Chaparral Energy


Energy to Power the Future


Fleet of foot and highly adaptable, the chaparral bird, commonly called a roadrunner, thrives in harsh desert environments. What better moniker for a company that maintains aggressive, but steady, growth in the often unpredictable oil industry.

“Like our namesake, we too are extremely adaptable,” says Mark Fischer, CEO and co-founder of Chaparral Energy, an independent, Oklahoma City-based oil and natural gas exploration company. “We have multiple growth drivers investing heavily in horizontal drilling in two resource plays and in the decades-old process of …Read More

Express Employment Professionals


America Needs to Focus on Supporting Businesses to Create Jobs


Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan stated it most accurately: “The best social program is a job.”

And Bob Funk, leader of the largest privately held staffing company in the nation, bears witness to that fact on a daily basis.

Seeing a person find a job is one of Funk’s greatest joys in life. He serves as CEO and chairman of the board for Express Employment Professionals, a fully franchised staffing company that has 675 locations in the U.S., Canada and South Africa. Under Funk’s leadership, …Read More

H&H Shooting Sports Complex


Hitting the High Mark:
Teaching Gun Safety and Responsible Ownership While Spreading the Joy of the Sport


Miles Hall may run “the most unique gun business in the U.S.,” but neither he nor his wife, Jayne, had much experience with guns when they opened their first shooting range in 1981. However, practice makes perfect. And, with the addition of  business partner Leroy Ussery, H&H Shooting Sports Complex has grown into the success it is today. The range and retail facility they founded and own in Oklahoma City has revenues exceeding $25 million, with three-year growth exceeding 45 percent, and it employs nearly 120 people. …Read More

Hilt Financial Group LLC

A Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life

Everybody knows the longer you wait to take Social Security, the larger your monthly benefit check will be. Waiting until your full retirement age (66 for those retiring today) will significantly increase the amount that is deposited into your checking account each month. Holding off until age 70 will increase it even more – by 8 percent a year – once you have reached full retirement age.

But few people realize there are many other ways to increase their Social Security benefits, including the File and Suspend and Restricted Application strategies, says Dwayne Hiltner, president of Hilt Financial Group LLC. The Baltimore-based financial services firm specializes in 401(k), 403(b), TSP, IRA and CD rollovers and in creating guaranteed lifetime retirement incomes, with particular expertise in maximizing Social Security benefits. …Read More

Logenix International


Global Logistics Experts Thrive
Where Few Others Tread

For Ron Cruse, founder and CEO of Logenix International, the world is a very familiar place. Over the course of his 30-year career in the logistics industry, he’s made roughly 250 trips to more than 80 countries. Cruse has acquired the kind of insight no guided tour could offer, executing large-scale projects on the ground while being intimately schooled in cultural and regulatory norms.

Cruse is one of a six-person senior management core at Logenix that has been together for over 20 years. These expert logisticians manage staff operating across the globe,  …Read More

Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom Financial Group


Independent Financial Advice With No Preconceptions

An elderly widow was finding it increasingly difficult to live on her own. She was overwhelmed by the logistics of selling her home, choosing an assisted living facility near her son in another state, and orchestrating a move. She turned to her advisor at Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom Financial Group, who helped with her financial needs every step of the way. “I also got her finances in order so she had no financial  worries going forward,” says Cory Hoagstrom.

A family faced an unexpectedly large tax bill following the death of their widowed mother. They, too, found the financial advice they needed at Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom. As an independent firm, Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom has access to the full universe of investment options, both traditional and alternative. The advisors choose only those they are confident are in the client’s best interest. “Maximizing income while limiting risk is an important emphasis for us,” says Matthew Fox, AAMS.

“We enter each client relationship without preconceived ideas about who the client is or what they need in an investment portfolio,” says Roger Frank. “Before we make a single recommendation, we take the time to learn as much as possible about the client’s financial circumstances and needs.”

Helping individuals and families with complex financial challenges is all in a day’s work for the Nebraska-based firm. The partners bring to bear wide-ranging expertise to help clients prepare for a comfortable retirement, save for a child’s college education and meet myriad other challenges. The practice also serves businesses with 401(k) plans, group health insurance and other employee benefits. Clients benefit from the collective knowledge and diverse experience of all four partners, who routinely consult with one another.

The firm also offers life, disability and long-term care insurance and essential components of a complete financial plan.

Trusted Advisor to Women in Transition
In addition to providing guidance and products to small businesses, individuals and school districts, Mary Oestmann is a trusted advisor to many women who suddenly find themselves single due to a death or divorce. Her soothing manner is especially reassuring to those with little or no experience handling financial matters. “I recently had a client who lost both her husband and her mother within a week’s time,” Oestmann recalls. “I helped her work through some complex issues, including wading through paperwork, understanding changes in her income and outlining suggested steps to move forward with her life.”

Founded in 1996, Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom is growing rapidly, and is looking forward to serving a wide variety of clients for many years to come.


300 North 44th Street, Suite 202 | Lincoln, NE 68503 | 402-423-7505
9450 East Becker Lane, #2031 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | 800-378-9490

Registered representative of and securities and investment advisory services offered through Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. (BFCFS) member FINRA/SIPC.
Frank, Fox & Hoagstrom Financial Group is independent of BFCFS.


SHINE Systems & Technologies


Crime-Fighting Intelligence 
Meets the Private Sector

Bad guys, beware: Technology used to process crime scenes has advanced rapidly, and wondrously, in recent years. High-tech innovator and business consultant Jeff Thomas, president and founder of SHINE Systems & Technologies, deserves his share of the credit. Thomas founded SHINE in 2008 and quickly propelled it to the forefront in this arena, where the company’s patented intelligence programs and ongoing technological innovation serve the data-gathering and analysis needs of the U.S. military, federal investigators and local law enforcers. …Read More

George Mason Mortgage, LLC


Lending Leader Is Optimistic
About Real Estate Opportunities
in Capital Region

Increases in interest rates and tougher federal lending regulations produced uncertainty in the Capital Region’s housing market in 2013. They also created opportunities for George Mason Mortgage, LLC to further solidify its reputation as a reliable partner to homebuyers, builders and realtors.
“Uncertain times make mortgage originators who keep their promises and deliver the most beneficial mortgage products more valuable than ever,” says GMM Chief Production Officer Bill Landon. …Read More



When It Comes to Unmanned Aircraft, 
the Sky’s the Limit

From the battlefield to basic deliveries, Virginia-based BOSH was not surprised by the buzz that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos created when he announced last December that was working on easy-to-deliver packages via unmanned aircraft. Suddenly, unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs as they’re known in the industry, were suddenly “not just for spying on bad guys and blowing things up,” according to one industry expert.

Amazon is far from the only commercial organization that is eagerly awaiting the day when the FAA allows unmanned aircraft to …Read More



Driving Faster and Smarter Business Solutions With a Modern Work Platform

Business Process Management, the technology that reinvented workplace mobility, is itself poised to enter a new era.
“We will look back at the last few years as a pioneering time in the field,” explains Matthew Calkins, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Virginia-based Appian, whose BPM suite is the most widely recognized and used in the world, serving over 3.5 million users.

Calkins has had a front-row seat as CEO of Appian, and predicts the future of BPM will look much different from today’s cluttered …Read More