Safe Money/Wealth Education Group


New Book Reveals How To Grow Your Wealth Without Losing During Market Downturns


Your stock market investments go up, your stock market investments go down. Is this any way to build a retirement?

No, say Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, co-founders of Wealth Education Group, a national financial services provider. Kitchen and Kap, co-authors of the best-selling book Safe Money Millionaire, offer an alternative to traditional investing, along with a caution. …Read More



Insight Technology Firm Looking to Double Workforce


It’s a good problem to have. Tech firm Qualtrics experienced such rapid growth in 2014 that its workforce nearly doubled. And CEO Ryan Smith expects it to double again in 2015. That’s the good part. The hard part? Finding the right employees to fill all those openings. “We’re hiring across the board,” says Smith. “There are openings in, literally, every department. From engineering and marketing to finance and facilities. We’re looking for the best and brightest.” …Read More

3 Key Elements


Slay the Dragon in Business & Marriage

Kirk and Kimberlee Duncan are familiar with the challenges of balancing business and marriage. Over the past six years, they’ve turned their garage-based mentoring and training venture into one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

This successful couple utilizes the same cutting-edge concepts they teach to others. Whether it’s within an intimate relationship or throughout a business, the principles involved are the same, and they are critical for success.
…Read More



E-Commerce Shipping Starts Here


A little over two years ago, Devin Johnson founded FirstMile, a revolutionary way for small to medium-size e-commerce companies shipping as few as 50 orders a day or as many as tens of thousands to get the better shipping rates, better technology solutions and access to shipping products that typically only larger companies enjoy. The rapidly growing company now serves e-commerce companies and other B2C shippers of all sizes and recently surpassed $30 million in annual revenue, …Read More



Internet Marketing Made Effective


The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the way consumers find products and services.

These days, most people turn to Google, Bing or another online search engine when they need a plumber or a printer, a lawnmower or a janitorial service. So businesses that fail to optimize their online presence do so at their peril, says Travis Thorpe, CEO of Boostability, an online marketing provider based in Lehi, Utah.  …Read More



‘The Balance Sheet of Your Phone System’


When your bottom line depends on telephone interactions, you need a way to keep track of what’s happening every time a call comes in or goes out.

That’s where Xima’s award-winning Chronicall software comes in.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” says Cody Winget, one of Xima’s founders. “That’s really what Chronicall provides. This is the balance sheet of your phone system.” …Read More

Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP


Family Law Practice Is a Cut Above


The 11 Times Square building in Midtown is, without a doubt, among New York City’s most stunning real estate. Its open, dynamic, leading-edge design reflects the creative genius and pursuit of excellence for which New York City is universally known.

The building also mirrors the caliber, character and culture of one of its newest occupants, the preeminent family law firm of Cohen Rabin Stine Schumann LLP.  …Read More

Simon Lesser PC


A Sophisticated Trial Practice Boutique
at Home in NYC


A tenacious boutique litigation firm can find success in New York City as a viable alternative to the big, high-priced firms.

Case in point is SimonνLesser PC, which has carved an impressive track record of trial and appellate successes in complex business disputes, as well as product liability and tort litigation on both the defense and plaintiff side. …Read More

The Sanders Law Firm


Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.


newborn suffers permanent brain damage as a result of a hospital’s negligence. 

An impaired driver slams his bus into a towed car, causing  grievous injury to a young mother.

Catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligent or deliberately wrongful actions happen all too often, shattering lives and leaving victims searching for help and compensation. …Read More

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company


Insuring Financial Peace of Mind,
One Relationship at a Time


In 1995, David Noble retired … for three days. Having spent almost half a century in the insurance industry, he noticed companies were increasingly losing touch with customers and offering inadequate service to agents and contract owners alike. He wanted to start the type of company he never saw any more. One that focused on great service and sound retirement products. Security through integrity. …Read More