McDonald, McCann, Metcalf & Carwile


Business Experience and
High Standards Get Results


Equally at home in the courtroom or the boardroom, McDonald, McCann, Metcalf & Carwile, LLP is a group of attorneys and counselors who understand the spirit of the entrepreneur and the complexities of business within the largest Fortune 500 companies to the smallest start-ups.

Rooted in Oklahoma with more than 175 years of combined experience among its 10 attorneys, the Firm has successfully litigated hundreds of cases, closed countless business deals, and has a long list of satisfied clients.  Since the Firm’s inception, it has been recognized among the top law firms in the country by Best Lawyers in America. …Read More

University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire


Success Is Priority Number One
in This Business School

UW-Eau Claire Entrepreneurship Program Gives Students Real-World Experiences


Justin Kaufenberg launched his multi-million-dollar software business from his dorm room on the campus of the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, where he was a varsity hockey player and economics major.

“I could not have picked a better place to start a company than
UW-Eau Claire,” he says.

Today, Kaufenberg’s venture, Sport Ngin, is the largest company in the country in the youth and amateur sports technology market. …Read More

CGO Wealth Management, LLC


Inspired by Great Leaders and Thinkers

As an autograph collector, Claude Ohanesian has a special appreciation for historical figures who took personal risk for a greater good. One of his favorite signatures is that of John Hancock.
“John Hancock was wealthy. He didn’t have to stand up for the American Revolution, but he risked everything to make something better,” Ohanesian says. “Another document that means a great deal to me is the original handwritten lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon.” …Read More

Tradewinds Financial Group Inc.


Plan, Preserve, Protect


When he opened his financial adviser firm in 2002, David Gaylor remembers seeing a number of new clients still numb from the latest recession.

“At the time, some people had lost half or more of their life savings. They would bring six months of unopened brokerage statements and say, ‘I can’t
deal with this any more,’ ” Gaylor recalls. “A lot of them weren’t getting a whole lot out of the traditional brokerage world. In many cases, 90 percent of their life savings had been put at risk.”

Gaylor knew it didn’t have to be that way. He founded Tradewinds
Financial Group Inc. with its primary goal to focus on asset preservation, serving the retirement needs of baby boomers and the elderly.

“I use safe and secure investments for a good-sized part of someone’s portfolio,” Gaylor says. “It’s critical to follow financial planning fundamentals.”

On the other hand, Gaylor is not a fan of traditional market mantras like a buy-and-hold strategy. “Why just wait for the market to go up or down?” he says. “It doesn’t make sense to me to lose 30 or 40 percent because someone says, ‘Hang in there, it will come back.’ We work with private wealth managers who are very proactive and will rotate cash in a time of crisis.”

Gaylor’s emphasis on asset preservation is based on his belief that “retirement is not about getting rich and hitting a home run. It’s about avoiding strikeouts. Avoid the big mistakes and you are going to have a successful retirement.”

A Legacy Financial Adviser Firm
Gaylor believes his asset preservation strategy is even more needed at a time when longevity is the greatest risk to retirement savings. He notes statistics show that for a couple who retire at 62, there is a 50 percent chance one is still going to be alive in 30 years.

“Therefore our major approach is to determine income needs, then find a way to generate income to cover basic needs and invest the rest for growth,” Gaylor says.

Gaylor, a financial planner for 25 years and a lifelong resident of Sidney, is planning for his own firm’s future. This year his daughter, Aubrey Stutz, joins the firm as an investment adviser. “She is a very thorough technician and adds a fresh perspective as well as a female point of view,” Gaylor says.

Remembering those unopened statements from clients not well served by big brokerage firms, Gaylor says his firm offers the Greater Miami Valley region from Dayton to Lima much-needed independent financial advice.

“We aren’t affiliated with a large Wall Street bank or investment firm. We don’t have anyone dictating what products are best for our clients. We honor our fiduciary duty and always work with our client’s best interests.”


100 S. Main Ave. | Suite 101B
Sidney, OH 45365

937-492-6016 |

Investment advice is offered by Horter Investment Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Insurance and annuity products are sold separately through Tradewinds Financial Group Inc. Securities transactions for Horter Investment Management clients are placed through Pershing Advisor Solutions, Trust Company of America, Jefferson National Monument Advisor,
Fidelity, Security Benefit Life, FC Stone and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

The Business Wealth Preservation Group, LLC


For Privately Held Businesses,
There Is a Better Way


Why do big companies seem to get all the tax breaks? How do their executives use the tax code to get compensation, benefits and retirement perks? Why, unlike the big companies, are almost all small companies’ business assets and owners’ personal assets at risk for litigation? Are these small companies really building the kind of wealth their owners thought they would? …Read More

Lebin Financial Planning


The Psychology of Wealth Management


When it comes to wealth management, minutes matter. The right decision at the right time can mean the difference between success and failure. The “buy and hold” philosophy that so many financial advisors once followed is particularly risky for individuals approaching retirement.

“The world is changing quickly, and we have to be flexible enough to change with it,” says Scott Lebin, RFC/CWS®, president of …Read More

Huffman-Mayer Wealth Management Group


Huffman-Mayer Wealth Management Group
of Wells Fargo Advisors

Putting Clients and Community First


Clients are one thing. Clients you run into at the grocery store or at the Friday night football game are another. “If the clients aren’t completely happy with the work you’re doing for them, those chance encounters can be awkward,” says James Mayer, Senior Vice President – Investments of Huffman-Mayer Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. “Because our group makes a conscious effort to be visible in our community, we work doubly hard to make sure those clients are satisfied with the level of service they receive from us. Then we can relax and be as happy to see them as they are to see us. It’s part of the culture of Wells Fargo Advisors to contribute to the communities in which we work and live.” …Read More

American National Bank of Texas


History and Community Connection Make This Investment Firm Stand Out

Wealth Management Group Located at American National Bank of Texas


When it comes to wealth management, understanding the big picture is every bit as critical as attending to the small details.

Clients of the Wealth Management Group (WMG), located at American National Bank of Texas (ANBTX), can expect a breadth of services that will address all their needs and goals for each phase of their lives, including individual investing, corporate or individual retirement planning, and trust services and administration. …Read More

Ethos Wealth Management


Where the Client Experience
Is Second to None


The gyrations of the financial markets. Pronouncements from the Federal Reserve. Wars, insurgencies and natural disasters. All have the potential to affect your investment portfolio. And all are beyond the control of even the savviest financial advisor.

“We prefer to focus our efforts on those things …Read More

Estate Planning Consultants, Inc.


Empowerment Through Education

Estate Planning Consultants, Inc. Helps Clients Make Informed Choices
About Their Retirement Money


You’ve been getting ready for years, faithfully putting money into your 401(k), your IRA and other retirement accounts in anticipation of the time when you would no longer work. Now comes the hard part: generating a retirement income that will meet your needs and last your lifetime. …Read More