The Himich Group at Morgan Stanley

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Portfolios Designed to Deliver
Risk-Adjusted Returns

If you have any preconceived ideas of what a wealth advisory group ought to be, put them aside. This one’s an original.

David M. Himich, CPM® is a financial services veteran, financial advisor and portfolio manager, with access to the resources of Morgan Stanley. “My Group focuses on offering risk-adjusted returns to our clients,” says Himich, senior vice president and senior portfolio manager. “Clients worry about running out of money in retirement. We work to keep that from happening.”

Here, financial planning and portfolio management flow from a two-stage process: an evaluation of current investments and a review of present and potential costs, such as mortgage, college and help for aging parents.

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Affinity Advisory Network, LLC

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Unique Client-Centric Approach and Expert Network Help Clients Enjoy ‘Complete Benefits of Ownership’

Neil Armstrong may have been the first man to set foot on the moon, but he didn’t do it alone. It took a team of scientists, engineers, aviators, and many other experts, all working together, to ensure a successful mission.

In fact, behind almost every great achievement you’ll find a team of experts, and a successful retirement is no exception. In Robert Hall’s experience, it takes an expert network of financial, legal, and tax professionals, all focused on the client’s needs, to create a solid retirement and estate plan.

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Tellennium Inc.

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Technology Waste Can Cost Companies MillionsBut the Right Partner Can Save Time and Money

Dealing with hundreds of telecom bills each month at a large healthcare organization in New Jersey, IT executive Joel Taylor says he wanted to get control of expenses and simplify the monthly invoices.  He hired Tellennium, one of the nation’s leading telecom management firms, to audit the company’s telecom services and consolidate billing. Tellennium identified more than $1.5 million in savings for the company, boosting the bottom line significantly and preventing headaches for administration.

“When I can walk into a boardroom and say I’ve put over a million dollars back into the business, that’s powerful,” says Taylor.  “That gets people’s attention.”

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Pomeroy IT Solutions

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Helping Companies Soar in the Cloud

The “Internet of Things”: It sounds like a whimsical children’s tale. In reality, this fast-growing trend — virtual communication among physical devices — is serious business. The Internet of Things is the future of enterprise IT, experts say, and it will have a sweeping impact on companies trying to keep pace, keep data secure and control IT infrastructure costs.

Chris Froman understands this better than most. As CEO of Pomeroy, a global IT infrastructure services provider, Froman has a clear view of the horizon. The future of business, he says, is about to get a lot more complicated.

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Xcelerate Solutions

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Supporting Critical Government Missions
Is About the Experience …
and Results That Matter

Helping essential government agencies run more efficiently, creating jobs and bringing extraordinary value to taxpayers may seem like a lot to ask of any one company, but it’s the value proposition Xcelerate Solutions brings to the table every day. Xcelerate consults with vital government departments to help them achieve success through improvements in three key areas: business processes, enterprise technology and systems engineering.

Founded just five years ago in McLean, Virginia, Xcelerate was named one of the fastest-growing privately owned companies in the country by Inc. magazine in 2014 and received back-to-back honors from the Washington Business Journal as one of the top 50 fastest-growing companies in Washington, D.C., in 2013 & 2014.

“We are laser focused on bringing the best experience and solutions to our clients,” says Mark E. Drever, president and CEO. “We are proud to serve some of America’s most critical missions.”

Xcelerate counts as clients some ofthe nation’s largest and most important government organizations, includingthe Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and Agriculture and the Government Accountability Office, justto name a few.“We are working on many programs that help make America safer, from improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our national transportation systems to supporting our first responders and warfighters in the fight against global terrorism,”says Drever. “Our projects have also saved the American taxpayer more than $300 million through greater efficiencies and cost avoidance.”
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Logenix International

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Global Logistics Experts Thrive
Where Few Others Tread

For Ron Cruse, founder and CEO of Logenix International, the world is a very familiar place. Over the course of his 30-year career in the logistics industry, he’s made roughly 250 trips to more than 80 countries. Cruse has acquired the kind of insight no guided tour could offer, executing large-scale projects on the ground while being intimately schooled in cultural and regulatory norms.

Cruse is one of a six-person senior management core at Logenix that has been together for over 20 years. These expert logisticians manage staff operating across the globe, leveraging their industry-leading knowledge of worldwide air, ocean, rail, truck and warehouse infrastructure. The company’s unparalleled experience has proven essential to successfully planning and executing thousands of complex supply chain operations to and through the developing world. For these reasons, Logenix has become the preeminent logistics provider for both U.S. government contractors and leading multinational companies.

Momentum Solutionz

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Made-to-Measure Service and Professionalism in IT

In the usual IT consultant experience, a client calls for help, a provider says, “Sure, we can do that,” and maybe immediate problems get fixed.

Momentum Solutionz is not the usual IT consultant experience. Clients in a wide range of business categories turn here for consultation, only to realize what they’ve actually found is partnership.

Lorne Kaufman and Jeff Servidio are 20-plus-year software support veterans, each having worked for industry giants. They met while bringing their separate talents to a project and saw a synergy that suggested an advantage in working together, so they formed Momentum Solutionz. The company remedies symptoms by curing the problems that cause them.

Begay & Associates

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Client Understanding, Solid Planning,
Excellent Advice

Audree L. Begay, CFP®, Private Wealth Advisor of Begay & Associates, recently met with two clients to assess their progress toward retirement. A few years ago, their dreams seemed impossible, but this time the news was different.

Begay began meeting with them on a referral from another client. They had made a great income through the years, but had not planned well or made good decisions. Life was fine now, but the future did not look bright – they felt frustrated and confused. They needed an honest assessment of what it would take to retire, and they wanted the relief of knowing they were following a path to achieve their vision. That path eluded them until they met Begay.

Epstein & Kolacz Financial Advisors

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

Emphasis on Tax Strategies Distinguishes
Nationally Recognized Financial Advisory

Referrals have always been the lifeblood of Mike Kolacz’s financial advisory. The recommendations of satisfied clients helped propel him to national prominence in his industry. But when a longtime client introduced his son-in-law, CPA Bradley M. Epstein, to Kolacz in 2003, something unique happened. The meeting led to the formation of a financial planning practice with a rare combination of talent and expertise. By 2006 the two professionals had become partners in a new office, Epstein & Kolacz Financial Advisors.

Rhodes Securities, Inc.

CDM Software Solutions, Inc.

A Preferred Home for Clients
and Reps Alike

Any business with a servant’s heart is naturally inclined to succeed. That’s especially true for a financial advisory practice devoted to helping people set a course for lifelong financial security and prosperity.

Rhodes Securities, Inc., a family-owned boutique investment advisory and management firm, is one such practice. For nearly three decades, Rhodes Securities has been defined by its founding family’s enduring faith and values. Founder and Chairman of the Board Jim G. Rhodes and his son J. Gordon Rhodes, president and financial consultant, consider themselves in the business of helping individuals, families and fellow financial professionals—a wholehearted endeavor that, in the eyes of both, is deeply personal.