Integris Capital Management, Inc.


AIntegris063014FBAM_INTEGNC00001 Financial Advisor Who Makes House Calls

Money is useless if it is misplaced or invested imprudently. Often, it’s simply a matter of a spouse not sharing the correct information with the other.

Case in point: When a man passed away suddenly, his wife was confused about which way to turn. Her late husband had handled their financial affairs and spent years investing money with different brokerage firms. Not knowing how much she had, or where all of it was, she turned to Arkansas-based Integris Capital Management for guidance.

“The woman lived hundreds of miles away,” says Integris President Dennis Gilliam. “I flew there and spent almost a week working with her attorney and CPA, sorting through paperwork. I was able to make sense of it all and help her understand what she owned, and ultimately put her money into safer instruments that will provide a comfortable income for the rest of her life.” …Read More

The Stephens Group


UBSStephensGroup063014FBFL_UBSSTUP00001Boutique Team of Retirement Advisors Is Single Source for Wealthy Investors

When Barron’s published its 2014 “Top Advisor Rankings,” no one was surprised to find the name Jason E. Stephens, CFP®, ChFC on the list.

The Barron’s listing is one of a growing number of nods to Stephens’ impressive record of success serving business owners, senior executives and families with significant assets. Among the youngest wealth advisors to achieve Chairman’s Council status at UBS, Stephens is a Managing Director who earned the designation of Private Wealth Advisor, placing him in the top 1 percent of all UBS advisors in the nation. Stephens is a sought-after speaker addressing the topics of Florida domicile, investing for income and other concerns for today’s active retiree. His ability to find innovative solutions to complex financial problems generates tremendous client loyalty. …Read More

The Davis/Yost Group at Morgan Stanley


DavisYostGroup063014FBTX_THEDAWM00001A Holistic, Relationship-Driven Approach to Wealth Management

The CEO of a publicly traded company needed to comply with new industry corporate governance protocols; the solution was to convert an existing line of credit secured with his company stock to one that did not require disclosure in the company’s proxy. After a nine-figure liquidity event in the high-risk energy business, a husband and wife were interested in an investment strategy with much lower risk; her objectives were clear – she wanted to sleep at night. A struggling publicly traded company under pressure from its banks sold high-yield bonds, allowing it to grow and attract a buyer at a much higher valuation.  Another client found a great deal on an aircraft purchase – but was it a great deal? …Read More

Kasturi, Santiago, Perry & Associates


Amerirpise063014FBFL_AMERIRY00001Paving Paths to a Confident Retirement

These are uncertain and unsettling times for pre-retirees and retirees alike.
In the midst of market volatility, a growing array of investment options, and the prospect of living 30 years or more in retirement, individuals over 50 have a lot on their minds.

When can I stop working? Will I have enough money to meet my retirement income needs and still pursue my dreams? Which investment options make sense for my circumstances and goals?

The financial advisers of Kasturi, Santiago, Perry & Associates have 83 years of combined experience and work to provide targeted answers to these types of questions. According to Private Wealth Adviser Kris Kasturi, CRPC®, helping people manage their finances is simply a means to advancing the practice’s real mission: giving retirees the confidence to live well and worry-free. …Read More

Summit Financial Group


Summit063014FBTX_SUMMIUP00001For Selecting a Financial Advisor,Trustworthiness Is No. 1 Criterion
George Warner, CFP®, CEP®, RFC®, AEP®

The selection of a financial advisor most often boils down to one question: Do you like and trust this person?

Recently, financial planner George Warner, CFP®, CEP®, RFC®, AEP® sat down with financial editors to discuss the increasing importance of trustworthiness in the investor-advisor relationship.

Warner is featured in Texas Monthly magazine as a 2009, 2011 and 2012 Five Star Wealth Manager. He is also a six-time Riter C. Hulsey Award winner in recognition of his integrity and loyalty to clients. …Read More

Grace Advisory Group


GraceAdvisory063014FBFL_GRACEUP00001Financial Planning for a Worry-Free Retirement Income

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Just as sure are the contractually guaranteed income streams the Grace Advisory Group plans for its clients.

The Grace Advisory Group focuses on retirement income planning, creating programs that provide liquidity through securities and safety through insurance products. “Our focus is primarily on the preservation and distribution phase,” says founder Robert E. Grace, JD, CLU®, ChFC®, CFEd®, RFC. “Our challenge is in helping people understand the instruments we offer, which are primarily annuities and life insurance. We design lifetime retirement income streams. Safety is our number one goal.” …Read More

DDI Financial Services


Retirement Income Solutions for Challenging Times

You’ve been getting ready for years, faithfully putting money into 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts in anticipation of the time when you retire. Now comes the hard part: generating a retirement income that will meet your needs and last your lifetime.

Indeed, retirees and pre-retirees today face some of the most challenging circumstances in recent memory, says Richard “Dickie” Dean, president/CEO of DDI Financial Services. According to Dean, today’s historically low interest rates and the direct and indirect effects of the international markets are causing many people to look at options they might not have considered in the past. In addition, many are working longer and even starting new careers. …Read More

Verus Wealth Management, LLC


Verus063014FBFL_VERUSLC00001Relationships Come First

David Brooks believes in putting it all on the table. Politics. Religion. There’s nothing he won’t discuss with clients at their initial consultation. Except business. Mr. Brooks, president of Verus Wealth Management, spends this time getting to know the client and allowing the client to get to know him. No accounts are ever opened on the first visit, there’s just a sharing of views and backgrounds.

“I’m not afraid to share my views on controversial issues with prospective clients,” he explains. “If something I say offends them, if we’re at opposite ends of the political spectrum, for example, then chances are we’re also going to have differing views on investment plans and tax strategies. It’s best to get all that out in the open, then we both can make an informed decision as to whether we want to proceed with a business relationship. We believe our success is about relationships and outcomes, not products or performance.” …Read More

Stephen Wilson, Financial Advisor, Raymond James Financial Services


RaymondJames063014FBTX_RAYMOFP00001A Boom Region Requires an Experienced, Flexible Financial Planner

Financial planner Stephen Wilson says he’s been getting a lot of calls from people who simply say, “Help!”

In most cases, it’s a cry for help born of good fortune:

- A blue-collar worker suddenly finds himself making well into six figures.

- A woman receives a check for $1 million after her grandfather cashes out of his business in a booming economy.

- A couple gets a $200,000 check from a drilling company. …Read More

Spyrnal Wealth Management, LLC


Spyrnal063014FBFL_SPYRNLC00001Building Lifelong Relationships

Taking it easy isn’t always easy. Many people work hard their entire lives, only to realize, at age 65, they failed to save enough. Seeking guidance as early as possible, from an experienced financial advisor, is critical.

Florida-based Spyrnal Wealth Management, LLC helps retirees and those approaching retirement invest wisely and prepare for the years ahead. From retirement planning to asset allocation, insurance needs, trusts and much more, this family-owned firm delves into every aspect of each client’s life that affects, or is affected by, money. …Read More