial, environment between the various professionals was common.”
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Neuro-Ophthalmology of Texas at Eye Wellness Center


Optic Nerve Center Opens in Houston 


With the opening of the Optic Nerve Center, Neuro-Ophthalmology of Texas at Eye Wellness Center brings together a full range of services to diagnose and help manage optic nerve problems and other sight-threatening conditions. The  Center is directed by two collaborating, fellowship-trained neuro-ophthalmologists and fellows of the North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society. Both Rosa A. Tang, M.D. and Jade S. Schiffman, M.D. are award-winning, board-certified in ophthal- mology, have been in the Best Doctors in America for over 20 consecutive years, and held academic positions at UT (Houston and Galveston) and at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, respectively as Professors. Dr. Schiffman is also a board- certified neurologist.
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The Remi Group


Is Your Business Getting the Results You Want From Your Equipment Maintenance Contract?  

State governments across the country have saved millions in maintenance costs on electronic equipment, and it took only one simple step to make it happen. State govern- ment managers hired Remi, the leading equipment maintenance and asset management program administrator in the country.

“We are completely on the side of our clients. We want to extend the life of their equipment and help them get the most for their money.”

– Dan Schuster

With 20 state governments, numer- ous municipal and county governments, universities, health care organizations and Fortune 500 companies as clients, Remi has saved its customers countless dollars and incalculable stress by helping them analyze, control and maximize their investment on equipment.
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American Business Bank


Businessman’s Approach to Banking Gives Middle-Market Companies a Competitive Edge 


If you have considerable financial needs, you should be able to look decision makers in the eye. Unfortunately, owners and managers of mid-size firms typically find themselves face to face with loan officers who have little power to do anything beyond relaying the judgment of inaccessible corporate officers.

“Most commercial financial institutions do not provide a high level of service to smaller companies and nonprofit organizations – sectors that typically don’t borrow a lot of money. That’s because the mega-bank’s profitability is tied to lending,” explains President and CEO Leon Blankstein of Los Angeles-based American Business Bank (ABB).
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JMJS Inc. – COE Distributing

Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001Office Furniture Wholesaler Earns Posts Explosive Growth   The numbers are impressive. Five years under current ownership. One hundred fifty percent growth over three years. A combined 107 years of experience among the owners. Two Pittsburgh 100 awards from the Pittsburgh Business Times, which named it one of the fastest-growing companies in the region – 14th fastest in 2012 and 50th in 2013.  A 2013 Inc. 5000 award from Inc. magazine, recognizing it as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country. It all adds up to the fact that COE Distributing must be doing something right. The office furniture wholesaler offers a complete range of office furniture, says President and CEO J.D. Ewing. It provides retailers with a one-stop shop for everything from high-end executive office furniture to furniture for a home office and a complete slate of accessories including panels, filing cabinets, ergonomic chairs, ergonomic accessories and more. …Read More

S&ME, Inc.

Spoc121514FBSO_SPOCANC00001A Passion for Quality and Safety Drives
This Engineering Firm’s Success


When a derailed train recently knocked out a bridge in South Carolina, the state’s department of transportation needed to get it operational again quickly, but safely.  The state’s DOT managers turned to S&ME and were very pleased when the bridge re-opened ahead of schedule six months later.

Whether re-engineering a damaged bridge, designing a new dam or landfill, or preparing a site for new highway construction, S&ME has earned a reputation as a firm that operates with standards of integrity, quality and safety second to none.

Founded in 1973 as Soil & Material Engineers, the Raleigh-based company has made a name for itself as a responsive and innovative solution provider for the built environment.  Today, the company has 950 employees in 26 locations across nine states serving the energy, transportation, construction services, industrial, commercial and government markets.
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Premier Physicians of New York


Leading Cancer Specialists Deliver
World-Class Care in a Private-Practice Setting 


This year, about 5,800 men in New York City will learn they have prostate cancer. While prostate cancer has one of the highest survival rates of any type of cancer, fear, embarrassment and lack of information will keep many patients from being diagnosed early, when their cancer is most easily addressed.


“Often this disease has no symp- toms and is found simply on the basis of a routine physical exam and blood test. When symptoms do occur, it is likely that the disease has advanced. It is very disappointing to find that a patient has put off seeking medical care. This is due to many factors. There are some patients who have prostate cancer and will never be affected by it over their lifetime, but there are many who will be. Discussions based on excerpts of medical journals have done a disservice to men who think prostate cancer is not a health issue. We now have tools that enable the urologist to be more selective in recommending who should be screened and, if cancer is found, who should be treated. We need to approach diagnosing and treating patients on a more targeted basis,” says Douglas R. Birns, M.D., President of Premier Physicians of New York, nation- ally recognized as a leading center for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“New insights into the molecular biology of prostate cancer confirmed that prostate cancer is not one but rather many diseases. Therefore the management of this disorder must be tailored to the individual patient,” explains Premier Physicians’ Alexander M. Kirschenbaum, M.D., whose urology practice is devoted almost exclusively to caring for prostate cancer patients. “Not everyone needs to undergo a needle biopsy or perhaps any type of treatment at all, depending on in- dividual factors such as age, quality-of-life issues, the specific type of cancer present and the speed at which the PSA levels change. This is not an exact science, and careful analysis of each case is critical to designing a plan that can range from ac- tive monitoring to the most sophisticated medical and surgical treatments and/or radiation therapy.”
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C7 Data Centers


Premium Data Centers to
Serve Global Clients


The C7 Data Centers story is one of collaboration between nature, technology and a visionary named Wes Swenson.

Swenson is the company’s president and CEO. He brings a Web service-oriented architecture software background to this hardware-based business he has headed since 2007. Today, C7 Data Centers packs computing power into low-risk facilities, and at low cost to clients all over the world. …Read More

Carrier Sales


Expert Advice Helps Customers
Get the Best Telecom Rates and Service


Technology changes from minute to minute, so businesses need a solution provider they can count on day in and day out to help them make sense of every new innovation to meet their needs.

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